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  1. Spot on, used this to great effect last winter on a local pit, I used to pop up a bunch of maggots slightly on the hook, all bites came within an hour of casting
  2. Each to their own surely. Like many others I have to fit my fishing round the family, if that means having to choose somewhere abroad to keep everyone happy then so be it, I don't think I'd be let back in the house if I [censored]ed off for a week on a lake over here on my own.
  3. I very rarely cast out without either a pva bag or mesh stick. I've recently started using solid bags on a longer 10 inch hooklink and a standard lead clip so it's only half the hooklink within the bag. I use the small fox rapide system and I've had good results. Doesn't cast miles but anything up to about 60 yards it's effective
  4. Chaps, sorry to butt in but looking into this from outside it would seem the estate management being so hot on health and safety may want to use an outside company and mitigate any risk on that parties liability insurance, whereas if it was you guys undertaking work the risk would fall into theirs
  5. Wow what river you fishing the Zambezi!?! Id say you're existing rods would be fine and personally wouldn't be using leadcore, keep the rigs simple and strong and you'll do well.
  6. They are 5 mins up the road from me and although they sometimes get a bad time for their prices their customer service is fantastic, well worth a visit if you're ever passing dartford
  7. If you're still looking for these the tackle box are doing them for 4 quid a tub on clearance at the moment!
  8. I wouldn't go with them for rods but I've got bits of luggage from them and they are fine
  9. All depends on the action of the rods, I've got a pair of greys prodigy in 2.5lb and they are perfect for a spot of barbel fishing on the Medway with a lovely through action. Sometimes its just about making the most of the tackle you have
  10. One just after an early wake up call from a tench this morning
  11. Own a pair in 2.5 tc, fantastic medium range rods and a soft playing action, great fun!
  12. Nash siren s5 i have the r3s but a friend has the s5 and they are indestructible
  13. Big shout for the c101s from wychwood, might be worth finding somewhere that does the 2.5 tc by the sounds of what you want them for
  14. Now the suns come out this fella turns up...
  15. Wychwood c101s 50 quid a pop