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    cloud9 got a reaction from pooter in Rotary   
    Salt and it's effect on the water by creating a saline solution in the area......
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    cloud9 reacted to bluelabel in Rod Shots   
    Redmire in March... Old School = Old's Cool.. the original Willow has long gone  but this is still known as the Willow Pitch (or Walker's Pitch, where Clarissa/Ravioli was caught)
    The left hand rod is a MkIV kit carp rod and the right hand rod is a Sharpe's 9'3" both mated to Mitchell 400's, 3rd pic is a Sharpe's 8' stalking spinning rod with a Speedia wide drum 

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    cloud9 reacted to salokcinnodrog in Shelf life boilies   
    I'm sat here by the lake with a thought or 2 running through my head.
    Shelf lifes are more instantly attractive than freezer baits, but freezer baits on day three seem to offer more natural attraction as the enzymes kick in or out.
    Years ago Brian Skoyles wrote an article about it, and Gary Bayes has mentioned the instant attraction of shelf lifes vs freezer.
    To me shelf lifes are better in small quantities, even food baits, a tiny percentage of the freebies mixed with freezer baits, or as a stringer of baits around the hookbait. The hookbait itself can be a shelfie, but you do not want massive amounts of shelf life freebies.
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    cloud9 reacted to greekskii in Baiting re-Terry Hearn.   
    I fell foul of not thinking about a certain venue hard enough. Ultra low stock, 10 in 6 acres, my 3 fish have come from the first or second night fishing a spot, with no or little previous bait gone on them. Once I tried to feed heavier on those spots to keep them coming back then just didn't. It was either they spooked off the large beds of bait or obviously clean spots or they never got to the hook bait first due to untold amounts of tench and bream. I thought the latter at the time but now, especially after watching Terry's video I realised I'd overlooked the obvious. When I return there it'll be a handful of bait maximum on a spot. Think we all fall in to the trap at times, especially when things go your way at first, and if you cant visibly watch them then it is just a long wait until you realise!
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    cloud9 reacted to Dicky123 in Baiting re-Terry Hearn.   
    When you watch the Terry Hearn video Tunnel vision you understand how the man thinks, and it brought me round to my own situation. I never really seem to get feeding right, but when you do find the fish I think you can put TOO MUCH IN. Carp have this amazing sensory system when they can pick out a little caddis, it shows they could fish a few dozen bits of hemp if they wanted to. That with a few tigers or maize less than dozen seems the way to go, unless you are on a well stocked water. When I watch most anglers on a lake coming for a trip they always heap bait in, a kilo is nothing for a nights fishing. The match fishing in me says maybe I should just bait really lightly and just catch one fish. Then as the match guys do, top up with just a little again as mentioned above. Watching the video has opened up lots of thoughts for me, has it you? Some people think if you put a lot in over a decent area the fish will find it, but as we know they will also find a small amount too and maybe that would trigger less fear than a lot of bait they are use to now days?
    Just an average carp guys thought.  Rich.
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    cloud9 reacted to yonny in October Catch Reports   
    So I just had my last session of the year. Conditions were absolutely awful for fishing.... high pressure (1030 mbar!), clear skies, zero wind, bright days and cold nights... you couldn't get much worse. Couldn't get near them at first and when I finally did they moved off. Chased them around a bit (5 swims in total) before they settled in a shallow bay in the afternoon. I chucked singles at them but nowt happened so I got the spod out and guess what - they did the off again. I thought they'd be back the following day so I stay put.
    Next day and I've not seen them show up, I'm ready to hang myself, hell of a lot of hard work for no result, the pit is fishing terribly, nowt caught anywhere, when my mate walks into my swim. We have a chat, I get the kettle on and I'm chewing his ear off telling him how hard it's been when the middle rod drops back before screaming off. My rods are right out in the pond due to the layout of this swim so I get the waders on and run on out into the lake making a right commotion. Play it for ages, my mate gets a cracking video, and I do my best impression of Danny "Bosh, get in that net" for the film as it goes over the cord.
    Turns out to be an old friend, the mirror with the stupidly massive tail that I caught in Sept 2016 and in Aug 2017. I'm standing in the water grinning at my mate, pleased as punch that I've actually caught one in these God awful conditions, when he starts pointing at my other rod. As I turn round that one rips off too so I jam the landing net handle into the silt and grab the rod. I'm calling to my mate to set up my other net as I'm playing this one, which he does, good man, and passes it to me. This one gives a good fight too and we get another brilliant video of me landing a carp with another in the net next to me. I'm over the moon when this one goes in the net, double bubble after a very, very difficult session. This one's a common of a similar size to the mirror, nowt massive but it'll do nicely.
    I get the rods back out and we do the business with the fish. The mirror goes 27.12 and the common goes 27.04. Get some nice shots, put them back, job done.
    The next night is my last ever night on this water and I feel a bit emotional if I'm honest. I've spent three years there and I've done OK really.  I've had the biggest mirror 4 times, I had my main target fish in my first year (and again this year) and my second target fish in my second year. I caught one of the big commons and while I was really hoping for the other one this year I cannot complain too much. You can't catch them all I guess.
    The next morning it's really difficult to drag myself away - see this will be the end of my proper fishing for a while........ because at the end of February I'll be a Dad for the first time!!😎
    So that'll be the end of my catch reports for 2 or 3 years at least....... although I have found a local reservoir 20 mins from my house which holds a 50lb mirror for when I do get the odd day out!
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    cloud9 reacted to Gazlaaar in A Bit Of Interactive Bank Chat   
    I've not been able to fish for the last 6 weeks and I doubt I'll be going until the kids are off next week. The club have been trapping crayfish with margin nets, they do own other waters but I just don't fancy fishing them, too busy for my liking.
    Apparently the metoffice have given mild conditions until mid December so I'm hoping it holds out for a couple of months yet before we see any significant freezes. 
    I've been chatting with a couple of coarse anglers I've gotten to know this year. They were surprised at the lack of carpers fishing last winter, especially as they had seen the carp on a regular basis. As you can imagine my ears pricked up at this point and the decision was promptly made to stay for the duration of winter.
    Anyway, I'm counting down the days until next week, at least I've managed to score some brownie points with getting some bits done on the house and give her a hand with some early Christmas shopping 😉
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    cloud9 reacted to jh92 in What baits do you guys favour and why?   
    For a while I struggled with bait and confidence using it, a while back I switched to sticky krill and it's really playing in my favour with short sessions.
    I've bought the pure krill liquid too and what I do is put a few boilies in a bag and a splash of liquid, coat the boilies in it and then add some ground up boilie so it sticks to the outside of the boilies. 
    Not sure if adding it to the boilies is making any difference but it's catching me fish on some of the harder waters I fish on so will keep on doing it lol. 
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    cloud9 reacted to yonny in Rod Shots   
    Last session of the year for me. Busy autumn ahead of me.

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    cloud9 reacted to smufter in October Catch Reports   
    Hope this helps! 19.6 mirror

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    cloud9 reacted to Highy in Rod Shots   
    24hr Carp Match underway at 12pm..🎣
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    cloud9 reacted to B.C. in Another gooden from Terry Hearne.......   
    Definitely mate..... The caddis fly was a good pointer and also, how little bait was used on a couple of the fish. Sometimes less is definitely more...
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    cloud9 got a reaction from B.C. in Another gooden from Terry Hearne.......   
    Another great find there BC , I find Terry very inspiring and always learn something from his videos....
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    cloud9 reacted to greekskii in Thought of the Day pt.2   
    If you shout encouraging words at them and follow them like your their coach they let you past very quickly. Must be something to do with them being out for a casual ride and not wanting to be told their mile time is too slow and they’ll never win the tour da France like that’ 😂😂
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    cloud9 reacted to greekskii in Silly Rules   
    You know Nige is defo telling him you said that! 😂🤣
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    cloud9 reacted to yonny in Thought of the Day pt.2   
    After 2 or 3 weeks off I'm back on the bank this week and absolutely buzzing for it. The lake's been fishing pants which is a concern but I'll enjoy it either way. Hopefully have something to report next week.
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    cloud9 reacted to Highy in Thought of the Day pt.2   
    Im on a 24hr carp match on Saturday 12pm till Sunday 12pm...9 anglers only...with a FREE curry meal at 9pm bought by the bailiff brought to our peg...hopefully my match days co.e to home but to a larger scake...
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    Not my usual kind of rod shot photo. I was ultra light lure fishing today and I managed to get all my kit in one photo. 😂 

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    cloud9 reacted to dayvid in Rod Shots   
    A couple from the weekend before the rain set in.

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    cloud9 reacted to cyborx in loaded   
    Woke up to this view early hours, 😁

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    cloud9 reacted to greekskii in Shelf life boilies   
    They are using the new link and fyber at the minute I believe. 
    You can make a bait with the exact same nutritional profile as the Cell with 4 ingredients. I have seen the data analysis to show it. All of those ingredients are cheap cereals. In bulk you can make it for around £3 a kilo of ingredients. Less if you bought ingredients in tonnes. 
    No one has said these baits don’t work, it’s just that those who know about full nutritional requirements of fish know they don’t contain what the fish need. I’d rather use a bait that gives the fish a bit of everything. As Hutch said, carp can only use 38% protein from a food source. Personally the bait im using right now has a protein level of over 40%. Why? Because the 10 or so ingredients all have high protein levels but also other minerals, fats, etc. That benefit the carp. They are easily digestible because of the ingredients. They are extremely palatable to the fish (something often overlooked) They have a high nutritional value. Long term this type of bait will work for longer than your basic mixes. 
    Again, you only have to look at suppliers and ingredients you can purchase to realise it’s nothing that can’t be replicated with ease in your kitchen as there’s is no secret yeast, I can buy it online, so can you. 
    In the bait industry there is no major secrets, remember these guys used to share the knowledge back in the day. It’s a fairly close knit network behind the scenes. Suppliers don’t have loyalties either. 
    Believe what you wish buddy, the cell, Manila, krill, key all work, they are still nothing super special and you’ll find much better quality at cheaper prices, with a longer track record. 
    Btw lads, defo not CM. He wouldn’t call me out like that! Can we un-ban him now? 
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    cloud9 reacted to buzzbomb in Shelf life boilies   
    If speaking frankly about a company on the internet was prosecute-able Fairbrass would have all our stuff at his house.
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