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  1. DEANO30

    Snap election Thread.

    Just shows how much things can change in a small amount of time ... all the applause must go to may for hanging herself with some really rubbish policies i mean scrapping free school meals wtf ... then the no show at the tv debate ... a leader that cannot even turn up to speak to the people she wants to lead she handed them seats over to labour im still not convinced by barn owl but he has suprised me with some of his statements over the last few weeks.
  2. DEANO30

    Snap election Thread.

    The tories think that cutting public services to the bone is the key to the deficit councils have put your council tax and service charges up but are delivering a worse service than ever before because the cuts in money and man power have crippled services to the point of collapse the goverment has left them with little to no choice to raise them. Well done tories money out of peoples pockets and worse service. Also thoes cuts have left thousands upon thousands of people out of work. Well done tories i thort you was creating jobs not destroying them. Councils all across the uk in there current state are just hanging in there 5 more years of cuts and all that will be left is closed offices and yards and the work will be farmed out to the private sector. Now say that work is farmed out to the private sector the big companys come in and they all put there x amount down to do that work do we really think its going to be cheaper than what they are funding councils at this very moment ... No Never ... councils have the biggest percentage of low paid workers in the country. Well done tories you made the deficit bigger not smaller. And after all that the barn owl still dosent get my vote none of them do all as bad as each other with there pages of broken promises i mean manifestoes. I mean may cnt even go on tv to adress the very people she wants to lead you dnt get a beer if you walk into a bar with no bar maid.
  3. DEANO30


    Reports of Carp spawning at most of my club waters today so thats the rods away for a few weeks.
  4. DEANO30

    Why expensive boilies are a con.

    Catching 63 carp in a 24 hour session does not prove the bait is good just sounds like a very overstocked water with a fish a chuck not my kind of water but each to his own in these kind of waters anybait will work ... tbh i think you are wasting money with the key £10-12 a kilo at most tackle shops. There are many small bait companys out there that produce bait just as good but half the price.
  5. DEANO30

    ey up carpy people

    Welcome to the forum Anything you need to no about blanking just ask.
  6. DEANO30

    May 1/17 catches

    Some nice fish one thing i would suggest that is to keep the carp close to the ground and with a carp matt underneath them when taking photos i have see fish dropped from standing up position and its not a pretty sight ... the last photo of the fully scaled would of made for a much better picture if held in the correct way. But some nice fish sir well done.
  7. DEANO30

    Casting Help

    As said watch some videos mate im sure we are all doing something wrong weather that be the line ... rod ... line lay on the reel ... leads ... technic etc etc ... i added 20 yards to my cast just by watching some videos and found that just by standing in the correct position was all that was needed. Power has nothing over technic i watched a 14 year old hit 70 yards not a massive range by any standards but he was being taught by his dad and i watched as he showed him the technic to look at him if he was fishing alone you would think he couldnt hit 25 yards.
  8. DEANO30

    Match Versus Specimen Stylee

    Some good views and opinions here and taken on board mabey i was abit over zelouse with the test curve thing and i no when to hold my hands up when im wrong. My thinking was with a stiffer top section the action is stiffer when the fish lunges the preassure would be more on the line as the stiffer top section didnt have enuff action in it ... i thort the softer section would soak up the lunges and put less preassure on the line because of the softer action but from the posts i see this is wrong. I agree with big common the heavier gear will give you more control and will get the fish in quicker and that connot be a bad thing and yes there will always be a snag no matter where you fish. The only thing i dnt agree with is calling people sheep this is a forum to dicuss fishing , views and opinoins are shared and some you will and wont agree with them ... slating and name calling is not needed and adds nothing to the topic in question thoe they mabey your view and opinion sometimes they are better kept to yourself if they add nothing constructive.
  9. DEANO30

    Match Versus Specimen Stylee

    The 2 biggest things to mouth damage is test curves and uncoated braided hooklinks With a lighter test curve the rod soakes up the lunges all these sea rods i see people using soak up nothing. With my light test curve rod i use a mono mainline that has a much less cheese wire effect than braid the most popular hooklink on the market normally paired with a couple of sea rods for ultimate mouth ripping combo. Hooking them in the scissors is the real danger no matter what you are using the chances of causing damage goes up. And if you are struggling with mouth damage dont forget to follow the fishery rules that where created by the tooth fairy when she last visited.
  10. DEANO30

    Little rituals

    Trust your instincts.
  11. DEANO30

    Match Versus Specimen Stylee

    Many moons ago i had a new pb and the biggest fish from my local whilse float fishing ... epic 25 min battle on 6lb line and a few handshakes later the noddy with the float rod had gained the respect of the bivvy boys.
  12. DEANO30

    Blankety Blank Blank

    Its still early bite time at 5 . I have just took my first walk around one of my club waters a 3 acre lake in the middle of the woods ... dunno if i could do a night there its creepy during the day lol. Did see plenty of crusiers thoe suns out ... get on the floaters smurf.
  13. DEANO30

    Blankety Blank Blank

    I watched some documentry that suggested animals only see in red weather its true or not i dunno but im sure i read an artical somewhere that matty wrote explaining the subject and the reason why he was using red line.
  14. DEANO30

    At the bottom of the confidence ladder

    I was thinking of getting hold of some actual mussels from the lake bed and using them straight on the hook ... i like the sound of the extract where could i buy this and what about getting some mussel boilies of some sort. The only thing i have not tried is using a bottom bait ... ive been using pop ups on really short stiff rigs but not yet fished on the deck. I may give this a try with a mussel boilie soked in extract fished on a basic knotless knot braided rig an old classic and sorta back to basics.
  15. DEANO30

    May catch report's

    Some really stunning fish chaps well done to all this page will get me throu the blanks and keep me going.