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  1. £4.83 delivered , eBay 😉
  2. Older fox alarms (lxr,dxr,rx)

    It's still on the dials but one has lost the paint on the mrx wording..
  3. Older fox alarms (lxr,dxr,rx)

    Hi Danny, I can't help with much in the way of if they are digital or not, but I had a change of alarms last year, and found out that researching fox microns a bit of a nightmare there doesn't seem to be a lot of information around, but in the end I went for the mrx , I'll start with the down side first, the LEDs are to bright at night they're blinding, I have painted mine with black nail varnish, that's the only downside I can find, they are easy to use and can be set up just how I wanted, I have the volume turned off on the heads and just on the receiver, they have tone adjustment that the receiver picks up so high on one rod and low tone on the other is possible, also there is a light on the receiver for each rod and there can be up to four, on the head there is a very easy to use and see switch for on and off, it's got two sensitivity settings but I can't quite work out just what the difference between the two is . Hope this helps out a bit .
  4. 18 years ago I had my last Fag , never actually gave it up just never got round to having the next one......
  5. Dropping leads and it's impacts

    You just need a bigger gun , ask Mr trump he knows.
  6. Todays fishing from Unfenced lakes

    Have sent a email off so hopefully someone will be able to sort this out, thinking about it, it does seem strange that the oxygen levels would be low at this time of year with all the wind and rain we have had just lately, the lake is well up and over flowing into the brook through the discharge pipe, l'm thinking that there wouldn't be much in the way of the leaf litter breaking down in the colder temperatures, it's not a very deep lake or very weedy , there's a few trees around it but plenty of open space for the wind to get a bit of a chop on the top .
  7. Duck

    Bet there will be one or two that will make it to the table for Sunday lunch.....
  8. Todays fishing from Unfenced lakes

    Cheers nige, I'll email the owner now.
  9. Todays fishing from Unfenced lakes

    Dissolved oxygen ?
  10. Todays fishing from Unfenced lakes

    DO? Depleted oxygen?
  11. Todays fishing from Unfenced lakes

    Must of been just one of those days today, I managed a day on the bank today first time for a while l had an idea of where I wanted to be, on arrival I had a good walk around and could see a few fish topping in the general area that I had in mind, so set up in a swim with the wind from behind me , two rods out with bright orange pop-ups (worked a treat last year) nothing for two hours eventhough lots of fish still topping, so on to zigs now I'm not that experienced in using zigs , the water is around 7ft in this area so one zig at 3ft the other at 6ft sorted 😀 now I'm also getting cold and the kettle has been on a few times next thing the 3ft rod go's off strike and nothing instantly the other rod is away drop first rod grab second and strike nothing again!!! Sort both rods back out, stick kettle back on again and spot the seagull yep he's seen the 6ft zig , would of been a nice take if it was a fish, so real in again and check the zig ,cast back out, next thing the swans spot it !!! So real in again, now the swans start a fight with the gease , this go's on for around 10 minutes , then all go's quiet for a while, then the fish are back showing again but now right on the opposite bank, so pack away one rod and set the other up with the floater gear and round I go , by this time the wind has dropped right off and I find what must be at least 50 fish all between 3&10lb just milling around on the surface, most are what seems to me to be mouthing the surface? Now I can't see anything floating in or on the surface but they are definitely doing something, so I'm sure I'm in with a chance here, in go's a nice peice of crust right in the middle of them, nothing a couple nudge it but that's it , so l'm slowly moving along the bank trying to keep working on the pack of fish but still nothing, so now the swans get wind of just what I'm doing and are straight into the area, off go the fish , time to pack up and go home..
  12. Duck

    Mallard I think....