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  1. Does anyone know the rough age of Daiwa Infinity rods with the number IAMT 2314. They are the Infinity, not the X with the part stainless reel seats. Anyone also know how these rods perform, tippy or all through cast under the tips.. Big help if anyone does know please? Thanks Rich.
  2. Buddy Elmo. You have struck a cord with me about backs, I too have had problems almost all my life. Being 6'2'' and quite well build tall people often have that problem sadly. Mine was helped finally with yoga, find some good back exercises on You-Tube and give them a try. Most of mine are floor exercises, with yoga work that helps your hips and lower back. I urge you to give it a try, surgery did not work for me, and yogi is far less intrusive. I hope your work are sympathetic to you? Best wishes. Rich.
  3. Greekskill. Your talking about simple pre-baiting on a long term basis. I was around when Mike wrote the article 1981, later followed up by Hutchy. However Mike was not referring to boilies specifically , but the practice of pre-baiting in general. You have added the end piece about boilies just to suit your argument, thats ok, but not everyone reading this understand that? I have not spoken to the thread starter, so don't know if he can get down the new lake often. Maybe you have? I remember the article very well at the time in one of the then, fishing magazines. or might have been the C
  4. Its a big leap from hemp to boilies that's all. From a tiny particle, to a large unknown bait. Plus they are expensive even if you buy a cheap one.
  5. I have a friend that tells me constantly that a sale is not a sale unless you get 50% off. He says a sale is something that makes you buy an item you would not normally buy. Maybe it's just too expensive at the original price, or maybe something you don't really need, but buy it because of the new price? I'm mindful to agree with him if I'm honest?
  6. But never been fished for right? Boilies a complete waste of time right now when fish will/should take corn with gusto.
  7. Just to give a bit of feedback on this. I brought some off E-Bay rubbish, did not stick and half the weight of the best Kryston. Kryston is amazing but Oh! Oh! so expensive and you only get a tiny piece in the new tin. Do you get more of the Gardner stuff than the Kryston Staff?
  8. Teo. I've taken a bit more time to think about you situation, and think I may have a decent plan. I would not use boilies or hemp rich now. Boilies can be left uneaten and spoil the bottom, especially if the carp have not seen them before. They are expensive too if the carp don't eat them. Hemp is like Marmite on some waters. On some venues it works really well, but on others they ignore it completely. I find on very rich waters it work less well until they really get on it. This is the plan I would adopt. Sweetcorn and pellet. Corn, because all fish eat it on sight, at first I think
  9. I don't think you have read one word of anything we have said? And how pompous is it to tell another person what they think is wrong, without any good argument. The last two sentences sum it all up, hence why it has to be a small brolly seconds to use it. You would only use it in conditions that dictate the use of one. I'm out, you simply cannot talk to someone so set in their ways unopened to others views. Answer your own question it takes a second or two to put and take down a SMALL umbrella that really is a silly statement, sorry again.
  10. SWEETCORN. Take a few packs, bait any margin, clear areas and just keep walking around until you see something. The crust Idea is brilliant too. Personally I would not fish at all unless I could define the fish stocks, not all lakes hold carp? Once you see fish you halfway to catching. Some years ago my mate had access to a lake that was famous for some old huge carp. We baited and fished it for a whole season, never saw a carp in dozens of trips. Bream, tench, eels, but never a carp. Today given the same situation, I would not waste any time unless I saw carp with my own eyes. Old fish d
  11. Elmo. Your spot on mate, I'm 67 and still creeping around. A little umbrella would be ideal for me, I hate getting wet or cold these days, but still fish a full three days a week on some very hard waters. Fortunately the technique does not limit me to any one swim, so when I arrive and the place is busy, I'm not bothered. Small rods are not essential, but help greatly in tight swims. See You-Tube video "Half a Wrap" and tell me you could do that with anything part from a 6'' rod. The umbrella idea was not only for summer, rain, sun, but winter chub fishing too. Sadly carp fishing
  12. So what do you do if you don't find any fish, go home?? Myself I fish on! It may be the fish come back in minutes, but it could be an hour or more? It's obvious you don't do much of it or you would know, sorry? 🙂 You're putting stalking in a little box defining it to how you think. It's a much bigger technique than that, and setting traps is all part of it, as it is for longer stay anglers too? And it's clear you really are missing something, but each to their own Steve? 😉😉 Fo myself I'd define it as mostly a one rod technique but you may have more with you. Spending a lot of time sitting
  13. Its clear you have don every little yourself, because even when stalking you have to sit and wait. Sometimes for several hours, the fish often move off, but can come back, it's like all fishing a waiting game. Stalking can mean "finding the fish" then you have to bait and wait. Do yourself a favour and try it sometime. You would find a small umbrella would come in handy, just like I've mentioned, you need to be more open minded sometimes? Stalking simply means (to me) that you find the fish before hand, but on dull or cloudy days, rough weather, it's not always possible.
  14. The Shimano tribal velocity seems to have good reviews guys'. And as mentioned the Wychwood Extremis, 3.25lb is what I'm suggesting to him as he likes *** work on runs waters it seems?
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