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Over the last few years, pike and predator luggage have become an exclusive part of most top tackle company ranges. Fox Rage, Trakker and Greys are the best pike and catfish luggage manufacturers. Most predator anglers don't generally mix the gear they use for other species into their pike or catfish trips, now preferring more specialist luggage.

In predator fishing, the right luggage is crucial for storing specialised rods and reels. In addition, you need something you can trust when carrying cherished pike, zander or catfish tackle from home to the bank.

Modern pike fishing luggage is system-based, so leading predator brands have designed luggage so that everything has its place. This could involve lures, jigs or rigs, and other items you need when fishing for predators.

Another thing that needs to be considered is that specific rods and reels for pike and catfish will vary in length and size. Therefore, careful thought is required when storing and transporting fishing gear like this to ensure it stays safe and undamaged.