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  1. LJC carper

    Southern venue

    If you go farlows don't avoid or ignore any area of the lake . The big fish get all over the lake. I seen somebody advise you get in main body of the lake and avoid certain areas. That's bad bad advice look every nook and cranny there well catchable on there. You just got to get on them. Its also easy to blank if you get you location wrong.
  2. LJC carper

    Catching the impossible....

    Sometimes they appear on you tube in full but are taken down with in couple of days. They were on there in last year for little bit took full advantage watched them all back to back.
  3. LJC carper

    Finding a syndicate

    Be very carefull just because a lake calls it' self a syndicate doesnt mean its a prestigious water these days. There some bad ones out there. As Dayvid said majority of good syndicates you need to no somebody on there to get on. Best thing to do search syndicates in your local area on the net. Any you like the look of ring put your name on there waiting list ask if you can go for a look round. Just by wondering round it your getting you foot in the door.
  4. LJC carper

    Plans for 2018 🎣🎣

    If your only doing a day or a over nighter spod and marker rods proberly better off staying in the bag. Happy new year.
  5. LJC carper

    Dropping leads and it's impacts

    There a simple answer if people are so concerned about as something as insignificant as a lead clip been danerous stop putting a razor sharp hook in there mouths.
  6. LJC carper

    Dropping leads and it's impacts

    Your right mate but it all comes down to user error if the clip comes off the swivel. There three types of lead clips the hybrid which are a bit OTT imo the clips with pegs that fix the clip there pretty fool proof and the push over the swivel until you hear a click type. All work perfectly well if used properly. I am a bit of lead clip devotee to be honest use them for the majority of my bottom fishing.
  7. LJC carper

    Dropping leads and it's impacts

    Most lead clip can be used to drop the lead every take and every lead clip can keep the lead on the clip every take including the hybrids. I was recently reading the big interview book which is spin off from Carpworld. DF is interveiwed its from a good few years ago and even back then DF stressed the importance of only dropping the lead when absolutely nessasary. If you are useing lead clip and fish to keep the lead imo you should still be dropping the odd one noun and again if you never loose a lead then the tail rubber is to tight. You should loose the odd one.
  8. LJC carper

    Dropping leads and it's impacts

    Which manufactures are advocating dropping leads unessarily? There was a bit of a trend to drop the lead with out thought but imo these days are gone. Vast majority of anglers ain't dropping leads for the sake of it these days. Only the gullible were doning it in the first place. There are situations where dropping the lead in thick weed for example is the best way forward. There also a big difference between dropping a lead every fish on a low stocked pit where you might catch a few fish a year to dropping a lead every fish on brasenose!
  9. I don't even look at breaking strain on the box it' all about diameter would only drop down to 0.30 if there are no snags, weed ect and I had to cast long even then I'd be wary.
  10. LJC carper

    Fishing Comparison

    They build houses on flood planes then when they flood they blame it on man made climate change. As for fishing then and fishing now. It was it was, and it is what is. Otters will only find a natural balence when the do gooders stop interfiering which isnt going to happen. Only one way to deal with otters and that is on the sly. Simple as. Although i do beleive more and more that its a minority of otters that cause majority of the problems.
  11. LJC carper

    British Record

    It's not throwing a spanner in the works as it' a situation that isn' going to happen. The lakes I fish wouldn't compete money wise ,alot of the lakes i fish arnt managed at all there only managed by nature thats why i fish them. In the said situation the sort complex that would get them fish would likely be a lake that I wouldn't be fishing In the first place. Its also a different situation as old fish been moved because a lake is been filled in isnt the same as going to a fish farm and buying 30lbers that are 5 or 6 year old.
  12. LJC carper

    British Record

    No problem with stock fish but i wouldn't personally fish for carp that were stocked at 30lb plus or super fast growing ugly fish. I just don' think VS are the best fish in the world.
  13. LJC carper

    British Record

    There all stunners. 2nd down 3rd down and and 4th down stocked top and and bottom pics naturally spawned is my guess. What strain are they?
  14. LJC carper

    British Record

    I agree with alot of that. Don't get the whole VS craze well it's because they got a few scales. Some of them do go on to be nice looking fish like the wraysbury ones. He picking out the very best ones though and putting them in a great enviroment. Majority of VS fish though they stand out as been VS fish a mile off even after they been in the lake for years they still look like stockies. A fair few VS fish paticually the ones that go real big dont look much different to Fenland strain. That said if they keep people away from waters I fish there doing something useful.
  15. LJC carper

    British Record

    Yes I agree fish been stocked at 30lb plus is ridiculous but there nothing we can do to change it. All you can do is fish whare your happy and let others do the same.its sad the way things have gone. I used to get to get wound up by wronguns but now Ive took on board the veiw that it doesn' really effect me and that I havnt got the right to tell other people what they enjoy is wrong.