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  1. Hi does anyone know where I could get a zip replaced or repaired for Fox horizon pod bag please ..? Cheers
  2. Any help or information thinking of building me own one as many people keep saying any links or tutorials to be guided by ..? Cheers
  3. hi does everyone use leaders for spodding and marking ...? or just leader for marker rod and just braid for spod ? cheers
  4. Yer they got locking collar ... don't you use them no more
  5. Cheers Ian yer I'm looking to get a new set but these have been so faithful just wanted to keep them even as me spares Cheers
  6. Yer looks like I will have to do that Cheers
  7. They was lose on the other three from over thightening so took them apart used ptfe plumbers tape that's done the job on 3 of them but on one the tightening screw was cross threaded managed to get off but thread now knackered ..
  8. Yes need a new thread any idea where I could get .? Cheers
  9. No not that Dave cheers though ...I was trying to find if you can upload pic To show put can't find out how to do it ..?
  10. Hi all does anyone know if you can get replacement stem bolt for optonic bite alarm ? Cheers
  11. Hi all can you buy just a replacement stem bolt for optonic alarm..?
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