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  1. cloud9

    well the van is packed

    the fish are going down in size, 13lb 10lb &two about 5lb , weather has not been to good lots of light rain followed by the odd downpour,still beats being at work ... Moved twice so far trying to slot in where I can, the fish are proving hard to find,only seen one or two shows so far, hence the two moves to get near them....
  2. cloud9

    well the van is packed

    there are 5 fishing it's a little bit crowded to be honest, in reality it wants no more than 3 but I had a 17lb yesterday afternoon..
  3. cloud9

    well the van is packed

    It's a little private lake, just down the road from the angler's paradise complex , cheers for all the best wishes guys , the birds have woken me up at 3.45 this morning, it's a shame that I can't leave until later this morning, otherwise I would be on the road now ....
  4. cloud9

    It's what it's all about

    Loved it, cracking lake, cracking carp felt every moment of that and Bernard to round off ..... what more could you want in life........
  5. cloud9

    well the van is packed

    fuel tank full and ready to go .....12 hours to go before my drive to Devon for a few days fishing with my best mate, we have both hit 50 this year and are meeting up for some fishing and beer , Probably a BBQ or two , the van is stacked out and I am made up , there is a possibility of a thirty from this lake a lovely little hide away from the world of work , I'm going to try and update this with pictures and posts if I can, but I know that the phone signal is not that great down there but that is one of the plus sides for me .......
  6. cloud9

    Any other motorcyclists on here?

    Please tell how you can get evicted from the isle of man ? This sounds great........
  7. cloud9

    Darrel peck, My misspent youth.

    Did it get sold ?
  8. cloud9

    frozen or shelf life ?

    Thanks for all the answers guy's , I have a question for nick , why do you think that shelf life baits give a more instant attraction rather than fresh ? Do you think that they are loaded with more instant attraction than the fresh ? Then a question for you all , are the natural preserving agents holding back the attraction elements of the baits? And what about glugs and dips are these really adding anything more to your baits .....
  9. cloud9

    What is your newest purchase

    Sounds like you got a great deal there BC , my brolly system is from the same manufacturers and I have no complaints apart from the one you helped me out with 👍 cheers ......
  10. After reading the last few posts about taking bait to France , what is the main reason why you would use fresh/ frozen here over shelf life ? Am I missing something using shelf life baits ? ...
  11. cloud9

    June catch reports

    Cracker mufty
  12. cloud9

    A Bit Of Interactive Bank Chat

    You need to write a book gaz , no kidding you have the touch.....
  13. cloud9

    What is your newest purchase

    Don't think you will go far wrong with that one BC if only it had magnetic storm poles......
  14. cloud9

    What is your newest purchase

    That's what I like with my brolly system it has magnetic storm poles , makes it easier to set up and down..
  15. cloud9

    June catch reports

    Nice going ginger 😎