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  1. The fish at my venue have this week started to move about had reports of atleast a dozen captures from low to high 20s and one of the known big boys breeze block at 30lb 6 to boot so i think finally they are getting there heads down ... one more reason to take friday off and do 2 day sessions on there ... would love to do a 48hr but i need to be on there 2 years before i can get a night ticket ohhh joy.
  2. 20 B&H in the margin picks out the bigger fish
  3. Both most of my bait is mixed the night before with tap water when i get on the bank if i need to add water i will use the lake ... does it make a difference have no idea.
  4. That stringer is right up there with my sausage pva bags haha. I can see what you are trying to do by keeping the rig straight but do you think it lands flat ? ... a way i reckon it would help it land flat would be to add more baits to the top of the stringer so thats the heavyiest part that way it would fall throu the water like a V .... the bottom of the V would hit the deck then the hooklink would settle down flat. So mabey summin like this ... sorry for the drawing im at work.
  5. My first session a few weeks back resulted in a blank using fluro chod rigs ... no so much as a bleep on pink , yellow or whites first time ever using them ... this friday im going with a new approach back to my old running rigs and maize fished over parti on my pre-baited spots that in the last week seem to be getting wiped out more regularly. Good Luck.
  6. Forget the patrol route that whole swim looks carpy As for the stringer something i have very seldom used dunno why i just got a thing about pva on the hook and the way it can move your hooklink about when breaking down its a confidence thing im sure it works and catches plenty. For me i normally change the lead size my tackle box probley has the biggest array of leads that one could or would take with them ... most people use 2 to 3 ounce leads ... i have every size from 2 and a quater , 2 and half , 2 and 3 quaters etc etc everything from half ounce to over 4 ounces ... its suprising how much a quater of an ounce adds to a cast. Often when im out fishing i watch others fishing and i never see anyone doing it free style always clipped up ... starting to wonder if we are a dieing breed ... i see people down the bank landing 8ft off the island clipped up and just think never in a million years would i be happy ... in my experience the closer you are the better ... i remember i use to fish a lake and the island got cleared from snags and at one point i was landing my rig on the island and just reeling it back untill it plopped in the water ... mega tight lol. Also i use to fish glouster park and the island there is pretty much undercut all the way round and i too use to drill the cast under the bank ... i also use to fish with mega short hooklinks 3 inches as when you drill the cast under you could fill the lead hit the undercut bank and in my mind at the time i thort the lead bouncing off would cause tangles with longer hooklinks so i wanted the least amount of hooklink to be rolling about after it dropped from hitting the bank.
  7. Where do i start ... well in the early days of my carp fishing i had no idea of line clips and line marking and wraps wearnt even invented. With little to no understanding of gravel patches/bars and underwater features i use to fish blind up against islands most lakes will always hold fish around the islands. Now your thinking how did i fish tight against islands without a line marker or clip. Pratice Pratice Pratice ... i use to cast with just the lead and get a feel for the cast before hand once i thort i could pretty much hit the spot i would add my hooklink and just cast free style After atleast a year of doing this i could pretty much land 2ft off any island within 50 yards. Of course i had a few hairy moments and i wouldnt reccomend it to anyone starting out but thats how i learned and even today i will cast that way if the distance allows me. Anything over that i now i will use markers/line clips and what nots.
  8. Welcome mucky pup. At 7 acres i wouldn't say it was a large lake but the key here will be finding them and presenting a bait to them. The suggestion of using particals if they are on the naturals couldn't be more true and tigernuts are a win so are chick peas and maize ... if you can fish with 3 rods i would use one on each rod and go from there. I see you mentioned chods all the above i would fish on the deck. Chods have there place and a bright fluro pop-up will pick the odd curious fish off but i wouldnt rely on this method to catch cosistantly. Pre-bait with parti and a few hookbaits ... check and re-check spots 2/3 times a week and top up if needed when the spot is getting cleared out everytime you go and check its time to get the rods in. Also as younny says always take some maggits along for the trip in-expensive and if they wont take anything you can always count on mags to do the bisness. Good Luck.
  9. Angler
  10. I no i live in essex to
  11. Its gonna be mainly used on canadian pond weed just to clear an area from the margin to about 8ft out and a couple of rake widths wide ... i find the screws better than a rake head as they are at all angles with the rake head i find it pulls throu without picking up the canadian pond weed up ... rake heads work better on silt weed i find. Im only doing it as the bars of soap will be on the munch soon and i have had some of my best days fishing for them over a freshly raked line ... chuck a can of corn over the top and fish the 2nd day after you raked it and when you arrive just as the suns coming up you can watch them rolling over the line you raked and the fizzing is unreal. I normally catch almost instantly ... double corn sorts them right out.
  12. Only blooming 3rd not havin it i must of had more than 10 million likes by now. On another note cloud9 you are very anal with the stats .
  13. Welcome david. Plenty of big fish to be caught right here in the uk mate alot of them from france to save you the trip.
  14. Welcome to the forum.