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You cannot change the climate. When out there predator fishing, it can be raining, snowing, or bright sunshine. A good shelter or bivvy protects you from the cold and from getting sunburn when the weather is good. A shelter must be able to deal with both cold temperatures and blistering hot sunshine. In the UK, the weather is famously unpredictable - we can have snow in March, or it can be swelteringly hot.

Leading bivvy brands have developed their shelters to deal with the demands of predator anglers, who often have to fish in terrible conditions and at the same time keep warm and dry. Massive changes have already been undertaken with predator fishing in terms of clothing, but a bivvy is critically just as important for most fishing sessions, especially longer ones.

Shelters can evolve from simple brolly systems. You can begin with a brolly and buy add-on products to create a shelter system. With predator anglers, it's all about keeping warm, dry and organised on the bank because it helps them to fish better. Brolly systems can include an over-wrap, a mozzie net, or a groundsheet to help keep your shelter dry during wet days. Bivvies are different by being complete from the start. The latest designs can be erected quickly and don't have a central boss like umbrellas. They are far more technical than a basic umbrella.

Most bivvies come complete with a sealed front door that can be removed when the climate is pleasant. This allows you to see more of nature, sitting with your friends in the comfort of your bivvy, without coming into contact with the elements. On, we hope you consider all the points we have researched on products like this helpful while searching for your next preditor bivvy or preditor shelter system for predator fishing.