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  1. Hi Everyone, it looks like my original post has triggered quite a debate! Let me first explain where I am coming from. I've only been carp fishing for around a year or so now and all of my fishing has been done using a lead clip and safety is something which has been and always is front of my mind when carp fishing. I now want to try using Solid PVA Bags. Having done my research it appears using a lead clip with a solid PVA bag is not really the best route to go down so I've spent a bit of time looking into the inline lead setup. I purchased a few Fox inline leads and quickly realised that these leads alone are really not safe straight off the shelf. There is a hard plastic insert which fits inside the lead and gives the swivel something to sit inside of. The problem is, it fits in so tightly that there is no way that lead is coming free from the plastic insert should it need to! I've taken out the plastic insert and instead used a soft tail rubber which you'd normally place over a lead clip. As this is softer with it being rubber it releases with minimal force and would slide up the line / leader to should it be required, it also fits into the lead almost perfectly. Maybe I am wrong, but that is my take on inline leads, maybe other brands except Fox are different with regards to the plastic sleeve insert? Having done the above research I then started to look into how to attach this to my mainline. A lot of people suggested using a leader and alot of the online videos also suggest this for the ease of having several tied up ready to go and simply looping them on and off. It's at this point that as a beginner I'm starting to get confused. Mentioning the word leadcore seems to have sparked a varying reaction but as a newcomer it's difficult to know what or who to believe. I've purchased some leadcore and started to make up some very short lengths similar to the korda pre tied ones, they are also very short. I am slightly confused how a very short length of leadcore can so easily get snagged up, I've always been told to concentrate of ensuring the lead can easily detach from the rig which I'm confident I am doing with this setup. Problem is I'm now doubting leadcore because of the comments in this thread. What can I use if I don't use leadcore? Is it a case of having to tie them up with your mainline directly through the inline lead? Is a piece of 15lb trailing mono any safer? It's really hard to know which way to turn and even more so as a relative newcomer to carp fishing.
  2. First time using leadcore. Trying to splice up a 1 to 2ft length to use with a solid bag. Spliced first end easy. When I go to splice the other end having cut it off the spool, the lead pulls out when trying to pull back the end and reveal the core. It seems almost impossible to splice a short length around a foot long without the lead pulling out. Any tips anyone? 😑
  3. Thanks for the advice. What's your thoughts on the below images. I've taken out the hard plastic sleeve supplied with the lead and used a korda tail rubber which seems to fit perfectly inside the lead with the swivel in the end. Not sure if this is something anyone else has tried? When I put my rig on the swivel and shake it a little the lead pulls away do not does seem alot safer than the hard plastic supplied with the lead.
  4. I've just bought some fox inline leads and korda ring swivels. I can push the swivel into the online lead but it is rather tight. I'm just concern it might not be safe ?
  5. I've just ordered 5L of standard fabsil from eBay for £25. Where did you get your spray bottle from? Looks a good one that!!
  6. I've never used in line leads before. Will a swivel lock inside the end of the lead once you've pulled your leader through it?
  7. I'm not sure which type I have. It only cost 80 quid so I doubt it's breathable. One of them is a chub day shelter again around 80 quid.
  8. Looking to start using solid pva bags. I've only ever used lead clip systems however so I'm just wondering what bits and pieces will be best for getting me started. I realise I'll need an inline lead along with some kind of leader. Ready tied leader or self made etc. I know I'll need a supple hooklink. Just looking for some help and pointers so I buy the correct end tackle really. I've only really got knowledge of lead clip systems and rig tubing, a bit lost when it comes to leaders etc.
  9. Thanks for the help guys. I think I'll try the standard Fabsil, the gold one is very pricey indeed. Haha Problem at the minute is finding a dry day to do it. ...
  10. Cheers guys. The fabsil stuff sounds Good! I've got two bivvies and a couple of overwraps too, does it spread pretty well?
  11. Can anyone recommend a spray or liquid I can apply to my Bivvy? Water isn't running off as good as it used to do, that said it's not the best bivvy in the world but hoping there might be a decent liquid I can apply ?
  12. I've done some testing of the figure 8 against the rapala / non slip loop knot which Kryston recommend. I tied a rapala in one end and a figure 8 in the other end. I tested this with some Jackal, ESP, Korda and also some standard Nash braid I had in my tackle box. Pulled the length of braid hard between two puller tools until one of the knots gave way. ESP, Korda and the Nash braid - the rapala knot all went first. Only the Jackal shown the rapala knot to be the stronger knot and the figure 8 went first on the Jackal. I wonder if this is why Kryston are indeed recommending this knot as they know the figure 8 is weak on their Jackal, perhaps?
  13. I must say, I've tied a couple of rigs up using the ESP and it seems pretty impressive so far. I like how it stays really straight even as it comes off the spool and also the broken colouring of the coating is a nice touch. Hopefully it'll bank me some chunks
  14. Thanks for this, I'll certainly give this a go, on closer inspection they have indeed gone at the knot. I've just done a quick test of Jackal Brown 20lb vs ESP Tungsten. I took an 8 inch section of both and tied a figure 8 loop in each end. I used a pair of old scales to pull on one end and the Jackal went at the knot at 17lb then a second time at around 22lb. The ESP went both times at 25lb+. I'll try this other knot and hopefully can improve the breaking strength further.
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