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  1. School fishing club

    Angling Trust have been quick to reply and have put me in touch with their local representative. I’ll let you know how things progress.
  2. School fishing club

    Thanks for the positive replies fellas! Some really sound advice there. I’ll certainly get in touch with the Angling Trust. Ideally it would be great to have a group of kids who were all into their Carp fishing; I’d certainly be confident of coaching them myself whereas it’s many years since I’ve done any general coarse fishing. There are a few young guys I teach who are really keen Carpers. There are a number of commercial fisheries in the area, though I’ve no personal experience of fishing them. I’ll do some research with a view to starting something in the warmer weather. Thanks again!
  3. School fishing club

    As a Teacher in an Independent mixed School, ages 3-18, I’m keen to explore the possibility of a fishing club as an extra curricular activity. Any members on here have any experience or advise on how to progress? Ta!
  4. Plans for 2018 🎣🎣

    Certainly helps if you can keep it going in. The problem this year occurred when the weed lifted in huge rafts and made it unfishable; massive ‘weedbergs’ drifted around wiping rods out continuously!
  5. Plans for 2018 🎣🎣

    Back to Black (Swan) for me. But if there is a repeat of the horrendous weed/algae at the height of the Summer then I’ll be dropping on to White.
  6. The Cheating Thread

    Yeah, I’ll keep plugging away. Had a 28 last weekend at range out of 4 but it’s been really slow. Won’t be able to get down too often with other commitments but I’m still daft enough to do it😉
  7. The Cheating Thread

    I’ve spoken to a number of the regulars who have all seen a couple of very large fish at close quarters. One recounted seeing the ‘Unit’ caught last year at 45 which he later saw that day sulking in a snag with a huge mirror that bullied it out of the way-he reckoned it was a clear 10lb bigger. So many unnamed, growing fish of all shapes and sizes-when the buzzer goes you never know what’s on the end, it’s magic! And those big Lins are out of this world! Not for the faint hearted though......
  8. The Cheating Thread

    It was all sorted back in September/October. Aerators together with manpower and a specialist weed collecting boat were employed. No fatalities except for Perch.
  9. The Cheating Thread

    My first season on Black and I’ve loved it. The general public takes some getting used to but there’s never a dull moment! The boats, canoes, paddle boards etc are far more of a ball ache. By far the biggest frustration so far was the horrendous weed/algae problem through the summer-Simon reckoned it was the worst he’d ever seen. But what a stock of fish and some great characters on the syndicate to!
  10. Anyone fished mangrove tim paisleys water

    Did a couple of seasons on there 4 years or so back. Gorgeous place, very scenic with lots of history. Decent stock to upper 30's. (Guessing a dozen or so over 30). Biggest was a Mirror ( Pawprint) but most of the other larger fish were Commons. Not sure if there have been any other stockings since. They're getting old now but generally in good condition. Lovely place to relax with the chance of some multiple catches if you get it right. I would like to go back at some time in the future-a nice place to retire on!
  11. Dinton Black Swan

    Superb mate-that's exactly what I wanted to hear and thoughts of the unknown will make the long drive down worth it!
  12. Dinton Black Swan

    Sounds like a real challenge! Guessing there's not much winter form on either? What are your thoughts on the uncaught fish? Seen a pic of a huge Common in White in snags next to Tripple Row that has apparently not been landed. Also I heard that a couple of real big 'uns spotted in Black that haven't been caught, or certainly not for a very long time?
  13. Dinton Black Swan

    Cheers for the reply-much appreciated and exactly the kind of information I'm after. I took a look at the complex last week to get an idea of the lay out and the journey - I live up in Cheshire so quite a trek! It was busy with walkers etc then so I can imagine it must be much worse in Summer! I'm not too bothered about the walkers/dogs etc, I'm quite happy to put up with it for the stock and potential. Interesting and encouraging to read your comments about boat use. Have you fished White as well? I'm intending to get a Gold ticket to give me options when I'm down there.
  14. Dinton Black Swan

    Just doing some research before committing to a ticket next season. Any current or past members on here? Wondering how busy it gets and how necessary a boat is? Appreciate any replies or PM's.
  15. Animal free recipe

    I'm not a Vegan but I am a vegetarian and my decision was driven by this and issues of sustainability.I think the recipe pretty much ticks all the boxes in terms of nutrition, solubility and attraction but the water I am on is notoriously difficult at the best of times so feedback from the fish is hard to come by at this time of year. I will be fishing a water with a better winter track record from now on.