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  1. Right so I went fishing today and I manually close the bail arm, made a mental note to see just what I do LOL , then I dug out my old reels and a Mitchell match is a 440a and the 300 can't be closed by hand ......
  2. What is your newest purchase

    Nice one Vic 😋
  3. Plans for 2018 🎣🎣

    Going to be staying on my easy water for another year, I like the settings and the facilities that comes with it, got a couple of trips in the works with a mate of mine probably early and late summer, then maybe start looking for the next year at a estate type lake...... not 100% sure what to do about the club yet , I get a good stretch of the grand union canal just up the road from where I am, but didn't fish it once this year .....
  4. Think your right I had 410s and they just had a normal bail arm , I have a match tucked away somewhere with the auto bail , now I'm thinking that the older reels you had to turn the handle to get the bail arm to close rather than push it back by hand . Going to dig out a 300 and have a look .....
  5. Do you know something, I can't remember what I do, I just do it with out thinking, how stupid can I be lol ......
  6. My dog, Arthur.

    This was also a Arthur, unfortunately he had to be put to sleep a few weeks ago,
  7. Hook file

    How do you clean diamond files then ? I'm interested as my tile file is getting blocked up ....
  8. Salokinnodrog

    Sorry to pick hole's , but the rig thread is a waste of your time, you need to show how the knots are tied and the photos need to be in more detail , as they are really for the newbie .....
  9. The rule book

    12 for me, got the last one wrong ....
  10. British Record

    8 for me
  11. The rule book

    Don't think that there is a definite answer to the rules of carp fishing, each lake is different in its entirety whether it's strain of carp , weed beds, Lilly pads , natural foods and other fish species, areas that get fished and those that don't, now I'm no expert but finding the fish in the first place and having a good idea where to look is probably going to be a better bet .
  12. What is your newest purchase

    Spool of diawa sensor in 10 lb , going to set up one of my old rods up for the winter as I shall only do the odd day session over the next few months ..
  13. What is your newest purchase

    It's a new concept of having a tiger in the tank 😋😋
  14. What is your newest purchase

    LOL to be fair any old motor is a money pit, but them Shogun's do look nice, I quite like the big nissan 4x4 can't remember what they are called though...
  15. Bivvy

    Maybe have a look at the second hand market, some good items can turn up from time to time