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A great part of predator fishing for many anglers is their enjoyment of making their rigs. However, undertaking this task yourself becomes a worthwhile experience when a customised tackle catches a special fish. 

Our website includes pike accessories capable of forming many rigs, with components like trebles, trace materials, crimps and swivels. But it doesn't matter if you make your end tackle or buy ready-made rigs; both will be capable of catching the toothed predators you are after. It's just that for many anglers, preparing all their gear for each new campaign only adds to the anticipation factor. has a massive selection of predator accessories from all the leading manufacturers involved in pike terminal tackle. These rig bits and accessories are much sought after for whatever predator species you want to catch, coming from brands like Fox Rage, Korda, Drennan and Daiwa.

The team here at have evaluated all predator accessories and only put trusted products we would use ourselves on our website. Our anglers also rate predator fish care to be of utmost importance. We follow a catch and release policy with all fish species.

The team has researched the best items to supply you with trebles, single hooks, ready-formed wire traces and complete predator rigs. The latter cover everything from spinning setups to dead baiting.

Predator Weights

Different leads are crucial for predator rigs, especially when you need your rig to sink fast to the bottom. In addition, different lead sizes and shapes are required for other species, such as pike, perch, catfish and zander, which all need specific rig formats. We offer plenty of details on our predator rig pages if you need to know more about this important information.

Predator Rig Bits

There's a wide range of ready-to-use end tackle available, including zig rigs, pop-up rigs, chod rigs and pennel rigs. In addition, if you wish to customise your terminal tackle, all the bits needed can be purchased separately. Alternatively, you can buy specialist, ready-made pike and catfish rigs for various venue types.

Predator Hooks

Our hook selection is an essential part of predator fishing, where sizes vary and determine the species sought and its potential size. Therefore, if you don't want to damage fish, you must use the right pattern of hook, correct wire gauge and size.

Predator Floats

Predator floats allow you to cover all depths when searching for your chosen species. Different designs include sliders, pencils and dumpy wagglers. When float fishing, your rig and weight must be spot on to keep the float highly visible, particularly important when suspending the tackle in mid-water.

Predator Accessories

Predator leaders get lots of abuse as toothy fish try to bite through them during the fight once they have been hooked. Therefore, a balancing act is required, carefully selecting breaking strains based on the species you aim to capture.

If the tackle is too light, fish can chomp through the leader. Conversely, if a trace is too heavy, you can pull out of fish as they struggle at the end of the line. Swivels and links are also needed in your predator tackle boxes, which are used to connect rigs and customise them to your requirements.