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  1. I opted for the Gardner lead-clip which fit perfectly. Finished off with a Fox naked tail rubber, the result is very neat and streamlined👍
  2. Wouldn’t worry about 4 or 5 mate, I’ve taken 20+ on occasion🤪
  3. If its not bang on, recast till it is.
  4. For fishing in soft silt I still use a lead clip but use an uncoated, soft braided hooklink. I almost always attach a pva bag of crushed boilie-adds attraction, prevents tangles and slows down hookbait decent into the silt. Never pull back!
  5. Agreed. But surely too much flex must impact the security of the hookhold? i.e. a hook ‘opens’ momentarily due to a powerful, lunging fish and the hook slips/pulls?
  6. That’s interesting. I do like the look of the Trigs. The shape and shank look great for wafters/balanced bottom baits but I do have my reservations about their strength-they appear quite light gauge for size/gape. Not actually used them yet-been using pop ups on hinges with my favourite Conti size 4s. Wouldn’t be happy to risk a ‘flexi’ hook in demanding conditions/big fish.
  7. My ‘standard’ approach that I’ve used for a good few years consists of 2 sizes of boilie (14/18, 16/20), chopped boilie, mixed size pellets (2-6mm), hemp, corn and chopped Tigers. Basically, lots of variety!
  8. If its a simple leadfree leader that you are splicing yourself, I’d still use the Korda Hybrid leadclip👍
  9. As per the title. I’m looking for recommendations on a suitable leadclip that will fit and work effectively with a Gemini flouro leader incorporating a Size 8 quick change swivel. 👍
  10. In the interests of lightning the load, I’ve done away with a separate marker rod completely and only use a dedicated Spod rod if I need to put a large Spomb 100yds+. My regular rod/line combo of Harrison TE specials and 40lb PowerPro allows me to mark up, bait and fish more efficiently.
  11. Pop ups for the vast majority of my fishing (currently its all I’m using). Occasionally, I’ll use a wafter or balanced bottom bait/snowman. Can’t remember the last time I used a straight boilie bottom bait.
  12. I can highly recommend PowerPro in 40lb & 50lb breaking strains. I’m using the 40lb as my general mainline. Since the water Im fishing is shallow and Im not fishing much beyond 100 yds max I’m using my actual fishing rods to spomb too. Makes things so much easier; find a spot with a bare lead, clip up, swop lead for Spomb to bait up, remove and replace with baited rig, voila!
  13. Maybe slightly left field but as someone who has always been interested in what makes people successful I’ve read and listened to few books on the subject. My interest is personal and professional. As a teacher I’m concerned with academic progress and examination success. In the past as a younger man I’ve had sporting aspirations. Obviously, as an angler I’ve tried to analyse what creates success in terms of fish on the bank. If you’re interested, I can heartily recommend ‘Bounce’ by Matthew Syed.
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