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Predator & Pike Tackle Boxes

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Whatever type of fishing you do, it's important to be organised on the bank. Tackle boxes are crucial for achieving this objective for predator anglers.

Predator boxes can be bought in various sizes and at different price points, ranging from expensive to low-end. In many cases, high-end products like the Fox Box System are ideal for most angler's fishing needs, capable of holding lots of lures and terminal tackle.

Pike tackle boxes differ from what you would use for other species, so careful thought needs to go into how many boxes you need for your predator tackle. For some anglers, one box will be enough, while others might require several storage containers to house different types of lures for different species or techniques.

When fishing for catfish, pike, perch or zander, a dedicated tackle box is ideal for keeping all your main tackle items in one place. As previously mentioned, extra boxes might come into play when switching species, techniques, or venue types.

Having a predator or pike fishing tackle box is a brilliant way of keeping organised, so you can quickly locate important items like forceps and other essential terminal tackle. However, if you need to search around for stuff you need, the delay can cost you fish and make all the difference between success and failure.

The best predator tackle boxes are UVA and UVB compliant to protect lures from losing their colour when exposed to the sun. This is an important consideration we always consider with the products we offer. With our collection of predator boxes, we have sourced a wide range of sizes and types suitable for housing lures, traces and hooks.

The best predator fishing tackle boxes come from Fox Rage, Gunki, Korda and Savage Gear. The boxes by Korda allow you to store your predator terminal tackles neatly and compactly in their Rig Safe System. Storing a kit like this helps keep everything crystal clear regarding what you need to use and where to locate it quickly. So if you love predator angling, as we do, we have a style of box to help you professionally get fishing.