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  1. Cheap alarms are ok for people who fish once in a while dureing the summer but if used regularly they won't last long. 6 months and a couple of down pours there finished. Them fox alarms are bomb proof. Get the Att dongles and receiver. Bit more money but at least they are reliable.
  2. Cheshire 30lb

    Baden hall is one of his best bets not cheshire i no but ot to far away. He should be more worried about ware a 24lber going to from imo rather than a 30. But if that's what he wants out his angling then who am i to say that's wrong. Coming on a forum asking for waters in Cheshire that contain 30ties isn't going get you far. Google earth and a tank full fuel who knows what you might find.
  3. Cheshire 30lb

    There arnt many day ticket commercial lakes that hold 30lb carp in Cheshire. I don't blame anybody for not shareing info on the net regarding lakes. Social media has destroyed some lakes.
  4. Cheshire 30lb

    Yea why don't you Cheshire lads shout from the roof tops about few decent lakes you have and get them even busier. After all people shouldn't have to do leg work it should all be handed over on a plate. PS baden hall might be worth a look.
  5. Wrekin pool telford

    It's not a difficult lake there loads of fish in there. Used to catch 5 or 6 in a morning on average 10 years ago. My mate fished it beginning of this year was avarageing 5 fish in a morning so nothing changed since I fished it. Get there early first light til 10am or 4pm til dark. They like floaters so can be productive between those times on the top. Simple rigs hair rig sharp hook, lead clip set up, decent boilie with 50 freebies over each rod. Fish tight to pot beds or if water low anyware in open water.
  6. Carp fishing sponsorship

    Dont worry about sponcership the reality of been sponcerd compared to the Iillusion that many people have are very different. If you have what it takes companys will approach you you wont need to ask.