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  1. I had a dabble on one of the ponds (with Simons permission) they were blooming tricky on there too! The beauty of Dinton for me was summed up by Fat Al; ‘You never know what the next bite will be, could be 15 or 50’👍
  2. Great thread, Yonny👏. Like you, I’ve been sharpening my own for around 10 years. Its addictive and I can’t imagine casting out an unsharpened hook ever again. My Vallorbe jewellers file is an essential tackle box item. I like the candle idea for treating the point👍
  3. Yeah, I love the Contis, they sharpen up a treat and I love them for Stiff and Multi’s.
  4. 2 boxes of Drennan Contis size 4. Bit of sharpening and general prep this weekend👍
  5. Probs Lagoon; had a look at it a few years back and it looks more manageable for weekends. For school holidays (Im a teacher) might be tempted by Meadows/Fjords👍
  6. Black. I fished both (mainly Black) on the Gold ticket but had to drop out this year; just couldn’t justify £1200 together with travel costs etc. So I’m waiting on a Black only ticket now. So many good ‘uns coming through all the time, a testament to Simon’s management👍
  7. Cheshire, so its pretty much the same driving time!
  8. Re-joining a club for some local fishing. Desperately want to get back in to Dinton but realistically it will be another year at least. Still considering other syndicate options, probably either St Ives or Northey Park.
  9. And a couple of pints of red maggots👍
  10. Took delivery of some JAG Prolite Black sticks and buzz bars-looks the part and is incredibly light👍😎
  11. Thanks mate, confirms what I thought. My ‘resolution’ this year is to become more ‘Carper’ and less ‘Camper’😉and weight reduction is part of that commitment. Going through my kit, I’ve been amazed at the amount of surplus ‘stuff’ I’ve accumulated! Bags within bags for God’s sake!!
  12. In the interests of lightning up I’m looking to ditch my stainless bankstick and buzz bar set up in favour of JAG Prolite combination. Its not cheap and I’ve not had chance to see it in the flesh as it were. Any feedback on the quality, strength and longevity?
  13. I received a copy of Adam Penning’s book, ‘Rolling in the Deep’. Wasn’t sure what to expect and I’m quite choosy about fishing books. I’m just over half way through and thoroughly enjoying it. I agree regarding ‘Fine Lines’. Not a patch on ‘Obsession‘ or ‘Flick...’. Like Yonny I found the enjoyment diminished due to the exposure of vlogs. I was interested to read his chapters on Dinton’s Black Swan lake since I joined the year the book came out. The water has changed a lot since Dave’s time and so have the version of events in some of his stories.....
  14. Yeah, I bought a few pots of the S2s at the beginning of the year for my spring fishing but a combination of circumstances has written off this season so far!
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