Preston Superium X10 13m Pole

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Product Attributes

  • 5m Margin version plus 13m, 14.5m & 16m lengths
  • All longer poles havemini extensions& Kup Kits
  • All are suppliedwith carp kits
  • X10 13m also has a Match Top Kit
  • X20 14.5m also has an F1 kit
  • X30 16m also includes two F1 kits
  • 16m X50, X70, X90 and Carp have even more kits
  • All poles comein Superium Holdalls


Superium Poles are the latest models from Preston, ideal for beginners with the shorter 8.5m Margin or X10 13m versions, while moreexperienced anglers will undoubtedly prefer the longer 14.5m or 16m packages. These pole are lightweight, strong and have excellent rigidity. They include a great array of accessories including useful short extensions, cupping kit, match or F1 kits, plus carp kits designed for heavier elastics.

AllSuperiums are comfortable to fish with at full length and make perfect all-rounders, whether catching silver fish with the F1or match tops, or bagging big fish with the more powerful carp top kits. The cupping kit allows inch perfect baiting up, whether using groundbait or loose particles like pellets.

All 13m, 14.5m and 16m packages are rounded off nicely with quality Superium holdalls to safely transport the main poles and all their various top kits.

Superium Kit Specifications

8.5m Margin: 2 Carp Kits (plus carp kit supplied in pole)

X10 13m: Kup Kit, 1 x Match Kit, 2 x Carp Kits

X20 14.5m: Kup Kit, 1 x Match Kit, 1 x F1 Kit, 2 x Carp Kits

X30 16m: Kup Kit, 1 x Match Kit 2 x F1 Kits, 2 x Carp Kits

X50 16m: Kup Kit, 2 x Match Kits, 2 x F1 Kits, 4 x Carp Kits

X70 16m: Kup Kit, 3 x Match Kits, 2 x F1 Kits, 4 x Carp Kits

X90 16m: Kup Kit, 5 x Match Kits, m2 x F1 kits, 4 x Carp Kits

Carp 16m: Kup Kit, 8 x Carp Kits


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