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  1. has anyone done a direct performance comparison between the free spirit hi-s 12ft 3.5 tc and the free spirit CTX SU 12ft 3.5tc??
  2. yeah.. i think the larvae get into the pellet when they make them. I only noticed the holes when i opened the bag, and i guess there must have been beetles somewhere in the bag, and these started appearing in the kitchen. They don't seem to live very long though, a few hours, and i'm not entirely sure they're the ones in the photo. My son said they have little pincers, but typically, when i want one, i can't find one to check! Btw these are very small pellets.. 3-4mm
  3. over the past 10 years i've caught a lot of decent crucians, all on the float. However, there are days when the float movements look just like a bite, but i keep foulhooking the fish. Why? They are obviously on the bait, and if i don't strike and leave it for a short while, when i reel in the bait is gone. I've tried adjusting the end tackle, but on some days i get more fish hooked in the fins than the mouth. I usually fish pellet (more of these in a minute) over groundbait, and don't keep the groundbait in too tight an area, maybe the size of 3 dartboards as i want the fish moving around a bi
  4. nash indulgence? with weights of 13.5kg 14.7kg 16.1kg 16.4kg 17.5kg.. no thanks
  5. fantastic book, puts some of today's carp-only prima-donnas in their place, not that any of them would read it
  6. not sure daiwa are much into quality control. Had to have my daiwa mission brolly replaced 3 times before i got one that didn't leak, and even then, that leaked after about 6 months. check out the Sonik bedchairs for lightness & comfort..
  7. sorry.. was this a 4 year old post? no year on the date mark.. :-/ anyway, don't know what you other guys are doing with the hi-s or how much you've used them (?) but i find playing fish a pleasure on mine. AAMOI ianfrog what line are you using to fish at 130?
  8. it's a wet thursday and i'm housebound so trolling through some forum posts. I'm surprised no answers to this one and i guess you've either bought the hi-s's or gone for something else? i use the hi-s 3.5lb and find them brilliant casting and playing rods, good distance without the frapping you get on some other rods. Previous to that i had century NG 3.5s, but find the hi-s better. One of the best rods around in my and many other people's opinions. Did have a waggle if the next model up (think they call them ives) but they felt a bit too much like my beachcasters. They come up secon
  9. the JRC stealth xlite has gone back, and i just got my sonik XTI compact. It's great... plenty big enough (2000mm [L] x 780mm [W] X 380mm (H)) , relatively light at about 7kg, nice thick (5mm) fleece covered foam mattress, really comfortable. Only downside it doesn't have much of a pillow area but other than that, well pleased with it. Am contemplating taking one set of legs off to make it even lighter.. bought from fishing republic for 114.99 and it arrived next day, free post...
  10. tbh don't thnk i've ever had a decent nights kip when carp fishing. i'm just not a good sleeper.. sleeping on carp sessions normally consists of 10mins dozing, 10 mins awake all night long til it gets light, even on the comfy bedchair (weighs 14kg!) i have atm. and sometimes i even get woken up by a fish! anyway, i'm not a big bloke, so reckon the sonic xti compact may well be the closest to what i'm looking for, and if i decide to persevere with the fox easy shelter, it'll give me more room in that too
  11. tbh don't use a barrow much. not a long session man, and i find once i've packed it in the car, unpacked it, assembled it, loaded it, unloaded it (then the whole thing in reverse when i leave) i could have walked to many of the swims think a wide boy might make things a bit cramped in a fox easy shelter..
  12. before i do anything else going to have a look at a SONIK XTI... their compact is under 8kg with a 5cm foam mattress.. anyone got one?? unfortunately my dog has chewed up the lid of the box of the JRC i bought so might be stuck with it.. not sure if i can send it back now..
  13. i was thinking of getting some foam seperately and i may end up doing that. but you would think it wouldn't be difficult for someone to make a chair with a light frame like the xlite or tactical, and use memory foam for the padding. As you say, it's very light so wouldn't make the chair any heavier.. Lightness + comfort... what's the problem with doing that?
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