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  1. tbh, it would be nice to treat myself to a few other unnecessary bits and pieces but the rate that my ticket price is increasing and the cost of fuel to get there makes any other purchases prohibitive😬
  2. I’m pretty much with you on this. However, time waits for no man and as I’ve aged I’ve had to invest in a decent Bedchair and Chair; opting for the Solar SP C-Tech versions for both. Not cheap but I’ve been impressed with the quality and my back has thanked me for it. In actual fact, I believe the chair to be a real aid-I can watch the water for hours in comfort!
  3. Made the decision to go with the Inception 6000’s. They arrived today and first impressions are very positive. They are light, compact with a smooth clutch and balance the Sportex rods nicely. Bargain too; £130 for 3, free delivery and a bulk spool of mono which I’ll use as backing. It’ll be nice to have a dedicated set up for each of the 2 waters I’ll be fishing, without having to swop reels between the big water rods and the lighter set-up👍
  4. Cheers. I’m erring towards the 6000’s. I’m intending to pair them up with my old Sportex 12ft 2 3/4’s, reckon they should complement them nicely.
  5. I’m struggling to make a decision between the Inception 6000 and T-Rex 7000 for a set of 12ft rods, fishing predominantly upto 70 yds. Clearly, range isn’t a decisive factor, I’m more thinking aesthetics and balance! Plus a significant overall saving of £100 on a set. Anybody able to help with first hand experience, I’m unable to find any in the flesh.
  6. Double strength Tamari soy sauce. Vecon & Fish Sauce
  7. Only fished one water where bait boats were allowed and then only during limited months. I saw a guy put his boat out between 2 islands at range and then deposit his rig right amongst a ‘safe’ set of snags. Horrific.
  8. My standard approach for bottom baits/wafters is a supple braid with line aligner. Like Yonny says, its what I’ve got confidence in particularly when a small pva bag of crumbled boilie is attached👍
  9. Got 20% off a Solar SP C-Tec Sleep System on Ebay. First outing tonight (when I eventually get there)!
  10. Caught on all of those except Walnut. You can also add Macadamias. Tigers are the timeless classic for me but a Brazil takes some beating as a hookbait! Just a pity they’re all banned on my waters and I would rather lose a kidney than my Gold card🤣
  11. Cheers👍 As a Teacher my holidays are fixed so I fish mid-week during holidays and then return to odd weekends during term time. I’m a habitual watcher of the weather but in practical terms I go when I can.
  12. Think you might be on to something Yonny. In the last couple of years on 3 different waters I’ve had most of my better results in ‘poor’ conditions; high pressure, warm often sunny days. I’m not one for keeping extensive records but I also know that the moon phases have been ‘bad’ too🧐
  13. Instead of ‘pulling’ the needle through, try ‘pushing’ the leadcore off the needle.
  14. It can be very difficult to access any information about the NW region in particular. If you are prepared to travel your options increase significantly but I’m guessing you already know that!
  15. If using it as a long running chod I’m happy using the camflex. But I’m using braid mainline so need something to protect the fish.
  16. Retainers are designed for short periods only-I’d say upto 45mins max depending on time of day, depth of water and temperature. Because they float the fish is restricted into the depth it needs to feel comfortable. Night time, shallow weedy water in the height if summer is a recipe for disaster since the oxygen level will be at its lowest. I think there needs to be more education on this point. My advice is to practice your self-takes and not risk the fish. Sacking through the night is an unnecessary risk.
  17. In addition, I’d use it for tying up my Sweet Peas in the garden. Seriously, for something as important as line, stick with branded, reliable manufacturers/brands.
  18. I’m happy to help any genuine guy who is struggling to get contact details or any information. However, I’m a little uneasy about repeatedly handing out information to new forum members who appear to have registered simply to glean what they can, never to be seen again. Therefore, I won’t be responding to further requests on this thread.
  19. Be interested in your feedback-I’m considering one myself👍
  20. That’s pretty much my thoughts in terms of justifying the extra cost👍
  21. Anybody used these? Any feedback?👍🏻 https://britishaquafeeds.com/product/coppens-supreme-15-grower-25kg/
  22. Pretty sure Rollin Baits will roll the original BFM recipe (Dave Moore is their consultant and creator of the recipe). They might supply the basemix for you.
  23. Yes, I’m having some doubts myself having watched a few YouTube clips! Plus, I’d be a bit squeamish about chopping up my ‘pet’ worms!
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