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  1. Just keep sending those brown envelopes and we'll keep your score high.. sshhhh.. don't tell anyone
  2. the algorithm used by the forum based on historical usage... i don't pay any attention to it... i only posted the one liner it has on their page.
  3. Reputation identifies key contributors With the powerful Reputation system in the IPS Community Suite, users can award points for content they like, giving recognition to the original poster.
  4. is that the new name for the submarine?
  5. welcome, how did you find us?
  6. you could do a fly by and drop your bait and continue enroute and drop stink bombs on your competitor. seriously though, i thought with drones being available to buy that baitboats would have been consigned to history. especially with 4k cameras and the ability you can control and view via a tablet.
  7. just think of the fun, built in fishfindrers, cameras and added extras like heat seeking missiles for taking out your competition on those cold nights.
  8. I'm surprised baitdrones haven't taken off...
  9. I originally developed for Richard, back in 2003/4... i've been in the background keeping it running for years. I do remember that day. Do you still have socials?
  10. I'm just the techie guy.. i'm watching with interest. I used to go fishing as a kid on the leeds liverpool canal.. perch were my limit i did fancy pike, if i remember rightly, the official fishing season started June 16th and we weren't allowed to fish prior to allow the fish to breed. How different is it for carp? do the lake owners decide? When do the bulk of you start going?
  11. Sorry, only just picked up on this. General images are resized for speedy downloads and also resized for different devices (desktop, tablet and mobile). avatars are usually around the 100px x 100px max size, anything larger are normally proportionally resized down to fit 100x100.
  12. who is selling them and how much?
  13. He's now resigned ... to the fact he'll be eating pies alone from now on.
  14. You'll need to ensure your email address is current, even if you login via facebook and twitter login. If your email address bounces, our system will now disable the account, as sending emails to nonexistent email addresses is typically the behaviour of spammers and by emulating this behaviour, we get our mailserver blocked. Having ourselves blacklisted via some ISP's won't allow people to perform password resets or even register. We've now added the facility to protect our site by disabling accounts that are linked to email addresses that bounce. All posts will remain. If you do find your account gets disabled, just use the contact form on the site and we'll help restore your account. Link: (also bottom of the page)