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  1. Steve renyard did dvd rigs or on line he had a few new ones .one was perfect knot kept shape didn't tilt to one side.
  2. Fry it in different flavour oils then chop in which shape place in plastic zip bag add powder curry spices groundbait or feeding adative n shake. You can't eat it then .
  3. Heli style -- either nash korda or gardner c in 3/6 lb with bead. Can use c plastic clip with fox tungsten chod sleave kit. Im using lead free sinking braid prologic 45/50lb leader. Pliced on a ring and or bead. Lead is dropped everytime. No more than 3 foot.
  4. All you need now is a lite weight chair or boat chair. I have both I saves your back and legs. Then try rods iv got greys 7ft stalking and t f gear 9ft a stalking mat to lay rods n net in my backpack with bait and small tackle bag. What you can do is have a set up for stalking ready to go after work for few hours. It took me ages to figure that.
  5. Yes butter beans work . had ripping takes on different nuts the saltier the better. Try pepperami ends with plastic corn stops. Or sliced to tip off boilies
  6. Yellow pink white Red orange then same as bottom baits. Mine are yellow -pineapple pink-fish white -cream toffee coconut
  7. Sharpening hooks length of hair balanced baits or rig able to reset. Glug baits oils goo spraying. I have bait pops and waffters glugged for years and mixed groundbait or pellets oiled or goo d .try soaking baits in vodka or pineapple rum.
  8. Very good rig I double crimp mine and have either tungsten sleave or large bead over then blob with liter. Sometimes put silicone tube over.
  9. Spool spacers try ebay Iv used tape on spools But if it's not too expensive use all.
  10. Because I don't sit on a box with a quiver tip and 6lb line. Everytime im fishing even if no other person there I get a visit. I only fished once a month. They don't like them carp lads is the way they talk to you .iv never been a lad for over 30 yrs.too old to mess about just fish to relax and maybe catch a few.
  11. There are still a few waters that if you only fish for carp you're under a spot light. Don't do this and they don't like you doing that. That happens on a few local waters .being grilled over tackle choices and your way you fish. So I try to keep away from any match lake these days. Been laid in too many times because I target only carp.
  12. Try that dog food in plastic tubed bag chicken and beef.mix with gbait tuna mak or pil in tin with oil .I sometimes use 1kg sweetcorn in blender add to gbait.
  13. So why does shelley use superglue on his hairs. As ive watched him on dvd
  14. The fox dvd did there showed them getting paper work in local tackle shop
  15. Fox method feeder the one with sponge in middle. You can soak with oil glug goo or take out sponge and place maggots inside. Another is crushed pop ups or hemp flake in the middle before your ground bait.
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