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  1. I think the MK3 has a low volume and silent head option (receiver sounds) for stealth mode😎. Plus a sensitivity setting. I’m tempted, for the sake of a change really. My old RX Digitals still attract decent money second hand.
  2. I prefer brown too for tubing or leadcore. Often, I’ll fleck it with a permanent marker to break up the outline. Does it make a difference? I don’t honestly know but it comes back to confidence and of course it looks carpy😉😎
  3. Read it myself and enjoyed it a lot👍
  4. Any Neville fans on here? They do seem to have a cult following and are obviously very Carpy but are they really any good/reliable? I keep seeing references to the cases cracking or is that the older versions. I do like the simplicity/relatively compact size and I’m not adverse to the tart factor!
  5. Borrowed and read Skeff’s- lovely. Forgot about old Ritchie-I’ll look out for it👍
  6. Read Micky’s second book but not ‘Merry Old Dance’, again it goes for silly money these days. Read both of Wimott’s but not Sharpy’s.
  7. Yeah, read Forgotten Chapters and Savay. Pecky’s book is one I’d like but only seen it for silly money. I’ll look out for the ‘Chronicles’ series👍
  8. I’ll give them a miss then! Any suggestions? I’ve read Hutchy, Maylin, Maddocks, Sharman, Hilton, Hearn, Lane, Holness, Gray, Penning, Warwick, Paisley, Dempsey, Yates, Crow and others I can’t remember!
  9. Yeah, I believe he ghost wrote the first one.
  10. I’ve pretty much re-read my collection of Carp books so I’m looking for recommendations. I’ve not read any of Shelley’s and I certainly don’t expect a literary classic but are they worth a punt, his latest is still available I believe?
  11. Impressed so far. Behaves itself on the spool, casts well and sinks👍
  12. Thinking Anglers slim quiver and ESP 40ltr Rucksack in preparation for some short sessions on a local water. Be nice to not hit the motorways for 3hrs at a time👍
  13. Yeah, going off reviews it ticks all the boxes. I’ve used braids before but not a dedicated sinking one. Be interesting to see how far the Treb lites will put it👍
  14. Any users/reviews on here? Considering it in .35mm/22lb Ta👍
  15. Harrison rods, Daiwa reels, Fox Alarms, JAG sticks & bars, Cygnet bobbins, ESP hideout, Avid Bed, Gardner Sleeping bag, Trakker barrow bag, ESP food bag. Porter barrow. ‘Tackle Box’ net, Aqua sling, Thinking Tackle Mat (and few odds & sods), ESP hooks, hooklinks, and most terminal gear, Nikon camera, Reuben scales.
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