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  1. Everyone should read this

    This is the sort of stuff I mend a newby may be tempted to you this????? .
  2. Everyone should read this

    All for helping youngsters to fish, my club has days that invites the local kids to fish with an adult. we also caught junior members spin pike plugs trying to foul hook Carp near the surface. All they got was a warning. i used to field test and often gave small boilies to the kids as I was catching on they too. It doesn't hurt us to be nice dose it. its the irresponsible I take issue with.
  3. Everyone should read this

    Don't get me wrong knowledge, experience, practice all makes for a competent angler. Leadcore leaders are safe if you follow the rules. the use of DVDs is a great way of learning, the more proficient you get the quicker it comes together. the problem lies with blokes who don't get a Toss, and are prepared to fish a set up/rig to catch at all costs.
  4. Everyone should read this

    I always change my lines yearly, to make sure there "fresh" as pos, reels are kept in rod bags (made up on rods) so out of sun light. Not sure if that makes a difference but I do it any way. 3 spools on 16lbs Fox 3 spools on 18lbs Berkeley Fluro 2 spod & marker rods on braid. 30 lbs Red mist for cat rod.
  5. Everyone should read this

    I use 18lbs Fluorcarbon by Berkley, not had an issue so far good stuff. naked choddy is the way to go for me,
  6. Everyone should read this

    You have served an "apprenticeship " with 30 years fish, si have a lot of us, we, the experienced anglers or capable of fishing with the technology available to us, its the idiots that don't know how to tie a safe knot, or make up a death rig, that bothers me, mate there are so many Muppets fishing at the mo, and guess what, every one of them tells a good story.....
  7. Everyone should read this

    Dungie987 good for you mate well done.
  8. Everyone should read this

    The problem as I see it is there are to many Instant anglers. Blokes can go online and kit them selves out without the experience needed to fish safely. The so called experts are put under pressure to release their lastest artical in the fishing mags. i have been carp fishing since 1981, obviously I have seen progression in all aspects, but lots of so call lastest info is regurgitated old stuff with a newish spin on it, kinda my way of doing it is better than the original ...... so Noddy with his newly brought tackle, decides to fish a pond with Carp to 30lbs, he has just spent £50 on all the latest [censored] needed to make this wonder rig up, so he goes with his ledger rod and reel loaded with old 6 lbs line, ties on with a bad knot the lead cord. Leader. the Nash keys has been catching according to the bloke he spoke to last week. And he gets a take and the rest is history. you see this [censored] on most lakes. I recently fish a local lake and every swim was taken , ok I am a tackle tart, I think most of us are. 1st bloke quiver Tip rod.second rod pike rod. 2 bloke Dragon carps finest, he went in the trees three times, why not clip up? 3rd bloke near the only open swim left for me. " Hi mate howes it going then seen any movement " "naw but I have had an 8lbs Carp out already" "oh good, on maggots I see," " yeah I'm chuffed only been carp fishing for 6 weeks, and to get a PB, is great. and so on....... i originally wrote that I would no longer use lead core leaders, bit tongue in cheek, where I fish there banned, but I have used pre tied leadcore leaders for years and NEVER lost one. Just there are so many novices out there it worries me......
  9. Boilies turned white, are they ok to use

    Thanks for all your input guys
  10. Boilies turned white, are they ok to use

    Yeah I have jumped the gun a bit there, never used New Grange before, gather reason I defrosted 5 k was for a crafty bait up of the main lake which is due to re-opening soon. I intended to use 1/2 k on the one lake while fishing, and feed the spots around the main lake, basically to get some bait in, before it's open to anglers. I had the boilies in 3 sacks and shook them up three times but the front cupboard where they were hanging up is the bin cupboard outside the front of house, so that's got air flow but must be dampish, learning curve, i have re frozen some fish meals before and re used them and caught. I have 6 ks of another bait air dried and in cardboard boxes ready to re-hydrate when needed and they are fine. all I can do now is either air dry throughly or re-freeze. .
  11. Hi Guy's i had 5k of Mainline New Grange in the freezer, and decided to air dry ready for a session, which unfortunately I had to cancel. put the lot in 3 air dry sacks, and hung in the front cupboard. 4 or 5 days later when I checked on them they had started to whiten in places. now I know it could be the sugars coming out, and the start of activating the enzymes etc, but I was a bit, disappointed, so tonight I re boiled the 5 k ready to re-freeze then tomorrow. whats every one thoughts on what I have done, do you think they still we be ok. I was going to cold them with the new grange dip before freezing. i guess I am looking for you think to put my mind at rest. Please respond cheers, Guy,s
  12. Everyone should read this

    I will never use a leader for a chody rig any more after reading that, the fish must at all times come first
  13. Newby to Forum - Lingfield

    Thanks for the welcome Guys.... Smufter I will chat later about the area.......LOL Come on the big Girls....I want a 40.
  14. Hi Guys and Girls Just joined the forum and as my name suggests i live in Lingfield in Surrey. I am right on the Surrey/ Kent / West Sussex Border. wont bore you with experience, been Carping since 1981. First twenty 1982.