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  1. MODS

    The SSL certificate had expired, it was still secure but the date had expired and browsers just warn about it. Just been renewed for 3 more years.... all works fine now.
  2. Like button

    I'm getting windows notifications now for new posts...telling me about a new reply.
  3. Like button

    no idea... but it shows how many for each from the look of it.
  4. Like button

    The forum was updated to 4.2 and the theme was still on 4.1.. now updated to.. new feature improvements from the looks of it.
  5. Like button

    I had to update the theme to the new one for the recent forum upgrade.. should all be working fine now.

    Just keep sending those brown envelopes and we'll keep your score high.. sshhhh.. don't tell anyone

    the algorithm used by the forum based on historical usage... i don't pay any attention to it... i only posted the one liner it has on their page.

    Reputation identifies key contributors With the powerful Reputation system in the IPS Community Suite, users can award points for content they like, giving recognition to the original poster.
  9. Baitdrones

    is that the new name for the submarine?

    welcome, how did you find us?
  11. Baitdrones

    you could do a fly by and drop your bait and continue enroute and drop stink bombs on your competitor. seriously though, i thought with drones being available to buy that baitboats would have been consigned to history. especially with 4k cameras and the ability you can control and view via a tablet.
  12. Baitdrones

    just think of the fun, built in fishfindrers, cameras and added extras like heat seeking missiles for taking out your competition on those cold nights.
  13. I'm surprised baitdrones haven't taken off...
  14. Anyone fishing?

    I originally developed carp.com for Richard, back in 2003/4... i've been in the background keeping it running for years. I do remember that day. Do you still have socials?