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  1. 10ft Carp Rod Recommendations

    Robert. Why so heavy may I ask? In the UK and rivers 3lb would be more than enough. Alan Blair (of Nash fame) lands some huge fish on his 2lb t/c sawn offs, take a look at his videos on You-tube. He used them at Redmire mostly, along with his 9' 3lb scopes. Maybe your waters are extra large or extra weedy, or you use extra heavy leads? Just a thought before you part with that hard earned cash Robert. Dicky.
  2. 10ft Carp Rod Recommendations

    Robert. What I'll say having two sets, and several individual Scope rods is the playing action sold them to me long term. I use (as many others do) the 9' 3lb for floater fishing, so soft are the tips you can use small hooks down the size 12s I've found. While I've not had many big fish on mine, on Youtube one guy land an 83lb carp on his. I love the packability of mine, and provided you take reasonable care setting them up, I cannot see any problems with telescopic rods. I've a set of Scope 1.75lb 10' that are my favourite small carp, tench, big perch, chub, reservoir roach bream rods. Hooks down to size 16s or small river barbel with a size 6s. I think in a time to come these rods will become a bit of a cult. I should also mention the looks too. I've a set on cork and one shrink tube. The black rings and reel fitting look really cool, if you could find a set that fit your budget (second hand) I doubt you will be dissatisfied? Good luck Dicky.
  3. Nash difusión leaders.

    Has anyone given these a good test and found they work any better than lead core or fluorocarbon, or even simple main line please? Thanks.
  4. 10ft Carp Rod Recommendations

    Bit stunned you have not looked at Scopes. I have two sets and love mine, such nice tips on all the range of rods.
  5. I like the rucksacks that open flat ways, rather than from the top so you can see all your stuff laid out. But what one is best for size. I have the Aqua and Korum in my sights, I also like the ones that take the little pouches designed to fit them. But what ones are the best please guys? Do Nash or anyone else do something I should look at? Size wise day sack, but I like the chance to take extra cloths of flasks in winter. Thanks all. Dicky.
  6. Just wondered if these were worth buying as the Scope rods are all I use now. Currently I have a sling/type holdall, but the actual Nash skins look as if they offer better protection for my rods and reels. Thanks all.
  7. A1 pits.

    Just wondered if anyone knows the A1 pits? They say you can only fish with 12lb line, but also say big Tench, Bream, Roach are in the lakes. How do you get around a 12lb line ban fishing for roach in winter with a size 16s hook. Or are A1 pits now a carp water only? Not a winge, but would like to find out the potential for other species, if they exist. Thanks all. Dicky.
  8. Nash fang hooks.

    I've gone finally for a Drennn barbel hook in a size 14s. Looks good with a 10mm and apparently Martin Bowler has taken carp to 40lb on the size pattern. Thanks to all for their comments. Dicky.
  9. Nash fang hooks.

    Guys I'm looking to match a Fang hook to 10 mm boilies. I've not used Fangs before and was unsure of the size. Would i need a size 10 hook or an 8 hook. Thanks all.
  10. Slow start is it just me?

    Big common, thanks mate.. Acutually I rarely fish if I don't see fish. The past few weeks I've been simply walking around the lakes, I'm just not seeing carp? Yesterday I did 5 laps of the smaller one, takes about 40 minutes. But in my 60s my bloddy knees keep moaning about it. It's so odd. In 50 years fishing spoting fish is big in my tactics. I've found it worth the time, just looking and only casting when I see fish, shows also count. Maybe I should go to Spec-savers? Maybe there just ain't many fish, that's my fear. Dicky.
  11. Slow start is it just me?

    I was really excited when my new membership ticket came through the post in March. But since then despite a dozen trips, I've yet to contact the fish in either lakes! The problem is 'heresay". By that I mean someone tells you there are 40 fish in one lake, another 10! Someone says 200 fish in the bigger lake, another 100! So your expectations change, and so does your attitude. Fishing for 10 fish in a lake of 15 acres is a bit of a head-banger. Maybe 30 years ago, I may have taken it on, now?? I'm very unsure. I really need to see fish, and that's been a problem, dark days and not much sun, it's also been cold. I've been stalking 95% of the season so far. Most carp lakes I've fished over the years, seeing fish is no problem, these are just the opposite. And we anglers, don't really help each other. Example: Last Easter weekend saw a dozen anglers on the lake, all fished a boilie approach. If 12 anglers put a kilo in for 10 fish,, that's a lot of bait. Not in a baiting situation, but for the amount of fish. Then you have the lead up to it, more bait! I've been able to see bait standing out on shallow spots, days after the fishing. I know the coots will have some (thank God) but come the weekend it will happen again. I'd guess the only chance to see and catch will be finding individual fish to single out, maybe? The bigger lake supports a lot more anglers, maybe 50 plus on a weekend. Think of all that bait. The fish will have a big show soon, and feed heavy. Lets hope that will see a few fish on the bank for all of us? How is your season going? I'm a little down as you can imagine, but not out!! It's been very cold in my neck of the woods. Dicky.
  12. Why expensive boilies are a con.

    Gaz. ive been re-reading you post. Could you tell me who said all boilies are the same? It's certainly not me? Because that's the question I feel you have poised and answered! Just go back a bit and have a look mate? Dicky.
  13. Why expensive boilies are a con.

    Gaz. I think your observations are very near the mark. I agree about food source baits being for long term anglers, I mention this in my original post. Also agree very few baits are poor quality these days. But I would slightly disagree over venue specific. From what I know they work almost every place. From big understocked pits in Europe, to small well stocked pits. Bright single pop ups seem to invite curiosity in carp, and once they pick them up, bingo. What I cannot understand is why so many big fish get done, over and over again? Some of the biggest carp caught all year take SBP. Nice to see a thinking angler, with an open mind. Dicky.
  14. Why expensive boilies are a con.

    Hutch. Your last paragraph seems a little bombastic, it's assuming your right? I'm sure your not like that and it's just a slip of the pen? I didn't say a fish feeds by sight alone, show me where I stated it. Again along with others your assuming, and not reading what I'm saying. I cannot really see what you have added to the debait. You've just copied my paragraphs, and not really answered anything I've acutually said? And who's facts are you basing the reply on yours, others, bait companies? A fact is something you know to be 100%, none of us know it all! Saying your going to tell us the facts, again sounds as if you know it all. I have a good idea why bright pop ups work, it's why I mentioned it. But it also shows you don't have to buy expensive bait to catch fish, and that was my point. Did you miss that part of what I said? It's why I use instant style baits with good attraction, so if I read you right, it's something we agree on, yes? Your saying bright pop ups work due to the high attraction levels, but it doesn't answer why so many big fish keep falling for them over and over again. To be honest I'd love someone to tell me the answer. It makes me believe carp are not as smart as we give them credit for, and that goes to my main point. I still don't believe they can tell a good bait from something less good regardless what receptors they have in their mouths. Gone are the days of semolina baits anyway as you know, they just use a cheaper form of fishmeal, or birdseed. So even cheaper baits do a carp good. It sounds as if your saying, a carp can tell when it takes a bait in it's mouth that it's going to do it good. Honest I find that implausible, sorry. But I'm open to be persuaded if you can come up with a good answer. Carp sight you mentioned. Well it's not dark all the time. I've caught a lot of carp with nymphs fly fishing, casting to them and then letting it either sit beside them or moving it very slowly. They have a window of around 36'', it seems outside that they appear to be much like badger. But they do see shapes against a light background like the sky. So I think it's a mixture of smell and sight, and as important movement in the water. Strangly they also take nymphs in coloured water too, now thats a conundrum. I've said from the start HNV good bait is good for carp (please go back and read it) But I also said it's not needed to catch fish, and more to the point it's a con making people think it is. Debait is a good thing, but none of us know it all? Dicky.
  15. Why expensive boilies are a con.

    Big Common. With respect your missing the point by a mile. They have to take the bait in their mouth, they don't have any other means of tasting, feeling. If it's taken in the mouth, the carp anglers objective is acheived, most time the fish is hooked. If it's not the case, why are so many fish caught on plastic? As I mentioned in my last post, your right if it's not food, it comes out with gravel and other rubbish it's sucked in. The point is it's in the mouth long enough to be caught, expensive bait or plastic!