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Predator & Pike Bivvy Accessories

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Bivvy accessories have been created for pike and other predator anglers to keep them safe on the bank and more comfortable in the winter months. While you are out in the cold weather, waiting for your bite alarm to beep, having the right winter predator gear is a must.

The days of just taking basic tackle are long gone, with most predator anglers now equipped like their carp brothers, bivvied up to beat the worse of the elements. Shelter accessories include bivvy heaters, head torches for fishing in the dark and even hand warmers to keep you warm on the coldest days. Investing in the right accessory items makes sense if they keep you comfortable while fishing and increase your chances of catching. predator bivvy accessories have must-have items on the bank to add to your umbrella or shelter. There's no need to suffer from the cold with the available useful accessories.

When preparing rigs, eating, setting up baits and tackle, pikeman need a bivvy table for the task. However, times have changed with fishermen taking gas heaters and Nash Candle Heaters to warm up their predator bivvies or shelters.

Groundsheets also help to keep shelters warm and protect them from rising damp. In addition, these items help create a home-from-home atmosphere.

The introduction of the bivvy box concept has helped predator anglers get better organised. A bivvy box is a big help for storing tea or coffee and many other types of equipment. In addition, it can be used as a table for your iPad or phone and rig making.