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  1. Yes got you. What boillies do you use mate? And do you find any persific liquids work well this time of year. Trying to get myself prepared for the winter because last winter I didn't have much success tbh.
  2. Hi guys just a quick question what kind of bait do you use this time of year as its starting to get cold also do you use more bait or do you use less in the colder mouths? Thank you
  3. Hi hutch I have tried all kinds of mixes but the one I'm using at the moment is just the simplest one. Flour and semolina flour. and chilli powder iv tried all kinds of different levels when making the base mix but I feel that it ends up just like a ball of flower. I boil them for 60 seconds. I feel that maybe I'm going wrong with the base mix as like I said before when iv got a play doe consistency it just looks and smells like a big ball of flower
  4. 1 bag of sweet corn 2 tins of sardines 1 tin of dog meat Toped off with rice pudding that will leave a cloud in the water witch will atrack passing carp. I have had good results on this simple supermarket spod mix it's cheap and easy. I think in this day and age we can sometimes over complacate floavors in our baits for me it's better to keep It nice and simple and give them something that you know there going to feed on. Always keep in mind tho you can have the best bait in the world but your only going to get the best results if you putting it in the right places
  5. Hi I am getting into make my own boillies as I like to put my own flavours in them. The problem is when I have boiled them They don't feel like boillies as if you brought them from the shop they feel squidgy and rubbery also I find it hard to get them looking nice and round when I role them on my rolling table I was wounding if it's something to do with my mix also they just smell like flour once iv air dryed them.if any one as has the same problem or any suggestions that will help me please let me know thank you
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