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  1. if they are rubber beads then make your own hole with a baiting needle dave
  2. £900 wow i'm in the wrong job
  3. yonny this is what you need dave
  4. bolt rig float !! nice one
  5. lol . busted right out the water
  6. also as the fish suck, the bait having more mass than the hook it will try and go in first ,turning the hook away and turning the rig upside down dave
  7. looking at your drawing dean , the weight of the hook will make it hang down rather than stick up . I think that you would have to mount the bait on the hooklink with it pulled up with the eye of the hook just into the bait , using a very fine wired hook , and a very buoyant popup . dave
  8. I think its good to come up with ideas and get them out in the open sometimes , other peoples views can steer you in the correct direction dave
  9. after watching the videos myself , I also have been wondering if there is a way of getting the hook to go in first , the trouble is that if the fish sucks the bait in from the wrong direction the rig just wouldn't work ,there is a good chance of foul hooking the fish outside of the mouth . the trick with the particles is the fish are preoccupied with picking up the particles, and don't notice the hook, the fish are used to picking up allsorts of stones and twigs and the hook is just another twig in the mix . dave
  10. have you tried this out yet BC ? last year our council decided that they want £40 a year to take our garden waste away , so I built a compost heap out of three old pallets just tied together , I had a dig through it the other day and found loads of juicy wigglers doing their thing inside , so looks like worms are going to be on the carps menu soon dave
  11. thats one way of getting the swim you want !!!! dave
  12. gone for the Cyprinus Magnetix 60" system , with infill panels , ground sheet and overwrap all in for £200 , looks to have plenty of head room and is getting some good reviews . looking at some of the others they don't seem to get the spokes up very high and I think these will just get in the way . hopefully being brolly based drying it out won't be too much of a pain . thanks for all your help , dave .
  13. the post numbers in the threads have gone dave
  14. lol, just read some of the reviews on this , looks like a fella has had his for 5 weeks and broken one of the poppers and is going to return it for a refund , £2.81 ??? how much is the post going to be ???