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  1. Very old post all but, anyone got any info on bream and tench in this lake? I'm fishing it well on holiday there in April coming. Cheers
  2. hemp that splits

    Thanks carpbell I'll take a look later
  3. hemp that splits

    Same here mate. Bream and trench. Where you from
  4. hemp that splits

    Good stuff is it mate? Just Spod that or do you fish red maggot as well or pellet etc? Cheers
  5. hemp that splits

    Thanks big
  6. hemp that splits

    Thanks for that i don't mind so Mich paying 37 quid but I would be gutted if i bought another bad bag! It's for my tenching and I'll also look to buy my pellet in bulk again this year as hitting the waterparks for a big bream I hope!
  7. hemp that splits

    But like sunny s Wales then!
  8. hemp that splits

    Yes true but they buy it from someone! Be cheaper if I find out who. A lot of there stuff is just bagged and their lable put on! Good shop though and a few good lads. Where do you fish chap?
  9. hemp that splits

    That's what I thought but want to have knkwlage that the next 30-40 quid I spend will be on decent stuff!
  10. hemp that splits

    Yep and the second attempt I soaked it in airtight barrel in hot water
  11. whitefriars bream

    Hi any body have any help with bream on this water please
  12. hemp that splits

    Hi mate. 48hrs soak then boiled for well over an hour in ratio 3:1,water,hemp. Even tried baking soda etc
  13. hemp that splits

    Hi all. Anyone know of hemp that is good? I bought a bulk bag last season and it wouldn't split well very little would. Hinders sell good stuff but looking if there is a renowned supplier at farm shop prices Cheers.
  14. whitefriars scac bream

    Thanks I'm used to the baiting up as I fish a 434 acre resiviour by me for bream on the feeder but average size is 4-6lb. I'll give it a go in the spring with method feeder and your pellet and groundbait advice . As a rule big bream like to sit out at range but I'll give it a go and see!.Cheers hope there's some goo tench In numbers in there to.
  15. whitefriars scac bream

    Thanks matey. Just lace it with pellet and groundbait etc? Any particular banks to fish? I'm using 1.75 torrix so 100 yards max.