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Coarse and Match fishing clothing is available in lots of designs and colours. Many coarse and pleasure anglers prefer green or neutral shades, while match anglers tend to lean towards brighter colours, particularly blue. On the competitive side, another consideration is to wear clothing linked to favourite brands, such as Vass, Fox, Matrix, Preston and Sundridge.

Angling without proper fishing clothes can lead to you getting cold or wet, spoiling a potentially good day on the bank. Today's fishing clothing is designed to be waterproof and keep you dry. Top-end products are also made from a breathable material, which prevents sweating when shifting gear or moving swims. A fishing cap or hat is another good idea: to protect you from bright UVA and UVB rays when the weather is fine and keep your head warm and dry when it rains or turns colder.

Other accessories include fishing gloves, socks, and thermal fishing clothing, everything needed to deal with all-weather situations. Coarse and match fishermen spend many hours outdoors, so clothing selection is critical in their fishing year.

At, we stock many items, so scroll down and see what fishing clothes we have for you to view. For example, if you need waterproof fishing trousers, carp has brilliant fishing clothes from Preston. Footwear is important too, so we sell thermal fishing boots from famous brands like Skee-Tex. Finally, if you need fishing T-shirts and a fishing hoodie, you are also in the right place.