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Sitting on the bank in an uncomfortable bed or day chair is not fun. It would help if you had a decent predator chair to stop backache and relax properly. The best fishing seats are recliners or fold-out chairs, allowing you to chill and relax while waiting for a predator to hit your bait.

After casting out, watching nature is all part of fishing and being comfortable only adds to the experience. Fishing gives you time to relax from the stresses of life and time to clear your head. It has even been said that fishing improves your mental health, making you more positive. But to get the best out of the sport, you must sit comfortably on a decent day or convertible bedchair.

A good fishing chair helps launch into action when you get a take. A lot of bank time is spent playing the waiting game, and if you are uncomfortable, your mind might wander and make you miss an important moment.

The best manufacturers of predator fishing chairs are Fox, which started the boom in fishing chairs and bedchairs in 1982. Along with Trakker and JRC, they now lead the market in predator fishing chairs. Guests can use predator chairs if they also own a bedchair.

Many fishing chairs will do a fair job, but you get what you pay for and for maximum comfort, higher-priced products make a big difference. The fishing chairs and bedchairs we researched are all ideals for day or weekend fishing sessions. These include free-standing chairs at lower prices, right through to more expensive models that provide more luxurious comfort. In addition, basic chairs are a lot lighter than bedchairs, a point that needs to be considered if you want to travel with less burdensome gear.

No matter what you spend on other tackles, investing in a quality chair adds up to a better experience on the bank. You might have the best rod and reel setup, but if your back hurts and you are uncomfortable, it can spoil your fishing trip.