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  1. Finally i bought all in Great britaîn Fox Warriors 12" and extricator 9" Im very happy ! I received thèm today , all are perfect [emoji15]
  2. Many thanks buzz I find Many rods . But the sellers prefer sell into Uk Guy
  3. Good idea Fangus but How write good Words on eBay uk ? Carp Rod 3 tlg ? Thanks
  4. Hello ! I have 4 different brand rod in 3 piece carp rod and I would like to change, I am fishing 500yds large fishing lake, prohibited fish boat, good spots away 120/140 yds and I can not throw in this range My reels are penn battle2 long cast 7000 (good reel no problem) I fishing with 25lbs braid (sensations during the fight, be soft with this material) I love the old school rods , a good cork for the holding in hand ! I measure 172 cm / 5.64 feet, so I think 12 feet its a good size I have an anaconda 3 pieces in 3.5lbs (too rigid), I prefer my pelzer cap 3 piece in 2.75lbs (parabolic) but for more carp 30lbs it can no longer I would like 3 piece carp rod because for my car and my daughters , we travel together as a family and I do not want divorced But it is a poor market for this type of carp rod ... The only online shop with more choices than I see its in Austria (i buy my stems in this online shop) Http://www.nordfishing77.at/angelruten/karpfenruten/karpfenruten-3-teilig/ But I can change Apparently, there are fox warriors in 3 pieces (without cork ...), but I do not know if there is a good rod ? Http://www.tacklefanatics.co.uk/item/116261/fox-warrior-s-3-piece-rod.html If you know of others do not hesitate Could you help me ? Thank you very much for your reading ced
  5. i utilize sasame carp hook ( its a japanese brand ) good value for money , in size 2 and 4
  6. thanks for your welcome replies see you later ced
  7. Hello from South of France and sorry for my poor English Im a new carping since two years and i like it this sport ! Your web site are simply and technical All i like ! Thanks for for your read Ced
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