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  1. Tazthedog

    River Fishing

    I was thinking of setting up a Facebook Group for those of us who fish in and around the Limousin. Would anybody be interested in joining? If so let me have an email or Facebook address and I will get it set up. I thought it would be useful to have a place where we could share information about venues, tactics, conditions etc. I will start by putting in information about venues I know.
  2. Tazthedog

    River Fishing

    I think the only way you will successfully fish the ring pellets is on a hair rig. That's the way I use them. This nice 8.5kg came to a ring pellet last week.
  3. Tazthedog

    River Fishing

    I have found that I get most consistent results with pellets. Decathlon Ring Pellets are cheap and as good as any others I have used.
  4. Tazthedog

    River Fishing

    I have fished Ladignac Lake a few times and there are plenty of carp in it but I haven't seen anything bigger than about 7 or 8 kilos. I belong to an amicale locally. We have our own lake with carp to 20kg.
  5. Tazthedog

    River Fishing

    I live in 87500 south of Limoges and fish the Vienne quite often - usually within a few km of Aixe sur Vienne. The river here is stuffed full of barbel, but nothing much bigger than 4/5lb most of the time. I have had carp to 25lb here but tackling up is always a matter of balance between over gunning yourself for the barbel or not fishing strong enough for the carp. In the end I settled for a pair of Free Spirit Barbel Tamers - the 11' 2lb test ones - and these have proved to be absolutely perfect for the job paired with a pair of Shimano DL6000s. I tend to fish with 10lb line through spring and summer as the bottom is snaggy and line gets a lot of roughing up. My experience has been that most of my carp have come from the margins and slacks whilst the barbel tend to really shoal up in pacy stretches. The Barbel Tamers have also handled carp up to 16kg from my local club lake with absolutely no problems at all.
  6. Tazthedog

    First trip to France

    Try http://www.ladignaclakes.com/ Lovely venue and John (the gaffer) will pick you up from Limoges Airport and provide tackle and bait. Makes it a really easy option. lots of cheap flights to Limoges.