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  1. I'm waiting on the template update.
  2. The update had a lot a security fixes, they've rolled in some new features. With IPBoard you have to keep updating the 4.x to ensure you aren't compromised. Although you folks haven't heard from me much in recent years, i'm always applying security updates to the server and forum software. Just waiting on the template vendor to provide the update (Richard pays for the update service), which hopefully fixes the quirks. Release notes: https://invisioncommunity.com/release-notes/ Neil
  3. Use a free photo editing app from the app store, i'm sure google/apple or even adobe. Adobe Photoshop Express is available on Android, IOS (iPad and iPhone) and even Windows Phone Mobile, links and how to resize: https://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/using/photoshop-express-help.html When the large MB images are uploaded, they're resized and shrunk in file size on the server so to speed download time for others. If your wifi or 3g/4g connection is patchy, then if it drops during upload, then it will fail. Resizing to 1280 max width or height (other side scales proportiona
  4. it might be because the image file size in MB is too big, not a good idea to upload large files if using a data plan via a phone. best to reduce the image to 1280 max pixels on height or width and set around 80% compression and then try and upload.
  5. The SSL certificate had expired, it was still secure but the date had expired and browsers just warn about it. Just been renewed for 3 more years.... all works fine now.
  6. I'm getting windows notifications now for new posts...telling me about a new reply.
  7. no idea... but it shows how many for each from the look of it.
  8. The forum was updated to 4.2 and the theme was still on 4.1.. now updated to.. new feature improvements from the looks of it.
  9. I had to update the theme to the new one for the recent forum upgrade.. should all be working fine now.
  10. is that the new name for the submarine?
  11. you could do a fly by and drop your bait and continue enroute and drop stink bombs on your competitor. seriously though, i thought with drones being available to buy that baitboats would have been consigned to history. especially with 4k cameras and the ability you can control and view via a tablet.
  12. just think of the fun, built in fishfindrers, cameras and added extras like heat seeking missiles for taking out your competition on those cold nights.
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