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  1. I have a cyprinus magnetix system brolly , and having only ever put it up once had a right fight with it , the boss at the to is very short and I was struggling to get the second part to connect , looking at some of the product videos on youtube , the fox system comes with a longer central pole that unscrews once up , so my question is what are theses poles called and are they available as a spare part ? ive had a search around on the interweb but nothing is turning up . cheers for any help Dave .
  2. I think that the magnetix is a copy of the JRC, the overwrap is £55 dave
  3. In a few years time that fish will make someone very happy lol dave
  4. finally got round to using these today , didnt blank either , caught this monster , took bread flake on a size 8 hook ???
  5. you could be catchin in the dark too dave
  6. welcome to the forum buddy , hope your brolly don't leak dave
  7. nice one !!!
  8. admin its absolute tosh . im not dissing anyone here . but on march the fifth CM won the most likes with 5. BC was in close second with 5 . and DEANO came in turd with 5 ?? why do we need to know this ? and if its done by the most posts that the member has posted then its irrelevant to how helpful the posts are to the community . am I reading this right ? with just over 7, 000 posts CM has managed to clock up 10.000,000 likes ? i've been drinkin but its just not adding up
  9. IPS Community Suite . can i get one of those from dfs ? ......
  10. im still lost
  11. just what is this ? CM has over 10 million but no reputation activity ? i dont get what this is ........... can someone enlighten me please dave
  12. non carp anglers on the committee ? dave
  13. as cm says , what baits have you tried ? and prebait ? dave
  14. 1 man and 2 women ? essex boys
  15. marmite