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  1. Yeah, I bought a few pots of the S2s at the beginning of the year for my spring fishing but a combination of circumstances has written off this season so far!
  2. Yes, I can follow your reasoning. Certainly in my experience the PJPUs are very good as singles in isolation and particularly so if they need to be out for a long time and whacked out at extreme range. Where do you place the likes of the S2-to me they are an out and out attractor bait in cork ball/chip format. Though not as resistant or as buoyant as the PJPUs.
  3. That’s interesting, Yonny. Do you use Corkballs and or standard airballs in specific situations? Singles? Over particles, in Bags?
  4. I’ve used a few over the years. Plum has been reliable too-usually as a topper/snowman with fishmeals. The only one I failed with is the Nutty Maple. Oh and the Black Beauties were great on a water where foam zigs were banned😉
  5. Which is your go to pjpu? My favourite is the Cream Special. I’ve heard good reports of his Tutti in the winter but I’ve never tried it.
  6. Can vouch for the Mulberry version-caught me some good ‘uns. Reliably buoyant and resilient👍
  7. Welcome, Dean. See if you can get Pete B on here too😉
  8. One if those days when you’re glad to ve alive!
  9. I’m very conflicted about Zigs. I have used them with some success but also suffered quite a few losses and, more significantly a number of foul hooked fish. Its the incidence of foul hooking that really concerns me most. I know many will claim that they’ve never foul hooked one but I’ve seen plenty hooked all around the head and pec areas. Spring last year on Dinton White Swan saw a flurry of action to the zigs. I was talking to one of the long standing members about the amount of bites being generated, to which he replied, ‘Yeah, some of ‘em were even hooked in the mouth......’ They’re banned between June and December because of the weed. No great loss to me if they were banned full stop!
  10. You can almost smell Spring around the corner😎
  11. Thats the advice I had for the S1s to preserve the fine coating for longer but Im not sure about the S2s which have a different finish.
  12. Evening all. I’m looking for recommendations as per title of this thread. Specifically, I’m interested in Hemp and Maples. Not huge quantities but I’d like to stock the freezer.
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