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Match and general coarse anglers alike use seat boxes. Modern designs make life a lot more comfortable on the bank, having adjustable leg systems that compensate for uneven ground, combined with footplate options that allow setting up out in the water.

As opposed to chairs, seat boxes help anglers to get better organised, keeping things within easy reach, resulting in more fish being caught. In addition, pole fishing works better using a seatbox, which can be perfectly adjusted to obtain a comfortable position in shallow margins or on awkward banks. It isn’t easy with a chair, where a high back rest can get in the way when removing pole sections. Better still, a modular seat box system allows for multiple accessories to be added to it, such as pole roosts and supports, along with bait trays and an umbrella attachment bracket.

A big bonus with seat boxes is they allow tackle to be stored within easy reach, both in drawers and lift-up tray sections. It’s now possible to buy many box designs with different configurations, adding extra compartments if required. Everything you need tackle-wise can be contained inside your fishing seat box, allowing you to set up quickly and make any required modifications while angling. Due to the wide variety of seat box designs currently on the market, you can scroll through our website to study up-to-date technical specifications and the best arrangement to suit your needs. We keep these pages updated regularly. Additionally, extra drawers and trays can be purchased to store those additional pole rigs, hooks, lines, weights and other bits and pieces you need to carry to your peg.

Well-organised anglers will use additional tackle storage items such as rig wallets and small tackle organisers, particularly those who match fish and want to make every second count. Some of these items can be stored in deeper drawers and trays in seat boxes or base units if the design has a large compartment underneath its tackle storage area.

Seat box owners can also fit various side trays outside their boxes, which act as bait and tackle tables. Many seat box accessories like this can be purchased as extra add-ons, although some top designs already come with items like these as a package. Configurations differ dramatically. Some box systems allow you to travel light, while others are far more complex, having evolved into complete fishing stations requiring a trolley or barrow to shift everything on the bank. offers the top current fishing seat boxes for sale, combined with up-to-date information about them, ready for you to view online. This gives you the best opportunity to pick the right seat box system for your needs. All the leading brands have been researched, and information about these products is available at a click of a button, making choosing the correct seat box so much easier. We have full specifications from all the leading box manufacturers: brands such as Matrix, Guru and Preston. These companies have many years’ experience behind them, designing seat boxes to organise everything you require while fishing properly. In addition, many seat boxes even have backrest options, should you need this extra support while angling.

The cost of seat boxes varies to cover many price points, from £80 to over £1000, depending on the essential accessories that need to go inside. For example, pleasure angling sessions might require less gear, while a wide-ranging match approach can quickly fill up the biggest seat boxes.

Seat box legs invariably incorporate mud feet to avoid sinking over soft ground. The legs are normally telescopic, allowing a wide span of height adjustments to gain the perfect position and compensate for any awkward terrain. You can fish to optimum effect by stabilising your sitting position, especially when using a pole, whip, feeder or waggler methods. Footplates are often supplied with more expensive boxes to keep your feet off the bank and dry, also handy if you need to fish out in the water. Boxes have been developed to make you comfortable, including well-padded seats. In many cases, these have useful hooded pole butt rests built-in.

Cheaper seat boxes tend to have fewer drawers and trays, but most are modular, so extra layers can be added if you eventually need to store extra tackle and get better organised. You must get up off a box to access lift-up trays, while front or side drawers can be opened while still seated. Multi-compart boxes are a big bonus because you can organise essential tackle into easy-access drawers and less vital gear into lift-up tray compartments.