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  1. Sounds like you guys need to be careful with them hook things some of them can be a bit sharp at times . ........
  2. At least you broke your blanking run smufter, did you change out the purple line ?
  3. That's why I was wondering Ian, what's safety about a needle set 😐
  4. Safety baiting needle set ? What it this please ?
  5. If you can get a hard o ring type it might, the silicon ones are useless .
  6. Can't help you with the zigs , but good luck with the carp 😉
  7. Just got back home, had a cracking trip , 12 fish in total, 8 on the margin rod all on sweet corn and chick peas , 4 on the long rod using wafters on a multi rig , starting to get my head round this clipping up malarkey
  8. five now , going good, finally got to eat my sandwich lol
  9. I've made it out to the lake, had three lost two, nothing massive largest was bang on 10lb a mirror , now landed four, trying to eat me sausage sandwich 😣
  10. BC you must have at least one expectation when you go out fishing mate and that must be to enjoy the experience what ever shape or form that might take, I know I do buddy ....... Dave
  11. The one in the bin Dave
  12. Bread , on the top , mid water , or on the bottom . Crumb, flake, crust , lots of choices....
  13. where have i seen something like those before ........................................ dave
  14. Did they get that oak tree out ? Cm .