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  1. I did the same year's ago but had to buy my dogue a pony jacket as all dog ones too small. He was six feet stretch out and ten stone.
  2. I got my NHS letter months ago, I'm number 5 on the list. My work told me you don't get paid if you arnt at work. I work with limited ppe ,client's may have it. That's why I said earlier works a joke. It's all about money they don't care about staff or clients. Now my county may be in lockdown and I have family on the list 1&4.
  3. Just watching dvd . Has anyone cast out and hit a carp with their lead. Darrell peck did.thinking about it I have hit a carp with my lead whilst casting out.
  4. Spotted fin booster sprays I'm playing nicely with my pop ups and waffters .dug out some old baits and going to give them a good mix. Nash heat shield for my chods.
  5. Iv had a few hook pulls. I changed leads style hair length. What it was hook type and sharpness. I do drop off heavy leads now.circle or curved type hooks stay in better as all my waters are barbless.
  6. You can always core place cork inside
  7. Watched dvd Loop knot leave open then twist 3/4 times around line back through loop knot wet and pull tighten .
  8. Nice one  that. 

  9. I used carp hooks 2 wide gape and 45 braid shrink tube or silicone. 20/30 pellets or boilies with pops.different oils tuna in bag over pellets /boilies.
  10. Three years in new house renting. No wife anymore no kids anymore. On my own. Works a joke. Just enough to fish and live. With a nice bottle malt. Been fluff chucking and piking.
  11. Nice one Try nash bug's iv had most takes on black and 4 types. At 1/2/3 foot.try spraying them goo oil or halibut liquid.
  12. Just got taska black and green 6oz grippers. Drop off either gardner c clip 3/6 lb or fox on pva pins .drops off ever take.
  13. Snowman or double bottom baits soaked up to the hilt with pellets crushed boilies gbait. Then locked up. Two foot from rods ripping takes then you start shaking big style.
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