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  1. Worth a watch...

    think your find it better to fish in the water than under a tree .............

    hi dave , think it was on one of the discovery channels , I'll see if I can find it again dave

    LoL 😁, big up the Welland.....

    I watched a program just the other day, a group of archaeologists were digging up some iron age fish traps somewhere towards the end of the Nene , along with both pike and perch bone's also there were carp !! Now somehow I don't think at that age they could of been imported , just saying mate, every lake river canal can fish differently and every angler makes of it what they want ......
  5. Love that last paragraph Ian......
  6. April catch reports.............

    two today,nothing massive but I found around 100 fish sunbathing in the top corner this afternoon
  7. Hi

    Welcome to the forum mate, normally plenty of goings on here..
  8. Carpology competition.

    Nice one for number 5 .....
  9. Poseidon Ground Tester

    Don't think it's really for hard gravel , think it's really to help finding what silt your fishing over whether it's the good stuff or the smelly horrible one , I would like to see someone cast a old sweetcorn can out and get the same result ..... don't think I will bother getting one but I can see why some would....
  10. Lake help

    Send a email to Mr fairbrass sounds like the type of lake they can help out ....
  11. Saber Products....

    I have a saber pod , I have changed a couple of bits to suit my needs but the most of it is still saber and I'm happy with it, their brolly systems get good reviews ......
  12. Poseidon Ground Tester

    Quite a good idea in the right situation, finding the blood work beds .....
  13. What is your newest purchase

    A new rear spring for the car , to get it through the mot ....ruddy pot holes again....
  14. Bait, natural but different.

    Think I'll stick with sweetcorn.....