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Match & Coarse Buckets & Bait Boxes


Coarse and match angling are popular fishing methods in the UK, with enthusiasts always looking for the best equipment to enhance their experience. Among the essentials are fishing buckets and bait boxes. These tools are not just containers; they play a pivotal role in ensuring that baits remain fresh and are easily accessible during a fishing session. With the 2024 fishing season approaching, it's crucial to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the various buckets and bait containers available in the market. This article delves into fishing buckets and bait boxes, exploring their use, the leading suppliers, and the latest trends.

The Indispensable Fishing Bucket

Why do you need a bucket for fishing?

  • Storage: A primary use is to store live or mixed bait, ensuring it remains in prime condition for attracting fish.

  • Versatility: Beyond just bait, they can temporarily hold catches or transport other fishing essentials.

  • Convenience: Especially useful during sessions that require mobility, they aid in organisation and transport, making fishing trips more efficient.

Fishing Buckets & Bait Boxes: An Overview

The primary purpose of fishing buckets and bait boxes is to store and transport bait. They come in various sizes and designs, catering to the needs of both coarse and match anglers. Some notable brands offering these products include Avid, Daiwa, Drennan, ESP, Fox, Frenzee, Guru, Korda, Matrix, and PikePro.

Coarse Fishing Buckets and Bait Boxes: A Deeper Dive

Coarse fishing, a popular method in the UK, often involves targeting species like bream, roach, and carp. To effectively lure these fish, anglers rely heavily on bait, where buckets and bait boxes come into play. These containers are designed to keep the bait in optimal condition, ensuring it remains fresh and appealing to the fish.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Coarse Fishing Buckets and Bait Containers


  1. Organisation: Helps in keeping baits separate and organised.
  2. Freshness: Ensures that live baits remain lively and fresh.
  3. Portability: Designed for easy transport, especially those with handles or straps.


  1. Weight: Can become heavy when filled, especially during long walks to fishing spots.
  2. Space: Larger buckets might occupy significant space in fishing trolleys or cars.

Fishing buckets and bait boxes are more than just storage containers; they are an integral part of the angling experience. As the 2024 fishing season approaches, anglers should consider their specific needs, whether the size, design or additional features of the bucket or bait box. With brands like Avid, Daiwa, and Fox leading the way, there's no shortage of quality options in the market. By staying updated with the latest trends and understanding the nuances of products, anglers can make informed decisions, ensuring their fishing sessions are as productive and enjoyable as possible. As with all fishing equipment, it's essential to balance personal preferences with functionality, ensuring that the chosen product enhances the overall fishing experience.