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  1. I'm gonna give it a go in the morning,10hr sesh,it will be a cold 1 but its the best day of the week down here....
  2. I'm new to carp fishing as well and live 10 miles from White springs.Trouble is i havn't got a bivvy(cant afford 1) but could do a day probably....
  3. Only ever fished for carp 5 times at my local day ticket,pb is 12lb 4oz,so anything over that would be good....i know there is a few 20's in there so here's hoping☺.
  4. Had 2 short day sessions at Gowerton,2 fish,a10 and an 8....1 on the white and 1 on the pink☺.Hope they work for you☺
  5. A tub of sticky baits signature washed out pop ups,they stink,gonna try them thurs/fri☺
  6. Sorry xplorer,i not said hi yet....so... Hi from sunny Swansea lol
  7. Went to Bosherston lily ponds back in July to do a bit of pike fishing for the 1st time.Just took my bass lures and a 9ft,15-40g spinning rod..had a couple of casts here and there and then found a nice spot with a channel thru the lily pads...2 casts later and i had a heck of a take and it was pike on☺,then the fun started.i took 1 step forward and i was in the pond up to my chest lol...i slammed my left hand on something and it swelled up like a ball and had a half golf ball sized lump on my right shin,was in right pain innit lol... I didnt leave the rod go at all tho and after 5 mins of calming down and trying to stop shaking i reeled in my 1st ever pike and what a buzz,not sure on weight but i gave myself 7lb... had some funny looks walking back to the car with blood running down me legs,cant wait to go again☺ The drive back to Swansea was not at all pleasant!!!!
  8. My fav place is Rhossili......stunning pic mate☺
  9. Ta for your welcomes Guys,will be getting used to the forum over the next few days....☺ I have a fishery rated net and mat,the first 2 things i bought☺
  10. Hi Guys.... I'm 54 and from Swansea and have been sea fishing for round 40yrs,mainly for Bass,but my back don't allow me to clamber over the rocks like i used to so i thought i would have a go at this carping malarky innit☺.....i've only been 3 times(2 lakes)and have caught 2 carp,1 @ 10lb 8 and the other @ 12lb 4,they give heck of a scrap dont they lol......i'm well and truely hooked(scuse the pun lol) I'm not working atm so have had to buy cheaply but have put a few things together to get me by until i can upgrade.i also make my own boilies and pop ups to save a bit of cash.Not looking to fish specimen lakes,just the small commercials that are around my area.. Nice site by the way.... Cheers Guys
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