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Predator & Pike & Predator Bait

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Boilies can be a brilliant bait for catfish and pike as these species love seafood-based flavours. Baits that include shellfish or halibut are excellent for predator fishing. Predator baits are available as preserved (shelf-life) boilies and in freezer form.

The benefit of buying ready-to-use bait is that it doesn't fill your car or home with pungent smells before angling. Pike and catfish love super smelly bait, but other members of your family might not be so keen! 

We stock a complete collection of predator baits and predator tackle to help you catch your target fish. If you wish to add dips to your mixes, we have these too, such as liver and meat favours that are brilliant for pike and catfish.

Boilies have an instant advantage of being fishmeal based. They can be fired out with a catapult or propelled to the desired spot with a throwing stick.

Predator Pellets

Pellets are another attractive bait for catfish and pike. Again, you need a minimum size of 28mm, which has a great ability to break down in the water and pull lots of predator interest. Again, like boilies, these baits can be distributed with a throwing stick or catapult.

Predator Pop-Ups

Fishmeal pop-ups are an excellent predator bait providing cork is used to balance and make the bait buoyant. With predators-loving weedy environments, a highly visual bait hovering just above any cover will always attract pike's attention.

Predator Particles

Tiger nuts and hempseed are great fish attractors, and predators will never be far away by getting potential prey fish feeding in your swim. Particles hold fish and make them active for long periods. Adding fishy favours will inevitably get pike interested.

Predator Liquids

When after pike or catfish, using strong fishy flavours mixed with baits like boilies, pellets, or particles is ideal for both bank and boat fishing. The top flavours you will need will be mostly shellfish or meat-based, although spicy liquid flavours can work well too.