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  1. off you go and get one sorted dave
  2. Think ive spotted it long and thin , i could be wrong
  3. part of our ability should be when to recognise that we need to change something , I wondering if jim had been doing well up to the last 8 sessions ? dave
  4. after all , five of you fished it last week , all 5 on different baits and styles , all caught fish , then there's jim sitting behind static rods and buzzers for the 8th time , I would say that after those 8 sessions at least some fish have visited the area where hes fishing and nothing has picked up his baits .. dave
  5. I would say that its been over fished and they are now wary of any bait that gives off the same attractors or smells .. dave
  6. Steve ,thats the sort of information that would tell me its time to start looking for something else to use .........
  7. thanks Ian , I often wonder how long it takes to get the fish feeding on a different bait , I know there are a lot of variables in the numbers between different lakes , and amounts the average angler can afford to stick in there , but any info that I can skim off people gives me a little more to think about in my own approach to these waters , cheers buddy , all the best dave
  8. sorry to but in , Ian can I ask since starting to use your bait this last year , have you seen a difference in your catch rate ? did it take a while to start working ? and to your knowledge are others using it ? dave
  9. one from last night , was starting to get dark and the phone camera was struggling , my first mirror from this lake , they all seem to be commons and ghosties . taken on the most simple rig ever , free lined sweetcorn .. dave ...
  10. had 4 lost 2 & missed 2 , can't see any moon at all , it's a perfect clear sky you can count the stars . Dave
  11. well the 26th has come and I'm off out later after work , looks like the new moon will be better for spawning than catchin , but a nice evening will be spent tryin ............ dave
  12. definitely interested to hear about folks catchin ....
  13. If your just going for three days , and you know that a certain bait has been catching , after paying out for ferries , accommodation , travel and fishing costs ect , I would go with the local knowledge and the bait that's working , rather than a unknown bait and come home with a blank , after all it sounds like you have done your home work .. dave
  14. I think you need to find the natural beds of what ever these fish feed on then attract the naturals to your bait , after that the fish should pick up your bait whilst feeding , we need to get a better understanding of what attracts the natural food to a area and pinpoint those areas ...... dave