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  1. Even the cheap rods made in China are mostly high quality these days. They will catch fish and you would never know the difference, but as mentioned it's all about aesthetics and how it makes you feel. I doubt another could tell the difference in a blind test. I've had high quality rods and cheap, now I'm with MID-PRICED Free-Spirt rods and love the action. Never had to cast them over 30 meters as all my fishing is close in, but I expect they would do that if required. My advice would be buy second hand quality if you can, but remember most people do sell their gear at some time? I will say, I do find it strange how we have gotten into this "Everything must match syndrome" Most would agree it noting about catching fish, but the angler themselves? 🤣
  2. After 50+ years carp fishing if I've learned anything its: Fish on your own terms. By that I mean heed good advice, but try to think for yourself, and don't judge your results against others. As long as you enjoy the day, feel you're doing the best, then accept other people have different values and skills. I'd also suggest with no disrespect to anyone on this forum offering help. But I'm convinced some people do all their fishing through forums, and rarely go carp fishing at all, or in the past. They are always on and the first to answer any questions, regardless of the time of day, maybe they don't work either. Trust people but don't take everything people say as right al the time?
  3. Sorry, but the whole premise of quality bait is flawed. It may help you fish more confidently, but it's not the bait doing that. If you re-read my post, I also mention the old days of baits dominating waters, but there was no "other test" done against it. If you want a proper trial, you would have to bait exactly the same with a cheaper bait, I'm not talking stinky winky baits. People like Maddocks and Paisley had the old HNV baits and were often the only people baiting their waters, so naturally the bait worked. But the little guy in the corner fishing Tiger nuts was doing just as well? And normally you only hear about good bait from people selling them. You mentioned the Cell bait as a cheap bait, but that worked and worked on any water, why? Lots of people using it maybe, another factor you would have to include if making a scientific claim about quality baits and carp knowing them? Nash have just re-released their popular scopex squid again, why, it sells and is a good bait, catches fish. If you read the list of ingredients on bait now days they all read the same, fishmeal, or other meals. CC Moore have their main ingredient as Robin Red, so mostly seed based. They also site tuna, but again its just fish meal. Problem is you can only ever site your views and feelings and those of others, nothing scientific. The old days you may remember of HNV baits were different, but a carp would still pick up a tiger nut that did it little good at all. Sorry I'm just not convinced carp know a quality bait from another. But it's an interesting debate, sure you agree
  4. Did just that Framey ordered several packets, love the hook myself. What a strange thing to do, maybe they were too expensive to make, sharpen and add a little bit of plastic to?
  5. Thanks Buddy, may buy a few more then?
  6. I think the whole carp community would ban you for life from ever carp fishing again.🤣🤣 Thats if the rod balancing Police dont' get you first?🥰
  7. Exactly, its what you hear Kev, and who do you hear it from? People don't have the money now days to invest in long term campaigns like then old days, and even then cheaper fishmeal and such have replaced the true HNV baits. I've been fishing for carp off and on for 50 years, now 70 and can honestly say the fish don't know one good bait from another poor bait? I notice you did not mention what I wrote as about humans, and knowing quality food, if we don't know how can a carp buddy? I use to make all my own bait, but once I realised the complete waste of time in it (being I could never make enough to make a difference) I started buying bait. As for you don't know who bigs up on Mainline or Nash you should visit their web-site and see. I know you will say: "Oh they are paid to say that," but so are the boys from CC Moores. I just don't believe now days with all the cheaper additives in ALL baits like fishmeal and birdseeds, soya, nut meals, any can claim one bait is better than another. Its all about you and your confidence and skill-set. I'm not arguing with you, its a gentle banter two carp anglers having a disagreement about something we are both passionate about, its good for us to friendly disagree. I use to buy from Hutch his hit and run, and he told me exactly what was in it, a true HNV bait, but it caught me no more fish than Richworth tutty fruity? Did I feel I was helping the fish in some way, sure I did, but it was a false claim. If a fish picks up a cheap holiday made boilie made with soya, and a quality bait, how does sit know what one is the better for it. It's impossible, impossible for a carp to know, as it would be for a human. I'm sorry to say there is so much big money and hype in carp fishing being made by just a few people, the rest of us are simply being taken for a ride, me too? I blanked yesterday, maybe a sign the autumn is on the way, best regards, Richard.
  8. Just wondered why the Korda curve Kaptor hooks are generally cheaper than the older Korda curved hooks? Is it quality by any chance guys please? E-Bay £2.99 posted, E-Bay £4.99 posted? Thanks.
  9. To be honest Kev, I don't know how you can how you can say that. Nash and Mainline for example are found in shops and produce some of the best baits out there, as do Dynamite. This "best ingredients" is a red herring in my humble opinion. Carp will eat almost anything, and unless you can do a long term baiting programme, I don't believe they can tell what the best bait for them. I'll say that because we as humans with big brains don't' know whats good for us, by just eating something. It's only because we are told apples and bananas are good for our health do we know. Can we honestly eat a McDonalds and know it's bad for us? No, it's all hype on the bait making front, people don't apply any logic Kev, people that in normal circumstances use common sense seem to get caught up in the adverts. If anyone can prove that carp or humans KNOW that they are eating something good for them, then I'll change my view, however until then, I'll use a bait I catch fish on, and not one that catches anglers Kev? I'm sure the bait you use are good as you would not use them other-wise. Best wishes buddy Richard.
  10. Its all about what you have confidence in, and I'm very old school sticking to stuff I know buddy.
  11. Nash Scopex squid and The Source have both worked for me in the past very well. Just got 10 kilo for £79. of the Nash bait, I'm happy paying £ under £8 pound a kilo for a quality baits and for me its stood the test of time, like the Source has for me Buddy.
  12. I've thought about this a long time now and this is what I do now. As hooks (good hooks) are so expensive in reality like£5 for 10 is not the waste, but having to buy several packets at one time in different sizes, it gets costly. So I test every hook now out of the packet on my nail, if it sticks I fish it like it is, and most are, for me thats sharp enough. After a days fishing if it's still on the rig, I will do my test again, and only then resharpen if its fails. I will dump the hook after a few fish anyway, sharp or not. Another thought? I put up a post a while ago about the thickness of hooks, I stated I thought some hooks were way to thick and could land a whale. I still stand by that, and hooks like the Nash range feature hooks that you can cast on their own, so heavy they are. I now stick with a maker that has the best of both worlds, a light gage, but strong. The Korda Wide gapes are just right for me, and have landed me some good fish in harsh conditions. If a hooks extra heavy then you have to sharpen them more often and use rigs that combat the weight of the hook all the time, that seems crazy to me. Your better with a light hook, a hook-link and nothing much else between you and the fish, but thats just my own way of fishing, old school. Plenty of the match guys I know, land big carp on size 18 and 16s hooks (Guru are popular) on method feeders and such. If you fish for carp under 30lb, I see these big hooks as more a hindrance than a benefit, but JMHO. A size 10 hook is about as big as I go nowadays, but my fish only run up to 20lb+much smaller than some other anglers I know. But I also fish a water with 40s and a 50 and I change very little, small hooks and a hook-link only on the line. Keep it simple with a little between me and the fish. Hope all you guy are enjoying you fishing now, best wishes all.
  13. Guys I'm seeing price drops on boilies everywhere, does anyone know the reason why? 10 kilo of Nash Instant for £33? I may buy some of my favourite bait, not as cheap as above but still £20 off 5 kilo?
  14. Agreed barbless hooks are better for penetration and the fish.
  15. I've found recently most of my fish lose the hook in the net, I'm on barbless and have been for 20 years now. I do sharpen my hooks nowadays so wonder if those fish would have come off, or maybe the hook is too sharp, OR IT COULD JUST BE SLACK LINE? While I'm not losing fish I'll stick with what I'm doing. Going down to a small hook has helped me catch more fish recently. I still think most hooks are far too heavy in the wire, unless your fishing places like French rivers and such. JMO.
  16. I use the Gardner braid and really like the stuff, but as things evolve I'm always looking for more edges, so. Is there any better soft coated braids out there now, that sink and are supple and only need minimum stripping back please guys?
  17. I've used this rig now for a whole season and found it very versatile. As Matthew states, the only way to be 100% safe with a lead clip is to lose the lead every time. This saves the lead, and does the same job, brilliant.
  18. Yes mate, spot on. The idea of a soft hook link really works on most waters I've tried it. Short maybe 4'' on a cut down Korda safe clip with a ring at the business end. I can in turn use a light or heavy lead depending on the situation. You would be amazed Kev how often a big carp will take a float fished bait (line coming up in the water) rather than a normal ledgered bait, even when fishing a slack line. My water is slightly coloured and I fish the float slack, so any carp running into the line feels nothing. All too often I see guys sitting behind 2/3 rods when the fish are right in the margins or weed. The float is great in the weed as I can use a one 2/3 ounce lead, and have it running after the take. I got the idea from a Martin Bowler article some years ago, and its caught me some nice fish since. Its deadly in the margins as they think the float os a reed stem wafting about. Cheers Richard.
  19. Its the same reason you would use a soft-hook link for any bottom bait fishing? Don't you use a soft braided hook link in your fishing then Kev?
  20. I really dislike a sandwich when fishing, as most items wet the bread or rolls. Or the bread gos a bit dry, so does anyone have any good suggestions for what food to take on day sessions. I will always have a tea kit so a stove is available for some light cooking guys?
  21. Guys, I'm late to the party but just watched a video on this reel. Do they do one a little smaller in size, but with all the newer spec please? Its just a touch too big for me overall, but I like the extra wide spool and other new bits. Shimano have always had a line behind the spool issue on the reels I've had from them, lets hope its sorted now then? Thanks all.
  22. Does anyone know if they do this in a 5 kilo bag, I know they do a 1 kilo bag? Thanks all.
  23. Hi Again. You've missed the main point of the post, Royal Mail said the time had been delivered, and had tracking to prove it. It transpired, they lied as the item arrived a week later. Cheers.
  24. Just to inform you the seller cane back and refunded me, well done to them. Update the item arrived this morning, so it proves that Royal Mail are not above telling lies regarding deliveries when it suits them? I will naturally refund the seller again.
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