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  1. I'm guessing that it's going to be a metric thread BC I can't see to many manufacturers using Imperial if they don't have to....
  2. cloud9

    Great video sums it up for me.........

    Don't see the problem myself, Martin lost a fish in the weed ( who hasn't ? ) He's fishing effectively and in my mind safely one rod in the right spot where the fish are also.... He's not right up against the weed he's fishing the margin slope , by the sound of things those fish know if their being fished for so his approach is correct......
  3. cloud9

    Stanwick Lake from Bedchairs

    Been thinking about having a go at stawick myself , please keep us updated to how you get on .......
  4. cloud9

    August catch reports.....

    Size isn't everything, look at the smile on your little one's face .....
  5. That's one of the main reason why I went for a brolly system so I can get it dry in the shed, l have a Cyprinus magnatex I think it's out of production now, not sure what it was a copy of, but I can't fault it , I think I paid around £180 for the whole thing, ground sheet infill panel and overwrap , the overwrap has never been out the bag, but the infill panel is handy for the night's that it's chucking it down, also there is a lot more room with the front on ....
  6. Can't see why it wouldn't be able to boil up a pan .. the only thing with induction hobs is they only work with a steel pan...
  7. So I managed to get out for the night on Friday after work, all set up and both rods out on the spots , around 8 o'clock I was standing next to the bank looking out at the lake, when something caught my eye down by my feet in the water, it was a snake!! Probably around 18 inches long it swam out of the reeds on one side of the swim and into the reeds on the other, it was pretty quick and I only got a quick glance at it but I'm guessing that it's a grass snake , I went on to have a pretty good session 8 fish landed, I packed up earlier than planned at 5.30am the ducks decided to have a fight and for about half an hour before the moorhen had been swimming in to my lines, setting the alarms off, I was just knackered from a sleepless night, but it was great to be out on the bank again landed a few fish and went home to bed happy as a sandboy ...... didn't see the snake again..
  8. If I have it right, when the sun and the moon are both on the same side of the earth the gravitational pull from both is at its strongest and then you get a spring tide, which is the highest tide, when they are opposite each other you get a neap tides the lowest ( I think it's correct) ...... there are a lot of marine creatures that the moon affects at breading and feeding time, so it could be having a effect on something else in the lake rather than the fish themselves, something could be hatching or breading that the carp are eating.......
  9. cloud9

    Thought of the Day pt.2

    Fresh air, lovely
  10. That's a interesting theory, I grew up just down the river from London , and my understanding is that fishing either side of high tide was the slack water, when the tides were not running hard made it easier to fish, the same was said for low tide , I'm sure that the gravitational force of the sun and moon do have some effect on the lakes but how it could be measured I would have no idea ....
  11. cloud9

    Thought of the Day pt.2

    Should of had a life jacket on in the boat matey ...
  12. cloud9

    View from your bivvy door.

    It's Friday.......
  13. cloud9

    Do I go on Tuesday or not????

    Good luck mate 👍👍👍
  14. Hi and welcome, I'm going to have a guess that they were either spawning or getting ready too....
  15. cloud9

    How often do you switch baits?

    Having only been getting back into fishing in the last couple of years, and have always been a big fan of sweetcorn , I'm fishing quite a easy lake to be honest, for the last two seasons I have been fishing with two rods , one that I call my long rod , and the other is in the margins, for most of the time my margin rod is using a mix of sweetcorn and chickpeas, the long rod is normally fished out to the island margins and I have tried a number of different boilies Pop up, wafters and bottom baits and to be honest I'm finding that the sweetcorn and chickpeas are out fishing the boilies, there are no other fish in the lake apart from the carp and a few small tench , I think that quite a few angler's use sweetcorn, but most use boilies but everyone I speak to use something different , I see quite a few PVA bags going out so I'm presuming that they contain pellets, so at the moment I have more confidence in sweetcorn and chickpeas than boilies, I'm not ruling out using boilies but just haven't found any that I can be totally confident in yet .....