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  1. Hi guys , I've booked a 48 hour session on my local and I saw a post on social media saying the fish started spawning ( Wednesday afternoon) , am booked on for Monday , the owner has stopped anyone night fishing all weekend which I appreciate and agree with , too be honest I'm expecting a call to tell me they started and no night fishing will commence until further notice, am relatively new to the big carp fishing game and don't no much about spawning season so my questions are - Is it worth going - will anything be biting - would the owner/bailiff no when they've finish spawning - do they all spawn at once
  2. Batteries: Lead-acid 6V4AH/HR Ni-MH AA1500mAh 1.2V
  3. Thanks for the info guys , I have drain the battery once before to , I packed my stuff and must of knocked the on switch whilst in the carry bag and it was completely dead , so most definitely battery's
  4. Hello carpers , I purchased a wave runner shuttle about May last year it has done the job everytime now my first session back I come to use it and the first couple of drops were ok (4drops) i come to use it the 5th time , fully charged battery's .... when it was going out it seem slower than normal ... Got to the spot .. Whent to drop the bait saw all the lights flashing ( the wrong ones ) brought the boat back my bait hadn't released so I pushed them open get my rig out , close the door try to realise it but they never poped open , asif there wasn't enough pressure but you could see it trying . Got home stuck everything on charge took 15-20 minsmax for it to be green light , then it work fine took it out again , same thing happend after a few drops , it packed up working confused any advice/suggestion what could be wrong ? 🎣🎣🎣🎣
  5. Ar right , are they only useful for slack line ?
  6. Ive just watched loads of thinking tackle and they use delkim and stow indicators ( i think ) so i was asuming that was the best combo
  7. am guessing a korda stow indicator are perfect for delkim alarms as you see them all over korda's dvds and thinking tackle
  8. Does the over sensitivity side of the delkims cause false bleeps ? False bites ?
  9. Would you say they have contributed towards you getting more fish on the bank ?
  10. Any info on the rycroft specimen lake near donnington? Or any info about good carp pits in the derbyshire area any info would be great tightlines!
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