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  1. If using it as a long running chod I’m happy using the camflex. But I’m using braid mainline so need something to protect the fish.
  2. Retainers are designed for short periods only-I’d say upto 45mins max depending on time of day, depth of water and temperature. Because they float the fish is restricted into the depth it needs to feel comfortable. Night time, shallow weedy water in the height if summer is a recipe for disaster since the oxygen level will be at its lowest. I think there needs to be more education on this point. My advice is to practice your self-takes and not risk the fish. Sacking through the night is an unnecessary risk.
  3. In addition, I’d use it for tying up my Sweet Peas in the garden. Seriously, for something as important as line, stick with branded, reliable manufacturers/brands.
  4. I’m happy to help any genuine guy who is struggling to get contact details or any information. However, I’m a little uneasy about repeatedly handing out information to new forum members who appear to have registered simply to glean what they can, never to be seen again. Therefore, I won’t be responding to further requests on this thread.
  5. Be interested in your feedback-I’m considering one myself👍
  6. That’s pretty much my thoughts in terms of justifying the extra cost👍
  7. Anybody used these? Any feedback?👍🏻 https://britishaquafeeds.com/product/coppens-supreme-15-grower-25kg/
  8. Pretty sure Rollin Baits will roll the original BFM recipe (Dave Moore is their consultant and creator of the recipe). They might supply the basemix for you.
  9. Yes, I’m having some doubts myself having watched a few YouTube clips! Plus, I’d be a bit squeamish about chopping up my ‘pet’ worms!
  10. Thinking of something a bit mote aesthetically pleasing to help maintain domestic harmony😉
  11. Any of you guys have experience of breeding/keeping worms? I’m considering it with a view to producing a modest amount to supplement regular sessions with a particular eye on using them more next winter. Had a look online but I’m a little confused with the choice and size of different models. Don’t mind spending a few quid to get a sustainable system.
  12. Not used a JAG file. The Vallorbe pillar cut #4 is the one I’ve used. I’m on my second in 10 years so they do last-I’m looking at some cheaper alternatives of the same spec. I prefer the wider files rather than the narrower ones that JAG sell.
  13. Always sharpen every hook and have done for around 10 years. I’m fussy/paranoid/obsessive about it and would find it difficult to cast out an unsharpened hook. I’d be lost without my Vallorbe jewellers file!
  14. I’ve considered purchasing one but I think Yonny’s summation just about covers it. The question I’d ask myself is, what would catch me more fish, a £200 baiting pole or £200 more of the best bait I could buy? Now, I know that the pole could last me years (or not in my case ‘coz I’m clumsy) but it helps focus me one what’s really important.
  15. Agreed. It’s a lesson I learned relatively late in my fishing ‘career’. The absolutely most important thing is to watch, listen and then act.
  16. If it was on my doorstep, I’d be all over it. Can’t beat keeping in touch and walking the banks regularly.
  17. I’m hoping to have a farewell session on St Ives before my ticket finishes at the end of March (subject to restrictions being lifted). I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it on Shallow and would have definitely renewed if I hadn’t got my Dinton ticket.
  18. Nice one👍I’ll wait; won’t be using them before April. I’ve got enough low-oil pellets to tide me over till then.
  19. I suppose I’m lucky having been exposed to the effectiveness of a well placed (and usually, highly flavoured and bright) single pop-up in the early 90’s on Redesmere where Frank Warwick developed it. It is often my first line of attack and has caught me fish from every water I’ve fished in the last 30 years. It’s kinda like Zigging-once you’ve had a few, you recognise its effectiveness and gain confidence.
  20. Yes, very tempted to stock up myself. Wonder what the shelf life/use by date is? Got caught out with this on a sack of Halibuts years ago. Was using them to pre-bait a swim and half of them floated! Turns out they were past their use by date-I assume the high oil content had led to oxidisation?
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