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Fishing barrows, trolleys and shuttles vary in size and typically need to be purchased based on how much gear you take to match or pleasure fishing. Some barrows and shuttles are supplied with handy bags to help organise loads more efficiently. Certain specialist designs are extendable, so you can customise them to take your seat box, carryall and rod holdall more securely.  

A decent trolley or barrow prevents back problems and straining while moving heavy gear about, avoiding the need for multiple trips to distant swims. This allows you to get everything to where you intend to fish while staying as fresh as possible to concentrate entirely on your main job: fishing!

Leading trolley or barrow equipment suppliers are Map, Matrix and Preston. These companies have designed transportation for fishing gear for general coarse and match anglers for many years. These products are precisely what you need to get everything to your peg with as little hassle or effort as possible.


Some brands supply additional accessories that can be attached or bolted to their barrows or shuttles. These extras provide even more storage space, while some barrows already feature purpose-built bait storage areas to help organise your groundbait and bait tubs away from the rest of your tackle.


Depending on the venues you fish, there are different types of trolly and barrow wheels. Some have a better grip for muddy terrain, while others aren’t affected so much by the weight of your gear, especially on those longer hikes. Pneumatic tyres make shifting heavy equipment easier, while solid wheels are more robust over rough ground. It can be very tiring carrying a heavy and bulky seat box to your swim, but we have setups that make manoeuvring your tackle from your car to your peg much easier. 


Over the last twenty years, motorised trolleys have changed from luxury to a must-have item for many. You only need to hit a switch, and your gear is on its way to the waterside with no stress or effort.