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  1. think that would probably been the viaduct at harringworth its has somewhere around 60 arches , quite a sight stretching across the valley . I cant remember just where it was , but a few years ago they demolished a smaller one with explosives , it was part of an old disused line that had become dangerous in some way . dave
  2. Im wondering how your going to tie the end of the mesh up with the hook length inside ? dave
  3. been thinkin about this tonight , has anyone tried putting the pop up into the stick then filling it up and tying it off before mounting it on the hair /bait screw, you could add a couple of nuggets either in the stick or on the hook to keep it buoyant , then pva tying it to the hook link next to the putty , that way it should lay flat on the silt with your bait popped up above once everything has melted dave
  4. Thanks gazzlaaar , I had to google it but that could be the answer dave
  5. now that's not a bad idea , I'm sure that I have my old man's fly rod knocking around somewhere. I had one of those nights last night where I couldn't sleep and one of the strange thoughts that popped into my head was fishing these from a controller float , letting it sink down a foot or two . dave
  6. I'll probably do something with them Deano , might just strip all the bug stuff off and use the hooks with some zig foam dave
  7. I do like to get the rods pointing in the general direction of where i'm fishing , on a pod or bank sticks and buzz bars your limited by the angle , as for getting tangled up with your other lines its for this very reason I only fish two rods , with three I just know how much of a mess I would be in !! with the rest of the anglers having a right old laugh ..... dave
  8. Its a shame that this thread suddenly stopped , I enjoyed the posts of getting ready to go fishing getting all the gear ready and the excitement of it all , there was no arguments about anything through the whole of it unlike most , and lots of unanswered questions like , did gaz and his mate catch anything ? are they still fishing it ? what did phil do with that goose ? did the helicopter chod feeder rig work ? dave
  9. welcome to the forum mate , I have never used a spod so cant help you out with your question , but I'm sure one or two of the others will be along to give you some pointers dave
  10. I am by no means an expert , but to answer the opening question I would say yes you can mix them , but if one of the ingredients needs a long soaking time or to be boiled for a time, then it won't really affect the rest of the mix if all done together dave
  11. if they are not picking up your hook bait , then the chances are that they aren't getting the freebies dave
  12. right a few weeks ago I see these up on the bay and thought they look good , could be an item I could use , never tried zigs before but my understanding is that these should float ? how wrong I was ... as the title says don't bother unless your into reverse zigging ( gizzing ?) dave
  13. well I survived , both me and my gear got a total testing last night , it decided to chuck it down for most of the night , the swans and the geese decided to have a fight for rest of the night right in my swim , I'm glad that I went for the blolly system and not just the brolly its self I had the front part zipped on but the door open , I did get a bit cold as I've not sorted out a decent sleeping bag yet , only one fish out just on 10lb common , was nice to have a fish as it was a new venue and the first night I've fished in around 20 years , back home now to dry everything out , and a hot shower dave
  14. It wasn't me on your spot steve , I was freezing me nuts off in leicestershire .... dave