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  1. To original poster I fish with very short lengths of lead core for solid bags about 6 inches in length. I remove the lead from the core so it's soft and splice a loop one end and a swivel at the other. When it come to inline leads your right they are a bit tight so I get some scissors or a knife and run it round the plastic until I get it so it holds but after a good shake will come off the swivel.
  2. I fish naked chods a lot and this year im using nash dcam sinks well and not had any issues so far and last year i used wychwood dpf purple line and that sunk well too but started twisting up towards end of season and both are near invisible on the bottom, I think any line that sinks well will do the job but you want the confidence that your line cant be seen. Personally i wouldnt buy flourocarbon because of the price but if thats not an issue for you id go with that. Also i cant recommend the avid chod beads enough for naked chods, they hold on the line well and im certain you get better bite indication because the beads are tight on the line and when the fish gets hooked the line moves first before the lead. Iv noticed when you get a run the bobbin will move up slightly almost like a bream bite and then will rip off because the carp doesn't know how to deal with it. I use as lighter a lead as i can get away with usually a 1oz and make sure the line is fished as slack as i can get it, im convinced the weight of the line sunk is plenty of weight enough to hook the carp. And having a heavy lead bouncing around near the carps mouth i dont want it using the weight of the lead to eject the hook.
  3. I got some wychwood c-201s in 3.5tc and they are bang on, can punt solid bags for miles and they look the part too and at a decent price feel like they are worth a lot more.
  4. If money is an issue towards buying bait why not adjust how you fish?? When i was your age i would fish high attract solid bags my fav back in the day was a bag of tiger nut ground bait some strawberry corn and some pellet and some tiger nut oil fished with a pop up, and if i had bait left over i would bag it up and freeze it and use on my next trip. My point is you dont need to spend a fortune on spod mixes and fill the lake in, lots of methods work to catch carp and they all dont need to cost the earth.
  5. Like i said its not a top brand of chair but cheap enough and well made. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Dark-Green-Portable-Folding-Fishing-Chair-Camping-Recliner-4-Adjustable-Legs-XL-/130960401122?hash=item1e7dd922e2:g:GfsAAOSwQTVWAtp6
  6. I got a kms chair off ebay last year im a big lad and its still going strong 40 quid not a bad price just not a big brand name
  7. I use something similar to the one pictured above, but i use a avid chod bead and a little putty above to help pin my main line down and i use a large buffer bead over the swivel on the lead and only use 1oz leads ( can still chuck them a long way ) i believe the weight of the lead is not really important because the weight of the line when sunk is more than enough to hook the fish and the light lead close to the fishes mouth during the play is not heavy enough for the fish to shake it about to dislodge the hook where a heavy lead would, and if i was to use a heavier lead to get more distance i would want to drop the lead in play. I also use micro barbed hooks always i believe they do less damage to a fishes mouth because once they go in they stay in where a barbless can slip and tear creating big wounds in the carps mouth.
  8. I got 3x wychwood C-201s last year and if you look around can get them for a decent price superb rods for the money.
  9. Keep laughing and paying over the odds il keep smiling and looking for value (not for nothing)
  10. Welcome to rip off britain and dont forget to pay your carp tax!!!!
  11. All 3 of my nash hgun bp10 reels the backwind has gone on all 3 at the same time!!! and i dont even use the backwind feature. P'd off is taking it lightly they are not that old and i didnt keep my invoice and so cant send them off to get them fixed or replaced. So just a warning if like me your on a budget they are naff not nash and will avoid all nash tackle now. So anyway i had £3 left in a betting account and i managed to run that up to £130 and found on ebay 3x shimano boimaster 8000 xtb reels for £160 delivered im proper buzzing and cant wait to give em a try.
  12. My syndicate is quite deep at one end and still produces fish, Zigs can be very effective in those depths and if your planning on using adjustable zigs please dont buy the ready made kits where you pay massive carp tax a pike sub float will do the job perfect and will cost you a fraction of the price. Also when fishing zigs on a hot day try spombing out some dog biscuits (asda 2kg for a quid or 2) and fish a foot or 2 bellow the surface and if you can get them going you can clean up on this method but SHHHHHHHH dont tell anyone LOL.
  13. Hi Mr C.Machine iv been thinking of adding liver into my spod mix to go fishing this weekend, I take it just pigs liver is fine? i was going to chop it up and hit it with a hand blender in a bowl and fish it with chopped worm and crumbed up boilie and a few other bits to bulk it out.
  14. Iv not used the ND alarms but i like the look of them and the features at a decent price too you have to wonder how long it will take for other company's to jump on board with the features??
  15. My best advice is keep your spod mix simple and cheap, If you have a old cool box that is perfect for preparing particles even hemp (not tiger nuts) with out the need to cook it all and stink your house out. Just simply fill your cool box half full with particle to allow room for it too swell up and cover it with boiling water and seal the cool box, I would use hemp and corn and maybe some boilie and pellets which u can soak in a oil so u get a flat spot on the surface to give you a indication of fish feeding/moving around your bait. Also pigeon food from a farm store would be a good easy start for a spod mix and you can add things like chilli flakes and tins of tuna or other tinned fish for extra attraction.
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