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  1. Another vote for the lo pro, perfect for 1 or 2 nights
  2. Stay well clear of elphicks and orchard place so many fantastic waters, mid Kent fisheries are a good shout but more or less every club will offer a water that is both a challenge but the rewards are there. you also have the Medway which is free either side of the town centre stretch, probably one of the most underrated carp fisheries going, some absolute gems in there
  3. Drennan super specialist, fits nicely on my 10ft dwarf holdall
  4. I think a lot of people are more concerned about their bobbins looking good bankside than the reasons they are using those bobbins. I mainly use 2 types, a set of Fox slik bobbins in the main and a set of fox euro swingers for longer range stuff when I want to tension the line. Nothing fancy but they do the job I want them too
  5. Unfortunately monster munch have not bettered their 2004 vanilla flavour release other than that beef all the way
  6. I have one of these https://www.totalfishinggear.co.uk/buy.cfm/beds/tf-gear-flat-out-bedchair/39/no/113849 can be a bit bulky but that’s outweighed by the comfort, absolutely superb
  7. I remember watching Burton play ebbsfleet at the Pirelli on many occasions, I think a 0-0 in an fa trophy quarter final was about as good as it got for us there!
  8. New dwarf 10ft 2.75lb rod to replace the one I broke in the back of the van Dwarf 10ft rod holdall pva bags 2 new 24-46 inch storm poles, need to keep the line up over some weed that has appeared over the last 2 weeks 150 quid lighter...
  9. I would advocate using kordas helisafe, a god send in weed... i will either fish chods or pva bags.
  10. Bank holiday weekends are for one thing and one thing only
  11. Best decision I made at 4.30 this morning was to go into the shed and grab the brolly for a day session today when usually I don’t bother with one
  12. A new tip section for a Nash dwarf after I decided it would be a great idea to leave it in the back of the van and it snapped pva gas hemp oil and a new rod license
  13. I have 2 10ft dwarfs 2.75tc they have served me well so far and have also come in handy on the river for a bit of barbel fishing
  14. I have a pair of cork handled 101s, 50 quid each at the time on a water where I needed something with a bit of a backbone. They are fantastic for the money, highly recommended. It really is amazing how much did you can now get for your money in the 50-100 bracket
  15. https://www.anglingdirect.co.uk/vass-r-boot have a look at these as well, best thermal boots I’ve owned by far
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