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  1. I think drilling the boilie out abit so it can slide up and down the line would work better the rig can then twist and turn without the weight of the boilie being attached to it and as i said the stiff line allows the rig to sit upright nice work
  2. I only use dumbells on my hair i reckon 80% of people use round boilies in some form in there fishing weather its on the hair or to bait up with. I 100% think its an edge , the carp deffo see round baits on a daily basis but i very much doubt they see dumbells daily ... tbh there is no need to use a round bait i always use chops when baiting up if i cannot reach the distance with a catapult i will spod them out i dont even own a throwing stick.
  3. Also when i did a search for fish spy i ended up with 1k threads with the word fish in them ... i think the search function needs a little work.
  4. I think its best use would to be able to drop floating goose eggs that you find into your neighbours swims so they vacate the area less lines in the water ... less pressure on the fish its a win win for me.
  5. Dont worry i didn't miss the pun i just thort it was so poor that i couldn't bring myself to comment ahahah
  6. Thinking of getting one i have fished a few places and no matter how many times i run my lead over them spots i cannot tell whats down there ... and im not talking about gravel , weed or silt etc etc There was an old pond i use to fish and people would dump stuff in there i once pulled out a full deck chair. And on another lake there was a snag spot that would instantly lock your lead up when pulling the lead back feeling the bottom. Would be good just to get the camera out and finally see what exists down there i also think you would spot some potiential dangers and could inform the bailiff if you come across anything. Ok yea and i would like a cheeky look for a clear area lol.
  7. Same i would love to watch baitdrone fails on youtube.
  8. I would if i didnt have dislexia mate.
  9. Welcome get thoes rods out.
  10. The Day Draws Closer So its been a few weeks and i have been collecting a few different bits and bobs and getting everything ready for my first day in over 3 years. New rigs ... new bait ... new water ... its going to be one hell of a learning curve so much has changed in the time away and i fill carp fishing has moved on so much in 3 years its almost left me behind. Chod rig ive never even heard of it before ... wraps they sell them down dark alleys dont they ?? spomb are we now blowing them out the water ?? Well ill try anything just to get my head around its concept and how it works so yes im now armed with a spomb and some wraps and a rig that looks like it was stolen out of stephen hawkings bedroom so if you see me trying my wraps out and casting spombs into the water 50 yards past that strange looking thing on the bottom i would like to apologise now for anything that may happen. Thats all for now i will keep this updated so check in from time to time as pics ... videos and im sure some great storys will be coming soon. Dean.
  11. Not enuff cups for me i seem to catch more people with coffey than i do fish end up with a swim full of people really have thort about getting some people sacks and putting them in the edge. Does look a handy bit of kit thoe.
  12. I just think its total .... He ate a pie big deal ... if the betting shops wanna make stupid bets up and have a dig at him as hes abit on the porky side at the same time well thats there fault ... i think he new exzacly what he was doing and good job.
  13. Sorry ginge quick phone call and both lakes are closed to fishing now and have been since the last carp kill.
  14. I no the one i fished it as a kid to ... go the the bridge on the back lake there use to be some wooden beams sitting out the water dunno if the still there but the carp could always be found holding up there ... mabey 3-4 years back it had a blue alage bloom and alot of fished died in the back lake i see a good few 20s floating i think the back lake is finished. The front lake was largely unaffected i to have not seen anyone fishing it in a very long time so i dunno if you still can or not. I have seen a few lumps in there thoe 25+ a few years back i reckon they are still there mabey even bigger now ... weed is a problem in summer months.
  15. I see suttons back up goal keeper enjoyed a pie after losing 2-0 to arsenal i suppose its one way to get over the defeat. What i dn't agree with is the odds for him eating a pie at any time during the game was 8-1 and now he is bein investigated for gambling. Hi global ceo's of the worlds biggest betting shops here is a free tip for you from a dumb person by your standards. Dnt sit there taking peoples money when you make up stupid bets that you think will never happen and you wont get stung. As for the investigation its total (Bensored) the guy just ate a pie he didn't exchange any money or walk into the betting shop so how about you go take your investigation and stick it up the betting shops (Aensored) as they are the ones to blame.