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  1. Yeah I have jumped the gun a bit there, never used New Grange before, gather reason I defrosted 5 k was for a crafty bait up of the main lake which is due to re-opening soon. I intended to use 1/2 k on the one lake while fishing, and feed the spots around the main lake, basically to get some bait in, before it's open to anglers. I had the boilies in 3 sacks and shook them up three times but the front cupboard where they were hanging up is the bin cupboard outside the front of house, so that's got air flow but must be dampish, learning curve, i have re frozen some fish meals before and re used them and caught. I have 6 ks of another bait air dried and in cardboard boxes ready to re-hydrate when needed and they are fine. all I can do now is either air dry throughly or re-freeze. .
  2. Hi Guy's i had 5k of Mainline New Grange in the freezer, and decided to air dry ready for a session, which unfortunately I had to cancel. put the lot in 3 air dry sacks, and hung in the front cupboard. 4 or 5 days later when I checked on them they had started to whiten in places. now I know it could be the sugars coming out, and the start of activating the enzymes etc, but I was a bit, disappointed, so tonight I re boiled the 5 k ready to re-freeze then tomorrow. whats every one thoughts on what I have done, do you think they still we be ok. I was going to cold them with the new grange dip before freezing. i guess I am looking for you think to put my mind at rest. Please respond cheers, Guy,s
  3. Thanks for the welcome Guys.... Smufter I will chat later about the area.......LOL Come on the big Girls....I want a 40.
  4. Hi Guys and Girls Just joined the forum and as my name suggests i live in Lingfield in Surrey. I am right on the Surrey/ Kent / West Sussex Border. wont bore you with experience, been Carping since 1981. First twenty 1982.
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