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  1. I fished through the winter on Bundy’s pit around 10 years ago which has depths to 60ft. I caught fish down to 45ft and saw 1 caught from 55ft. Though I believe adjustable zigs are now successful.
  2. This is the stuff-draws the moisture out of the baits, leaves them rock hard over a period of time👍
  3. I tend to let a chod rig ‘drill in’. I only ever use them over weed or casting to showing fish in an area I’m not familiar with. Not much point in clipping-up; I won’t be ‘spot’ fishing and secondly they are pretty much tangle proof.
  4. Agreed. Pre-baiting is a massive edge; particularly to those living locally. But holding down a full-time job, a family and a round trip of 280 miles means its not a tactic I can realistically apply!
  5. Wondering, if the door and sides are rolled up, can the front be left on when packed away?🤔
  6. Picked up a V2 Brolly with the front, quick sticks, groundsheet & pegs this afternoon-second hand but all in great nick. Looks just the job for me👍
  7. I’m considering a Tempest shelter but I’m a little overwhelmed with the options! There seem to be several versions of brolly and bivvy variations with infills, skull caps etc. I want something flexible enough for all year use and quick enough for a mobile approach. Second hand is fine-I don’t want to spend a fortune and I’m no tackle tart! Any members shed some light on this and recommend an appropriate model/version. Ta👍
  8. 4-4.5oz for most purposes on lead clips. If I’m chodding I’ll drop right down to 1oz if its castable.
  9. I opted for the Gardner lead-clip which fit perfectly. Finished off with a Fox naked tail rubber, the result is very neat and streamlined👍
  10. Wouldn’t worry about 4 or 5 mate, I’ve taken 20+ on occasion🤪
  11. If its not bang on, recast till it is.
  12. For fishing in soft silt I still use a lead clip but use an uncoated, soft braided hooklink. I almost always attach a pva bag of crushed boilie-adds attraction, prevents tangles and slows down hookbait decent into the silt. Never pull back!
  13. Agreed. But surely too much flex must impact the security of the hookhold? i.e. a hook ‘opens’ momentarily due to a powerful, lunging fish and the hook slips/pulls?
  14. That’s interesting. I do like the look of the Trigs. The shape and shank look great for wafters/balanced bottom baits but I do have my reservations about their strength-they appear quite light gauge for size/gape. Not actually used them yet-been using pop ups on hinges with my favourite Conti size 4s. Wouldn’t be happy to risk a ‘flexi’ hook in demanding conditions/big fish.
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