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  1. Carp Superstore, Kettering

    £180 at last knockings , no wonder they stayed open and made tea ....
  2. Autumn come early?

    Today I noticed some conker's are starting to fall from the tree's, as it's only just September they are very early this year.
  3. Carp Superstore, Kettering

    I went round to find it a few weeks ago, but found it shut , will pop in again now I know it's open, cheers.
  4. Ouch!!

    Ouch indeed, I'm feeling your pain just looking at the photos, you definitely nailed that finger......
  5. Bailiffs

    Bolt can do 100 meters in under 10 seconds,.............
  6. What is your newest purchase

    I have synchro xt on the other spools to be honest it's very wirery and very keen to get of the spool, if I don't have it in the line clip, I quite often end up with a bird's nest to sort out ..
  7. What is your newest purchase

    Just finished filling my spare spools with the clear sensor, under a tenner for 900 and something meters
  8. How to fish this water

    Is anyone going to turn up with a tape measure ?
  9. Silly questions - an anonymous way to ask

    Will have a look at applying some nail varnish to mine as I can't stand bright lights at night , going to try them out next weekend for the first time.
  10. Silly questions - an anonymous way to ask

    In the end after lots of head scratching, I've gone and got three mxr+ alarms, they are second hand , two blue and one red with the receiver box , these have two sensitivity settings and tone adjustment, the tone adjustment works with the receiver as well as on the head, so I can turn down the head volume and just use the box , this suits me fine as I'm used to different tones on my alarms. Cheers for all the help with sorting this out guys , Dave
  11. Screwfix sell camouflage tarpaulins, don't know what they are like I came across them the other week when I need one for work..
  12. Sound advice there BC 😀
  13. Catching during tough times

    If they are feeding the fish , then I would look into what they are feeding , what areas the feed is going in and the time's it's being provided, as a starting point. If you believe that the fish are preoccupied with natural foods then maybe have a look at the snail based range of products , I think it essential baits that do them ..
  14. Bargain Bait.........

    I'm a Essex boy at heart, so telling a few porkies is nothing new.......
  15. Bargain Bait.........

    Thanks guys, I'll try and sign up .