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  1. David_gravesend

    Kingsbury water park

    Unfortunately monster munch have not bettered their 2004 vanilla flavour release other than that beef all the way
  2. David_gravesend


    I have one of these https://www.totalfishinggear.co.uk/buy.cfm/beds/tf-gear-flat-out-bedchair/39/no/113849 can be a bit bulky but that’s outweighed by the comfort, absolutely superb
  3. David_gravesend


    I remember watching Burton play ebbsfleet at the Pirelli on many occasions, I think a 0-0 in an fa trophy quarter final was about as good as it got for us there!
  4. David_gravesend

    What is your newest purchase

    New dwarf 10ft 2.75lb rod to replace the one I broke in the back of the van Dwarf 10ft rod holdall pva bags 2 new 24-46 inch storm poles, need to keep the line up over some weed that has appeared over the last 2 weeks 150 quid lighter...
  5. David_gravesend

    Weed in the lake

    I would advocate using kordas helisafe, a god send in weed... i will either fish chods or pva bags.
  6. David_gravesend

    Rod Shots

    Bank holiday weekends are for one thing and one thing only
  7. David_gravesend

    How can weather forecasts be so blooming different???

    Best decision I made at 4.30 this morning was to go into the shed and grab the brolly for a day session today when usually I don’t bother with one
  8. David_gravesend

    What is your newest purchase

    A new tip section for a Nash dwarf after I decided it would be a great idea to leave it in the back of the van and it snapped pva gas hemp oil and a new rod license
  9. David_gravesend

    10ft Carp Rod Recommendations

    I have 2 10ft dwarfs 2.75tc they have served me well so far and have also come in handy on the river for a bit of barbel fishing
  10. David_gravesend

    Considering New Rods

    I have a pair of cork handled 101s, 50 quid each at the time on a water where I needed something with a bit of a backbone. They are fantastic for the money, highly recommended. It really is amazing how much did you can now get for your money in the 50-100 bracket
  11. David_gravesend

    Angling Direct 10℅ off

    https://www.anglingdirect.co.uk/vass-r-boot have a look at these as well, best thermal boots I’ve owned by far
  12. David_gravesend

    Dying a lake

    Evening chaps just wondered if anyone had had any experience of fishing a lake that had been dyed to slow weed growth, any detrimental affect to the fishing? A club water has had this treatment recently and is now a lovely shade of blue...
  13. David_gravesend

    What is your newest purchase

    They do what they are meant to and are a bargain!
  14. David_gravesend

    Instant Action

    Just been given 15 kilos of candy but crush instant action, actually quite impressed with the make up of them and the smell. Worth a punt
  15. David_gravesend

    What is your newest purchase

    A lot! More than I care to list but been given 15 kilos of Nash candy nut crush...