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  1. 10ft Carp Rod Recommendations

    I have 2 10ft dwarfs 2.75tc they have served me well so far and have also come in handy on the river for a bit of barbel fishing
  2. Thought for the day.

    Didn’t read the update?
  3. Considering New Rods

    I have a pair of cork handled 101s, 50 quid each at the time on a water where I needed something with a bit of a backbone. They are fantastic for the money, highly recommended. It really is amazing how much did you can now get for your money in the 50-100 bracket
  4. Thought for the day.

    Never trust anyone north of the Thames
  5. Angling Direct 10℅ off

    https://www.anglingdirect.co.uk/vass-r-boot have a look at these as well, best thermal boots I’ve owned by far
  6. Dying a lake

    Evening chaps just wondered if anyone had had any experience of fishing a lake that had been dyed to slow weed growth, any detrimental affect to the fishing? A club water has had this treatment recently and is now a lovely shade of blue...
  7. What is your newest purchase

    They do what they are meant to and are a bargain!
  8. Instant Action

    Just been given 15 kilos of candy but crush instant action, actually quite impressed with the make up of them and the smell. Worth a punt
  9. What is your newest purchase

    A lot! More than I care to list but been given 15 kilos of Nash candy nut crush...
  10. British Record

    Had a go when I was browsing last night, a 7 for me too
  11. What is your newest purchase

    Seconded, absolutely bombproof
  12. Decent "simple" bobbins????

    I use yellow fox black label ones, touch wood been fine for a year now
  13. Secret Sneaky Guesting Venues and Clubs Criticism

    Wow, just wow
  14. Coated or Uncoated Hooklength ?

    Use both the semi stiff and soft, top drawer
  15. Mainlines latest offering The Link

    There in lies the answer, it's the going bait because everyone is using it so it's going to catch the majority of fish. I've mentioned before I know your water and am friends with a couple of members, one uses nothing but mainline shelf life banoffee and catches from there, I think we sometimes put too much emphasis on bait. I'd be tempted to go with the singles approach or small pva bags just trying to by a bite and maybe repositioning every hour or so fishing for a bite at a time