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  1. Looking at spending abit of time on the back lake (faraway) this year not much in search on here ... the website has some info and pictures but cannot find anything on the actual lake itself. Hotspots if any ... depths etc etc I have google earthed the place and its surrounded by trees so its gonna be choddy come early spring ... whats it like in summer weedy ?? ... did a youtube search and see they had weed cutters in there 4/5 years ago. Also any recent info on the place how did it fish this past year ... fish numbers etc etc Just collecting all the info i can get to gi
  2. My last time out i had 2 double takes ... i had 4 runs that day 😑😑
  3. After fishing for near on 20 years and living 25 mins away from par fisheries i have never fished it mainly due to having to pre-book on and with the limited time i had on the bank it just wasn't an option when i find the lake fully booked on the odd day/night i had free. This year i have loads of free time on my hands and so ... The Par Campaign begins Gonna fish the Back lake so any tips will be nice i have my google earth map printed and ready ;D Break my pb 28lb 7 A thirty ??
  4. Where do i start ... Spring is just around the corner and the last time i posted was 2017 i was just getting back into my fishing after an extended period of time away from my one true passion in life fishing ... To say alot has happened in the last few years would be an understatement both within my fishing and within my personal life i will leave the latter out and get down to what you guys wanna here about, where have i been, what did i catch well ... Well the 2017 season for me was a right off it was my first year back and to had my fair share of blanks and only had a handfu
  5. Reports of Carp spawning at most of my club waters today so thats the rods away for a few weeks.
  6. Catching 63 carp in a 24 hour session does not prove the bait is good just sounds like a very overstocked water with a fish a chuck not my kind of water but each to his own in these kind of waters anybait will work ... tbh i think you are wasting money with the key £10-12 a kilo at most tackle shops. There are many small bait companys out there that produce bait just as good but half the price.
  7. Welcome to the forum Anything you need to no about blanking just ask.
  8. Some nice fish one thing i would suggest that is to keep the carp close to the ground and with a carp matt underneath them when taking photos i have see fish dropped from standing up position and its not a pretty sight ... the last photo of the fully scaled would of made for a much better picture if held in the correct way. But some nice fish sir well done.
  9. As said watch some videos mate im sure we are all doing something wrong weather that be the line ... rod ... line lay on the reel ... leads ... technic etc etc ... i added 20 yards to my cast just by watching some videos and found that just by standing in the correct position was all that was needed. Power has nothing over technic i watched a 14 year old hit 70 yards not a massive range by any standards but he was being taught by his dad and i watched as he showed him the technic to look at him if he was fishing alone you would think he couldnt hit 25 yards.
  10. Some good views and opinions here and taken on board mabey i was abit over zelouse with the test curve thing and i no when to hold my hands up when im wrong. My thinking was with a stiffer top section the action is stiffer when the fish lunges the preassure would be more on the line as the stiffer top section didnt have enuff action in it ... i thort the softer section would soak up the lunges and put less preassure on the line because of the softer action but from the posts i see this is wrong. I agree with big common the heavier gear will give you more control and will get the fish
  11. The 2 biggest things to mouth damage is test curves and uncoated braided hooklinks With a lighter test curve the rod soakes up the lunges all these sea rods i see people using soak up nothing. With my light test curve rod i use a mono mainline that has a much less cheese wire effect than braid the most popular hooklink on the market normally paired with a couple of sea rods for ultimate mouth ripping combo. Hooking them in the scissors is the real danger no matter what you are using the chances of causing damage goes up. And if you are struggling with mouth damage dont for
  12. Many moons ago i had a new pb and the biggest fish from my local whilse float fishing ... epic 25 min battle on 6lb line and a few handshakes later the noddy with the float rod had gained the respect of the bivvy boys.
  13. Its still early bite time at 5 . I have just took my first walk around one of my club waters a 3 acre lake in the middle of the woods ... dunno if i could do a night there its creepy during the day lol. Did see plenty of crusiers thoe suns out ... get on the floaters smurf.
  14. I watched some documentry that suggested animals only see in red weather its true or not i dunno but im sure i read an artical somewhere that matty wrote explaining the subject and the reason why he was using red line.
  15. I was thinking of getting hold of some actual mussels from the lake bed and using them straight on the hook ... i like the sound of the extract where could i buy this and what about getting some mussel boilies of some sort. The only thing i have not tried is using a bottom bait ... ive been using pop ups on really short stiff rigs but not yet fished on the deck. I may give this a try with a mussel boilie soked in extract fished on a basic knotless knot braided rig an old classic and sorta back to basics.
  16. Some really stunning fish chaps well done to all this page will get me throu the blanks and keep me going.
  17. Im using pop ups on tiny stiff hinge rigs the lake has muscles on the bottom ... and they have a leader ban on all the waters the one im fishing has no snags whatsoever im not even a fan of leaders but when common sense prevails.
  18. I have been float fishing the margins since my first session using corn and a single ssg shot and a small clear waggler lift float style and have caught many carp over the years doing this ... not had a sniff accept 1 aborted but i suspect this was more of a line bite than a carp picking up the bait.
  19. I was thinking along the lines of naturals ... but they are 100% taking my boilies 2 main spots i have been pre baiting are being cleared out its not the birds these spots are hard and when you feel the lead down it thumps thoe in my earlier sessions it was a good few inches of silt down there and you could feel the lead plug in it i have since switched from a heli setup to an inline as the spots have become clearer i will deffo fish 1 rod with my boilie... no nuts allowed so tigers are out the question ... but i was thinking a more natural bait on the other mabey a maggot ring or maize or chi
  20. As for local knoledge im yet to arrive on a day that someone else is fishing the place and its great having the place to myself but for the last few weeks i have kinda been hoping to bump into an old chap that has years of stories to tell about the place.
  21. So i have come home early today my 9th and friday my 8th sessions of the season with 2 more blanks. 9 sessions and all i have to show is a 7lb common and a 5lb tench starting to doubt myself even more now because ... I was on the fish 100% friday and sunday both days i fished the same SE corner with a strong wind blowing into it and they where there in numbers on both days i see them topping over my bait and even clouding the water under an old willow that i had a bait under even sunning themselfs ... over the corse of my 9 sessions and observations this is the hang out corner not on
  22. BLANKED on the carp front Had i nice tinker thoe on a sinking mixer on the float rod good old scrap on 4lb line and a size 14 hook gave me the right run around at first i thort it was a carp untill it started shaking its head as they do. First time using camera so pic is abit rubbish was really dark overcast sky so that didnt help either.
  23. So its been a few weeks since my last post im now heading into my 8th session of the season with one 7lb scrapper to note and alot of blanks. I did have a pb roach on double corn that measured 28cm that you guys estimated to be around 1lb 8oz so im pretty chuffed with that and makes up for the blanks. Over the last few weeks i have been testing out this chod rig thats all the rage and for me its just not my cup of tea so have switched to the hinged stiff rig that i have much more confidence in. Tomorrows im out again and the forecast is looking good with some low pressure and a
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