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  1. A crazy 3 day trip where we catch 9 Trophy Lake trout. The trout were super shallow and in spawn mode. We caught the most trout on Williams Wobbler spoons. This was shot on October 6-8 on Gods lake at Elk Island Lodge, Canada, Manitoba. The biggest lake trout was 43.75 inches and approximately 37 pounds. Thank you for watching!! Subscribe and comment below if you liked the video.
  2. Tomus

    Brook Trout

    Amazing views, and countless big Brook trout
  3. Ever wonder what it looks like when the northern pike bite your bait. This is the video for you. It shows how a pike reacts to trolling. We were trolling for pike using a big musky crank and other Rapala crank baits near the end.
  4. a neat and up close shot of an eagle taking my fish
  5. Tomus

    Big pike on big dead baits

    Thanks got a few more big ones
  6. got 3 big pike over 100cm in one day, setting up big dead baits with treble hooks. Here is my video of my day and tips on what I use and how.
  7. was fishing in 7.5 meters using salted bait on a jig and spoons
  8. Tomus

    tiger trout

    Wow are these fish ever beautiful I caught 3 of these rare trout and they each had different and distinct patterns,
  9. Tomus

    Pole fishing

    My favourite and the way I learned to fish. I love pole fishing for bream, roach, carp, rudd Carrasio and tench. I have a few videos here of my pole fishing adventures. If anyone has any videos or particular stories I would like to hear them as I am reminiscing about Pole fishing.