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  1. Cheers lads some good stuff to be keeping in mind so far
  2. After having a change in circumstances my fishing for this next year or so will mostly be limited to short sessions of 2-6 hours . So what tips would you guys say are crucial to short session succes? . I'm planning to make sure all my gear and rigs are well prepared and obviously won't be putting out masses of bait with the intention of fishing for a bite at a time . Has anyone anything else they think is important when your angling is limited to a few hours here and there?
  3. What's the best type / pattern of hook for a kd rig ? Ive been playing about tying them with Nash fang x twisters but any diagrams I've seen online use a more curved hook does it matter ? Thanks 😀
  4. What's the optimal length of a hair on a kd . By the hair I mean the distance from the hook to the start of the pop up . Not the entire length as obviously small pop ups and big pop ups alter this . I've just started tying kds and trying to find what works best cheers
  5. I was reading a story online about a well known sponsored angler ( he wasn't named ). But apparently he rarely if ever used boilies . Basically he seemed to fish over particles , maize mostly and fished maize on the rig . He caught well but would then claim it was caught using X boilie ... kinda got me thinking about my own fishing . I use particle a lot and usually a pop up or boilie on hook ( I do feed some chopped and whole boilies as well) . But I don't know why I use boilies ? I guess it keeps small fish away but it got me thinking at £8-10 a kilo do I really need them ? Is there anyone here that doesn't use boilies ? And why ? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated on this subject
  6. Some interesting stuff there lads , cheers. My new water is very silty with tests showing a 1.5oz lead to be sinking in as much as 12 inches in places. I've switched to helicopter set up instead of standard lead clip set up and I've been using 6-8 inch hooklinks but I think I'll try 10 inch plus rigs and vary them over three rods to see if any are more productive than others
  7. Ive been looking at various rigs on line and it seems most anglers vary the length of their rig for various situations . Personaly I tend to use short rigs 4-6 inches . But I'm not sure why . It works (most times) but does any one favour longer ones and if so what determines you to use a longer rig ? The type of bottom ? To catch wary bigger fish? Any thoughts much appreciated
  8. Cheers mate. What rig would you use if fishing a bottom bait ?
  9. Yeah that's great thanks
  10. Both knots at either end where tied with a single one loop knot . Would that be strong enough or should I have went through twice ? I did try doing it twice but it was bulky and looked clumsy. Tho the one turn loop does feel strong and secure on a hard pull when testing
  11. Cheers mate . I've tested it in a basin and it sits well so just wanted some feed back as to wether or not it was as supposed to be
  12. I've been playing around at tying my first multi rigs. How could I improve this ? Is my D loop that my bait screws attached to big enough and in the correct place ? Any hints or tips greatly appreciated thanks
  13. Ok cheers lads . Yeah I did worry threading a stick onto the multi rig would compromise the mechanics of the rig . So a stringer tied to the hook then and pva nuggets on the hook ?
  14. Cheers for reply . The idea behind the stick is really to add a bit of attraction sound the pop up . I guess I could add a stringer instead ?
  15. If, how or where would you attach a pva stick to a helicopter rig ? The lake im fishing is covered in a bed of silt and testing had shown a light lead will sink into the silt approx 6-8 inches . I'm planning on using a multi rig with a pop up set 6-8 inches above the lead helicopter style but worry if I thread the pva stick through the multi rig it will either tangle or sink into the silt. And if I attach it to the lead then surely it will sink into the silt? Any thoughts or tips greatly appreciated. Thanks