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  1. An update on my experience with this stuff. Having used it for several months now on a few different waters, I’m not particularly happy with its abrasion resistance. When fishing in heavy weed, I’ve had several instances where the outer kevlar wrap has worn through and started to peel away from the inner braid. Initially I thought it might be an isolated instance but having re-spooled one reel which was badly affected, it’s happened again in two other places! Its also happened at the knot where I’ve joined it to a fluoro leader. Since all my waters are now very weedy I’ll be getting rid and returning to Mono for the time being. I’m considering the Gardner HydroTuff in .38mm if anyone has any views on it?
  2. Mate of mine, ‘Bungle’, top bloke and angler with ‘Bling’ from Black Swan from a few weeks back at 38+😎
  3. Great session Elmo-well angled👏
  4. Yeah, had a regular rat visitor in the Works swim😬. Cheers for the offer mate👍
  5. Certainly is a lovely water. Mick George’s ruins the view here and there but a small price to pay. Met a few of the regulars, all seem friendly too. Good vibe about the place👍
  6. Was on the Lagoon. Some of those mozzies are on steroids🤣
  7. Tried the Avon stuff on my first session down St Ives. Not particularly effective for me. Luckily I had also packed a bottle of Smidge-that sorted ‘em out👍
  8. Agree! Opened my eyes to the stamp of fish in there. Makes me wonder about the rivers closer to home. Then again we haven’t got the quality of lake escapees up in Cheshire🙄
  9. What I’d give to be a bike ride away from Dinton!
  10. Amazing results👍That place doesn’t give ‘em up easy at the best of times but Winter👏👌
  11. Really? I’ve been fishing for 50 years this year on many, many club and syndicate waters all over the country and have never come across that rule!
  12. All round Mono, P-Line Extrusion, 21lb. Distance casting, Gardner pro 10lb, plus 50lb PowerPro braid leader All round Braid, Gardner Hydro Sink 22lb.
  13. I’m actually shocked by that! For me, Terry’s first is an absolute classic. Not a brilliant writer but the book was an eye opener and major catalyst for many anglers. The second is very good but not in the same class. Maylin’s first 2 were outstanding. Didn’t rate Bazil’s Bush as highly. The less said about his last effort, the better!
  14. I’ve read ‘Fine Lines’ and though I enjoyed it I thought it was the weakest of Laney’s 3 offerings. Was always a fan of Gibbinson; I’ve been scouring ebay for bargains👍🏻
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