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  1. Own a pair in 2.5 tc, fantastic medium range rods and a soft playing action, great fun!
  2. Nash siren s5 i have the r3s but a friend has the s5 and they are indestructible
  3. Big shout for the c101s from wychwood, might be worth finding somewhere that does the 2.5 tc by the sounds of what you want them for
  4. Now the suns come out this fella turns up...
  5. Wychwood c101s 50 quid a pop
  6. That was on and off. That club has some cracking smaller waters that are with checking out!
  7. Had a ticket and fished the place for 3 seasons for 2 fish, admittedly fished on and off. Put the hours in and you'll catch but not for the feint hearted and some proper lumps in there.
  8. Agreed, it is a best of both worlds and also people need to realise you don't need to break the bank to get 1 or even 2 sets of rods. I have a set of greys prodigy gt3 in 2.5lb and these are fantastic 8/10 times but have a set of wychwood c101 at 3lb for the heavy stuff, at 60 quid each they cast like a dream
  9. Hence the use of the pepparami, or I've also used it in fox armamesh to good effect at 80 yards plus although I did get the idea for that after watching one of the mark pitchers challenge videos on YouTube
  10. Get a multipack of cat meat in tins, dirt cheap and great as a spod mix on its own or added into an existing mix, bit messy but worth it. I'd go with a piece of pepparami on the hair as it's tough and maybe tipped with a piece of fake corn
  11. Out of interest what test curve does everybody use on their rods? Was having a chat with one of the guys at work and it seems that there is a general trend to have rods with a higher Tc than say 10 years ago when the most common would have been something like a 2.75
  12. Misty morning on the local
  13. No better way to start a Sunday
  14. Is that on the baldwins lake? Did a short session there on Saturday. The lakes are really coming alive i have just started using a2 baits and have to say extremely impressed with the range and quality
  15. I use them, only had 2 outings since they were purchased but so far they are fantastic. So much better build quality than Delkims and definitely on a par with the equivalent fox alarms