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  1. Anyone going? Chris Ball will be there with his "Special Album" and a tale or two Good weather for chilling out and having a laugh.
  2. What is the sixth sense then? I believe that the sixth sense is an "expectancy", not knowing what is going to happen but that something is. Best described as the frequently observed natural silence that occurs amongst birds and animals prior to a major natural event, tsunami, eruption, earthquake or even the non natural pre EMP before a nuke. Technically guessing caused by a drop or rise in air pressure? Maybe something greater? The seventh sense is the ability to link senses one - six, to know what is going to happen Yes, Rod H amongst others have expressed feeling that run expectation... Tight lines
  3. In the "natural" world I am convinced of a 7th sense. Having spent hundreds of hours stalking all manner of beasts from rabbit to deer many in between and of course carp I've seen it a lot. Being completely concealed I've seen deer spook for no valid reason, just "sensing" something wrong. I too have felt it, moving slowly forward suddenly stopping and turning my head beyond my peripheral vision to see a fox or deer staring at me or moving unconcerned. I think certainly animals can be "in tune" and so can some people. When stalking and observing carp I'm convinced that you can be too focussed.
  4. Never met either of them. Watched videos from both and found them of some interest apart from the cooking lessons Seeing as CC has not mentioned JS apart from when he appeared in a video it seems odd that JS has kicked off. Either CC has said something elsewhere/in private or maybe there has been some stirring going on. Maybe JS is just jealous that CC has more views and why JS is the one to disable the comments? Either way I don't care and would rather be fishing
  5. I agree, that the wording could have been better. Yet who else had the guts to start to make a stand? Now if you act immediately at your first thoughts, you will do something to present your case, with the pure emotion that you are feeling. However, if you have a few minutes, or time to marshall your thoughts, then you will usually act or present a better case than your original wordings. Its a hard line, between that pure emotion, and the proper presentation. Yes, we could do with facts and figures, yet we have pictures (albeit some may need verification), we have some video or camera footage, and unfortunately it is impossible to put them all in a petition. BBC did their programme as nature, not as an angling perspective. We may feel aggrieved that they did so, but anglers aren't the mainstream. The house sitting apathetic, hobbyless, nature (when it is outside) loving person is the UK majority population. As anglers we are sometimes apathetic, outdoor people, and see the real world. We see nature, we see things along the river bank, we see things by the lakes. Not every UK householder has seen the sparrows at any other location than their garden, many have never seen a moorhen, and most have never seen an otter and their behaviour. Spot on post. EVERY angler in the UK should (must) join the Angling Trust if we are to have a voice to be listened to... www.anglingtrust.co.uk
  6. Congratulations on such a sensible thread. What a pity that there are so few contributors which clearly demonstrates the “apathy” allegation. It would seem that Del (TB) and I come from identical backgrounds and approaches. He and Salok’ seem to have nailed the issues between them but I would like to add some further factual information. As for the RSPB, I have no respect for them at all. If the public knew what I know about them their membership would go through the floor. However the “united front “ suggestion is totally correct and for any and all anglers that is the Angling Trust (AT) anglingtrust.co.uk. I write this off the back of a lot of research and writing six pages of evidence, facts and suggestions for AT and the Predation Action Group (PAG). Limited “official” reintroduction only occurred in certain areas until 1999. Without doubt “illegal” introductions have been made by ill informed “do-gooders” but will by their very nature have mainly contributed to the road kill statistics. Evidence from the EA’s compulsory fifth survey under the Otter Biodiversity Action Plan (5BAP) 2009 – 2010 and other papers clearly show that the Common Otter population was on its way back from the moment they stopped the use of organochlorines (DDT etc) in agriculture and addressed other environmental issues. Population and distribution levels 2010 were already exceeding target projections for 2015. Tree huggers and haters alike react to propaganda with little attention to facts and reasoned approach, anglers should be way above that attitude. facebook.com/kriskarpford
  7. Shared post from yesterday: A very good friend of mine was burgled last night near East Bergholt, Essex, and all of his fishing tackle was taken. He has been collecting it for over 50 years and is a broken man. He is even considering giving up fishing all together! He is already accepting that he won't see the tackle ever again but we can at least try to find some of it and bring these horrible thieves ...to justice. Lots of the tackle was unique and hand built so it will be easily recognisable. Please keep your eyes out for... - 2 of Del Romang's (Delkim) first ever bite alarms (made in 1970) - 3 Daiwa Sportmatics - 3 Greys X-Flite + 3lb tc - 4 Delkim TXi - A hand built split cane fly rod - Nevis luggage - 3 handbuilt Shimano diaflash 3lb rods with cork handles - 2 Castaway beach casters with abu multipliers - 9 Shimano Baitrunners including 3 10000 xte's - pair of Fox ethos rods 3lb tc - pair of Bob Morris rods - 3 Penge Angling 11ft carp rods 1.5tc There was loads of other stuff including float and ledger rods with matching reels, bivvy's, a bedchair, tackle, bobbins etc.
  8. Tweed is indeed historically the first camowear. Thats why all the Scottish clans have "hunting" and "dress" tartans. The whole point of camo or DP is only any good if you remain still or move very slowly. In nature the instinct of nearly everything that moves is to freeze when danger looms. That "danger" includes the threat of being seen by the intended prey as the stalker hunts. That doesn't mean (Matt Hayes) that by keeping still in a bright red polo shirt you are camouflaged
  9. I come from the Monty Python school of humour, amongst others. It was written with a humerous slant to compensate for the angst. What's all this nonsense about needing pegs driven in because of the imminent arrival of Frankenstorm Sandy or some other. People should realise that once inside the bivvy with all your illumination equipment and TV that a hurricane would barely lift your bivvy especially with your lard bottom inside. I was half expecting a visit from the building inspector to ask to see Mr Lines planning permission. And for those supporters of Mr Lines and the Mid-Kent Colliery Angling Club, this is why clubs have rules about noise and lights because it is generally unacceptable. Also if you are afraid of the dark why go night fishing? Doh! Tight lines Edited for swearing nw
  10. STEALTH! I for one have been very pleased to see the adopted fashion for all things camo or at least green. No more larey white or dayglo shirts to spook wary carp, but why is it that some devotees seem to think that a camo suit embues the wearer with some kind of superhero cloak? Let me explain the reason for my ire. Last week I went to a local club lake for a shortish day session. As it was midweek I was in no hurry to arrive expecting the place to be quiet as usual. To my horror there were 6 anglers on the small pool, two lots of doubled-up and two singles. The most recent arrival before me was just setting his rods up, he too bemoaned the excess of anglers and didn’t hold out much hope for our chances because of “the number of lines in the water”. I should have moved on to another water really but as I was late already decided to tuck myself away in a corner. The “lines in the water” water chappie , I’ll call him Mr Lines, was there for the night. The forecast was cold but no wind, possibly foggy. I set up some 80 yards away got my rods out sat back and was enjoying the day. Mr Lines had finished battering in his bank sticks almost an hour ago. Suddenly there was more battering, for more than 20 minutes (timed) Mr Lines battered in his bivvy pegs in readiness for the night ahead. I tried to convince myself that he was driving any fish towards me. One of the single anglers packed up and left shortly after. I convinced myself that time would heal and as darkness approached and fell the fish would begin to show and feed. Sure enough a little after dark the odd fish boshed out in distant parts of the lake and things were looking better. After one fish splashed not far from me I got up from my chair to try to see exactly where it was from the high bank behind me. I couldn’t see! Mr Lines had fired the modern electric equivalent of a Tilley lamp illuminating the inside of his bivvy and surrounding bank and beyond. While Mr Lines wandered round with a very bright headlamp shining it into the water and on the bank while he recast. Across the water from Mr Lines the 4 remaining anglers also had headlamps on and were parading up and down and round and round like a group of demented coal miners on a country walk. It was 2 hours after dark and even without a moon it was easy to see ones way around. There was much checking and testing of buzzers etc around the lake. Yet nobody was catching I can’t imagine why… I went home.
  11. Sorry no pic. I'm glad to say it wasn't me who found it tethered floating
  12. LOL! Sorry about that folks. Ha-ha you're partly correct, they are indeed scanned hard copies. I still use a Canon A-1 amongst others, including digital, digital HD video and Video 8. I hope its not too much of a shock but I still occasionally use fibreglass rods and a cane stalking rod built by Nick Buss for me.
  13. Why do some people still insist in playing God, it's sickening. We have known for years the dangers of death rigs but some numpties still insist on using them. This fish pictured here at 35:14 made 40lbs before encountering some idiots death rig...
  14. I'm not quite sure what you mean by that, is it the way it holds its pecs or the cut of its tail, lol? Word has it that the stock is from the same lines as Horseshoe and of course Horseshoe got a lot of publicity during the 90's. Thanks gentlemen for your comments. You might like this one too...
  15. Thanks guys now edited link, that seems to work...
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