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  1. Nash fang hooks.

    I've gone finally for a Drennn barbel hook in a size 14s. Looks good with a 10mm and apparently Martin Bowler has taken carp to 40lb on the size pattern. Thanks to all for their comments. Dicky.
  2. Nash fang hooks.

    Guys I'm looking to match a Fang hook to 10 mm boilies. I've not used Fangs before and was unsure of the size. Would i need a size 10 hook or an 8 hook. Thanks all.
  3. Slow start is it just me?

    Big common, thanks mate.. Acutually I rarely fish if I don't see fish. The past few weeks I've been simply walking around the lakes, I'm just not seeing carp? Yesterday I did 5 laps of the smaller one, takes about 40 minutes. But in my 60s my bloddy knees keep moaning about it. It's so odd. In 50 years fishing spoting fish is big in my tactics. I've found it worth the time, just looking and only casting when I see fish, shows also count. Maybe I should go to Spec-savers? Maybe there just ain't many fish, that's my fear. Dicky.
  4. Slow start is it just me?

    I was really excited when my new membership ticket came through the post in March. But since then despite a dozen trips, I've yet to contact the fish in either lakes! The problem is 'heresay". By that I mean someone tells you there are 40 fish in one lake, another 10! Someone says 200 fish in the bigger lake, another 100! So your expectations change, and so does your attitude. Fishing for 10 fish in a lake of 15 acres is a bit of a head-banger. Maybe 30 years ago, I may have taken it on, now?? I'm very unsure. I really need to see fish, and that's been a problem, dark days and not much sun, it's also been cold. I've been stalking 95% of the season so far. Most carp lakes I've fished over the years, seeing fish is no problem, these are just the opposite. And we anglers, don't really help each other. Example: Last Easter weekend saw a dozen anglers on the lake, all fished a boilie approach. If 12 anglers put a kilo in for 10 fish,, that's a lot of bait. Not in a baiting situation, but for the amount of fish. Then you have the lead up to it, more bait! I've been able to see bait standing out on shallow spots, days after the fishing. I know the coots will have some (thank God) but come the weekend it will happen again. I'd guess the only chance to see and catch will be finding individual fish to single out, maybe? The bigger lake supports a lot more anglers, maybe 50 plus on a weekend. Think of all that bait. The fish will have a big show soon, and feed heavy. Lets hope that will see a few fish on the bank for all of us? How is your season going? I'm a little down as you can imagine, but not out!! It's been very cold in my neck of the woods. Dicky.
  5. Why expensive boilies are a con.

    Gaz. ive been re-reading you post. Could you tell me who said all boilies are the same? It's certainly not me? Because that's the question I feel you have poised and answered! Just go back a bit and have a look mate? Dicky.
  6. Why expensive boilies are a con.

    Gaz. I think your observations are very near the mark. I agree about food source baits being for long term anglers, I mention this in my original post. Also agree very few baits are poor quality these days. But I would slightly disagree over venue specific. From what I know they work almost every place. From big understocked pits in Europe, to small well stocked pits. Bright single pop ups seem to invite curiosity in carp, and once they pick them up, bingo. What I cannot understand is why so many big fish get done, over and over again? Some of the biggest carp caught all year take SBP. Nice to see a thinking angler, with an open mind. Dicky.
  7. Why expensive boilies are a con.

    Hutch. Your last paragraph seems a little bombastic, it's assuming your right? I'm sure your not like that and it's just a slip of the pen? I didn't say a fish feeds by sight alone, show me where I stated it. Again along with others your assuming, and not reading what I'm saying. I cannot really see what you have added to the debait. You've just copied my paragraphs, and not really answered anything I've acutually said? And who's facts are you basing the reply on yours, others, bait companies? A fact is something you know to be 100%, none of us know it all! Saying your going to tell us the facts, again sounds as if you know it all. I have a good idea why bright pop ups work, it's why I mentioned it. But it also shows you don't have to buy expensive bait to catch fish, and that was my point. Did you miss that part of what I said? It's why I use instant style baits with good attraction, so if I read you right, it's something we agree on, yes? Your saying bright pop ups work due to the high attraction levels, but it doesn't answer why so many big fish keep falling for them over and over again. To be honest I'd love someone to tell me the answer. It makes me believe carp are not as smart as we give them credit for, and that goes to my main point. I still don't believe they can tell a good bait from something less good regardless what receptors they have in their mouths. Gone are the days of semolina baits anyway as you know, they just use a cheaper form of fishmeal, or birdseed. So even cheaper baits do a carp good. It sounds as if your saying, a carp can tell when it takes a bait in it's mouth that it's going to do it good. Honest I find that implausible, sorry. But I'm open to be persuaded if you can come up with a good answer. Carp sight you mentioned. Well it's not dark all the time. I've caught a lot of carp with nymphs fly fishing, casting to them and then letting it either sit beside them or moving it very slowly. They have a window of around 36'', it seems outside that they appear to be much like badger. But they do see shapes against a light background like the sky. So I think it's a mixture of smell and sight, and as important movement in the water. Strangly they also take nymphs in coloured water too, now thats a conundrum. I've said from the start HNV good bait is good for carp (please go back and read it) But I also said it's not needed to catch fish, and more to the point it's a con making people think it is. Debait is a good thing, but none of us know it all? Dicky.
  8. Why expensive boilies are a con.

    Big Common. With respect your missing the point by a mile. They have to take the bait in their mouth, they don't have any other means of tasting, feeling. If it's taken in the mouth, the carp anglers objective is acheived, most time the fish is hooked. If it's not the case, why are so many fish caught on plastic? As I mentioned in my last post, your right if it's not food, it comes out with gravel and other rubbish it's sucked in. The point is it's in the mouth long enough to be caught, expensive bait or plastic!
  9. Why expensive boilies are a con.

    Finnaly. SPR. Your ok to ramble it's how we speak to each other buddy. So we all have our own ideas on bait. Myself that started the thread still think the expensive stuff is a con. Others think carp seek out their expensive baits, ok. So can anyone tell my why; From late Autumn, to early Spring, single bright hookbaits work so well? Why the biggest of carp get caught over and over again on bright single hook baits. No expensive baiting here? They don't have a chance to taste it before being caught ( Big Common they have to take it in their mouth for the hook to catch! ) Almost everyone has a favourite colour flavour, they get caught on all sorts? I still maintain carp will try anything that looks like food. As Big Common says if it's not food ( as the carp thinks ) it will be ejected, and hooked. For this reason alone putting a bait in front of a carp costing an arm and a leg is simply crazy. It cannot tell at the time it's going to do it good, I also maintain with it eating other baits, cheaper boilies, corn, wheat, bread, pellets etc. IT DOES NOT KNOW THAT PARTICULAR EXPENSIVE BAIT IS DOING IT ANY GOOD. One thread member said carp move around and expand energy to live. So true, they have to eat enough food of calorific vaule to maintain weight and condition. I've never said HNV bait was not good for carp, it is. But you don't have to use it to catch the biggest fish in the lake, that's down to your application, and skills. I maintain carp cannot tell one boilie from another, it's just food. Humans are by far the most advanced of species, if we cannot tell an Apple is doing us good, and a MacDonalds is doing us harm, how the hell does a carp know a £13 boilie is the best thing for it? Dicky.
  10. Why expensive boilies are a con.

    So could you tell us ( in the context were talking about expensive boilies) good and bad application please? I'd be really interested in your answer. Dicky.
  11. Why expensive boilies are a con.

    Sorry. But i simply don't believe carp will look/search out a better quality bait. They just don't have the time or energy to ignore other food items. As Keek said he is the average, and he uses 1kilo of bait a session. Tell me how are carp finds that 1kilo out above other food. Someone mentioned a cigarette butt, and that a carp would only try it once. That's giving a carp a massive thought process. You can still catch the biggest carp on bread. It's all down to application. I'm surprised no one has picked up on that? Big Common. I should have said carp with test/try everything rather than eat everything. You right they will only eat what they know is good for them, like those little round balls. But I still say they would have to eat one first. i really do think the most educated, honest, thoughtful, and enthusiastic of carp anglers get blinkered when it comes to boilies. But it's just my humble opinion. Dicky.
  12. Why expensive boilies are a con.

    Keeno, Kreek. Kreek, you last paragraph could simply mean the application is not good enough and not the bait? I simply dont believe they will swim over a bait, just because it has poor quality inside, how will it know unless it eats it. When it eats it how does in know that bait will do it any good. Kenno. I'd guess the longer sessions you fish are the critical factor involved in you catching better than sum. You would have to know exactly how long others fished, in what swim, with how many rods etc to make a proper comparison, it's impossible to say it's down to bait, I just think that's falling for the hype myself.. Simply your application could be better than those around you? When you say they keep coming back for more, how does that work. How do they decided your bait is better than Fred's next door. He could also be on a expensive bait too, but Fred does not catch and you do!. How can a carp pick one bait from another? I come back to the apple. If a carp eats a bait, how does it know that bait is better for it, when the results of that food will not be evident for some time, maybe months. If we humans cannot tell if an apple is doing us good, how does a carp tell a bait is doing it good unless it eats it? Even then, if enough anglers use a cheaper bait along side those on expensive baits, how does the carp tell what one is doing it good? No offence to anyone, I just enjoy banter and would buy you a pint in the pub to argue over. Dicky.
  13. With the new Nash bait costing a small fortune, are expensive baits worth the money? Before I get any replies, PLEASE read what I'm actually saying, and what I'm NOT saying, they are just my humble views. The bait claims are amazing, the field test outstanding. Right. The carp love it so much they look for it? 90% of my fishing is short sessions stalking. I use a high attract bait, and particles. But still I buy between 10/20 kilo of boilie a year. £7 is a much as I'll ever pay and this is why? If I eat an apple I know it's good for me, I cannot tell you when it's going to do me good (but all research tells me it is) but as part of a balanced diet it should. If a carp eats a quality bait it also should do it good, but the carp DOES NOT KNOW this. It eats because its food, tastes good and is available. If that's a cheaper bait it will eat it all the same, if it's high attract it will also find it sooner. A carp eats all sorts of stinky winky in a day, some is more good for it than other, but if it's easy available so much the better. We all know in the long term a quality bait should help a carp grow, but in truth it would have to eat a very large amount to do so. Years ago I'm sure this did happen. People made good baits at home and baited in quantity. They would establish a bait on a water as everyone used similar ingrediants, the fish would benefit from this. But today all sorts of bait is going in, both cheap and expensive, so the fish pick up a boilie not knowing if it's going to do it good or not. Sweet corn is still a highly effective bait, and is very low in quality, but carp simply love the stuff? If I cannot tell when that apple is going to do me good, how does a carp know about that boilie? It doesn't. If you buy into a £13 a kilo bait, I'm pleased because your helping those fish stay healthy and grow. But what if it's a super rich water with just a handful of carp in it? On another carp forum they were talking about some baits not working on some waters, despite knowing the bait was good quality. Why was this? I could offer an educated guess but thats not the point. That bait was wasted on those fish. In an overstocked water a high quality bait will work, but so would a high attract cheaper bait, unless that water was a syndicate you fish all the time is a high quality bait worth putting in? If you have a vested interest in those fish growing on I'd suggest maybe, it depends on your income/situation. These days the average carp guy gets out maybe once a week if he's lucky. He will use a kilo or so of bait if he's average. Will that establish a bait, unlikly. Will he catch more fish with a cheaper bait, who knows? I do know application is far more important than any expensive bait. I for one will not give the likes of Nash £13 of my hard earned money, when I have know idea if that bait will make any difference to my catch rate. I'd prefer to buy 10 kilo of a mixture of high attract baits so I can mix and match on any day. That will cost me no more than £60/70 and boy thats enough. Obviously these thought's are just my own. In 50 years carp fishing I've seen both the good and the bad in the ever moving trend of carp fishing. But I would dearly love to hear what you all think about it paying £13 a kilo for the latest bait trend? Dicky.
  14. What's the general thoughts on anglers that do these Video clips to put on YouTube? I have a view and I'll give it later, but I'm just asking the question? I do really enjoy those ( professional ones ) done by people like Alan Blair from Nash. While I know he works for them, for me it's not only his skills I admire, but also his enthusiasm and general love of catching carp. .I'm always open to learn something new. There are others I can mention, but I'm sure you will all have your favourite? Are there some that should just stay away from the camera? What about those that spend almost all the clips sitting in a Bivvy talking, do you have a view on those? Are some just boring? Come on lets have both opinions, good and bad? Dicky.
  15. Carp Line

    I remember years ago a guy that really knew lines (he worked for Duplon that made many of them) told me that almost all lines were made in the same factory some place in the far East. He said many were plain white then dyed the colour required. I'd bet it's still the same and many of the expensive lines we buy are just that? I'll try the Suffix and see how I go. It's a real step for me to move away from Daiwa. I've only ever used two lines in 45 years of carp fishing. Original Maxima (fantastic amazing line) and Sensor. I'll feedback. Thanks all for the guide. I'll just say one guy mentioned the SPIN DOCTOR lead. This is an amazing piece if kit I would not be without. Dicky.