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  1. That's the only downside is the boats going up and down, I've been thinking about just doing early morning and evening sessions just to try and get a few hours without the boats , will have to see how it goes and play it by ear I think...
  2. its the wellingborough and district club , they have the stretch from foxton to husbands bosworth, had a walk along part of it in the summer and it looks promising ......
  3. My current ticket is valid until April next year, but I'm looking at joining a local club next year that gives me access to 5 miles of the grand union canal it's only£40 for the year, the only downside is coping with the boats going up and down .....
  4. To be honest I don't think that CM ever set out to offend anyone, he was just very opinionated and could be easily rubbed up the wrong way, having said that I don't agree with anyone getting abusive who ever it is . CM has also backed down on some of his views in the past threads, I know that the written word can be missed read and taken the wrong way that the author intended, but this Des guy was just out for the fun of winding people up and was getting abusive, a troll in the sense of the word . In my opinion he didn't bring anything useful to the forum...
  5. What is it with Fridays that brings out all the (censored) ends , even first thing in the morning people are driving like they want to die ?????
  6. I've never used any from them , I can't see that they will not work as well as a big brand ones...
  7. Another great find there BC , I find Terry very inspiring and always learn something from his videos....
  8. I like the blue/black ones...... only five red one's? next year's catch reports are going to be far between but hopefully some mega fish.....
  9. Order just one thing first, your get a discount code with the order, then you can order the rest with a 10% discount, it's post free so you won't lose out ordering just one item first....
  10. Very good and fast service, quite often they are packed and shipped within a couple of hours even on a Sunday afternoon....100% happy using them..
  11. One last cast yonny , it could be the one.....
  12. Jon doesn't catch anything that's why he likes a nice comfortable warm bed...lol apparently he only go's fishing to get away from the trouble and strife ......
  13. It doesn't work but he's still got it.......lol
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