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Lure boxes are essential for storing predator gear. Fishing lures, in particular, are easily damaged if not properly protected. A wide range of lure boxes from the leading predator brands are available.

With so many different types of predator lures, considering species being targeted and the big span of venues fished, it's not unusual to have several lure boxes to cover all eventualities. You might, for instance, have designated boxes for pike, perch, zander or bass. Other options might be a box for soft rubber lures and another for hard versions.

Ideally, you will want a lure storage box that can also hold other essential items, from forceps to wire cutters. Some lure boxes have multiple compartments and allow tackle storage on both sides, keeping everything visible and easy to locate. Lure-based tackle boxes from leading predator brands include small, medium and large choices to cover pike, perch, zander, and bass needs.

If you are a predator angler who likes to fish for pike one month and bass the next, having more than one lure box makes good sense. Owning several lure boxes keeps you organised, so you only take what you need on each trip.

Safety is also important when dealing with the ultra-sharp hooks on lures. Keeping them properly boxed prevents nasty accidents, also stopping any potential damage to what are, in many cases, expensive products. In addition, partitioned lure boxes stop their contents from tangling, which can waste lots of valuable fishing time.