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  1. How can we talk privately?

  2. Child Abuse.

    If I wasnt on the verge of another manic episode I'd reply with nice tyhings to say, however I agree withe everything you typed in that response. +1
  3. 2017 rod licenses

    £30!!! Mines £like £85 (migratory, game) anyway reminder that next month is renewal time folks! ~X
  4. Child Abuse.

    I agree with what salok is leaning towards, and I do kind of feel sorry for those that are unable to punish approprirately have to deal with, IE. teachers, parents. I see myself and many other people i grew up with as 'normal' human beings, well behaved (most of them :P), well adjusted and generally nice people. Comparing that to what kids are doing and apparently getting away with these days I have much sympathy for those who are trying to educate the next generation, and I'm glad that I havent gone down the teaching route of eduction (I nearly did), and I beleive these people deserve a medal, I really do. I am probably one of the younger folk on here but castle rules always apply, outside your kingdom is anothers kingdom. I have dealt with a issue this week, which is close to the family, on how children these days treat each-other, and unfortunately it has ended in a suicide. This has become something of a normal part of childrens lives and I whole-heartedly believe that with a real education of right and wrong, these problems would happen alot less often. I am not suggesting I condone physical punishment, but I agree that sometimes a smack on the behind and a stern talking to is required and indeed necessary. The way I look at this situation is, if you shout and ground a child for 6 months for stealing a persons bag, and then you do the same for them hitting another person, how are they to tell what is a more morally incorrect thing to do? ~X
  5. Dovetail games euro fishing

    Ewwww, console gamer! Join the master race and get a PC Im quite clearly a member of the PC club lol. Anywho nice catch, and if you (or anyone else on here for that matter) find yourself on Steam, then message me and I'll link you to my account account so we can both witness me catching bigger fish than you in the virtual world (its the only time I ever will!!!) ~X
  6. Fox Hunting

    I do sincerely hope you are not aiming the 'armchair nature lover' my way because I've lived in the country side my entire life, still do, was born here, the town I live in now im older is still not anything like your English towns or cities. I am still very much connected with, have experienced first hand, and been very much apart of what nature really is. If it wasn't then I do apologise, but I do find this comment really offensive, considering I've probably lived closer to nature, appreciated it more, and been involved with education on this very subject. I'm sorry but living where I've lived, walked the path I've walked, and been brought up in the environment I've been brought up in.... To put it in perspective, the nearest city to me is St Davids, the smallest city in the UK, (google it, tiny. Not even a real city by modern-day standards), and its still a long drive and too far to drive to for a day trip for us down here. All we have is nature, none of your 'go to town and buy a CD' stuff that kids are blessed with growing up, none of that, all we had was to learn about our surroundings, appreciate every day, and protect it, because in my eyes, every animal on the planet has more of a right to be exactly where it is over us human beings anyday, we kill, destroy, ruin lives for our own kind, let alone other species on this planet, they fight, granted, but they do not throw atomic bombs at each other and only fight with good _NATURAL_ reason. I'm going to shut up now because I'm so [censored]ed off I feel you aimed that me and anger doesn't help anyone, or anything. I saw that as misguided and a mis-informed insult/dig. Sorry If I upset you, but I'm not going to take attacks against me without voicing my views, beliefs, and counter argument.
  7. Fox Hunting

    I wasn't defending anyone , just telling you how it is. Dont you get me started on football!!!! X
  8. Fox Hunting

    In the wrong hands I do agree, that's a dangerous prospect indeed. Where I'm from shooting was just another thing to do, so was somewhat normal to us lot. Going on these trips is also the reason I dont hunt anymore, im not entirely built for killing. Ive still got my rifle, but don't keep it here as its not suitable, I live in a town now where crime is high, and well, as you said, is dangerous for anyone to just go firing shots all over the place. Not a nice thing to think about! Guns are not toys, unfortunately not everyone views it that way and accidents happen. Sent from my HUAWEI G6-L11 using Tapatalk
  9. Fox Hunting

    Will have to agree to disagree with this. I know people who can and do shoot foxes, so you can indeed kill a fox with a single rifle shot, I've seen it with my own eyes. Sent from my HUAWEI G6-L11 using Tapatalk
  10. Happy Birthday Smufter

    Happy birthday buddy, hope you had a good one! Sent from my HUAWEI G6-L11 using Tapatalk
  11. Fox Hunting

    I didn't say it wasn't cruel, and I didn't say it was above all else. But comparing ripping an animal to bits to fishing doesn't compare. There is one victim in fishing, the fish, and there is 2 victims in fox hunting, the fox and the dogs. And when there is an absolutely viable alternative, IE shooting, it doesnt make sense and shouldn't happen. When I started as a game fisherman years ago, I did very much fiah for food, this is one of our most primal instincts, nature. I guess it could be argued fishing for sport is up there with fox hunting, but as I said above, 2 victims vs 1 victim makes it a worse sport, no matter which way you look at it. Also, there is an alternative to fox hunting, why the hell don't they just do that instead? Thats the part that doesn't make sense to me, and the reason i have genuine hatred towards this sport. The farmer next door to wear I grew up in my teenage years didnt like fox hunting and shot them, so why can't others? Twist it anyway you want, but it's viable, more humane and more realistic. ~X Sent from my HUAWEI G6-L11 using Tapatalk Edit : typo
  12. Yeast life Span.

    It would depend on the make and quality mainly BC, but as brewers yeast generally doesn't last very long I'd guess that it would be deactivated by now. Not 100% on this but im about 90% sure mate You could always leave some in a cup with sugar water and see if it reacts? Sent from my HUAWEI G6-L11 using Tapatalk
  13. What is your newest purchase

    Haha, let me know ya get on with it, im gonna spend a bit on my next chair cause the cheap ones I get keep breaking due to holding up 17 stone of awesomeness lol Sent from my HUAWEI G6-L11 using Tapatalk
  14. What is your newest purchase

    Me thinks my next purchase will be a chair too. Any recommendations? The one ive been using has finally given way :'( Sent from my HUAWEI G6-L11 using Tapatalk
  15. Fox Hunting

    Generally the dogs will behave normally, as a working dog. However some dogs become far too aggressive and end up being out down, who's fault is it this dog has lost its life due to the way its been trained and treated? Whos fault is it the dogs catch diseases? Who's fault is it the dogs get injured by the fox? The way i see it, there is far too many negatives in this sport to out way the single positive, 'pest' control. Why not a single gunshot to the head?. A loss of a life should never be celebrated. If I went out and ripped apart animals in my own time id get sectioned, i cant see the difference. Hats off to you for not letting them on your land and standing up to the hunt master, theyre usually the worst of all of them. Its nice to talk about this subject, my views are strong and again, sorry if I come across nasty I dont mean to be, anf I certainly dont mean to upset anyone, I respect everyone's opinion. I can be quite opinionated at times lol ~X Sent from my HUAWEI G6-L11 using Tapatalk