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  1. Bed chair advise.

    I’m really impressed with the look of the wychwood. I think I will be treating myself on payday to 1. Thanks for the help 👍🏻
  2. Bed chair advise.

    Not after hotel comfort by any stretch of the imagination. Just a bed that’s long enough so I don’t have to lay curled up all night. When the design fishing gear they don’t have tall blokes like me in mind. Mind you done hotel beds aren’t big enough either 🤣
  3. Bed chair advise.

    Looks a nice bed as well. You both use 1? Wasn't looking at spending as much as the Nash really. Had around a £150 budget in mind.
  4. Hi everyone. Im looking to pick your Brains I’m looking to get a bed chair but I’m 6ft 7 and am concerned about the length of beds. I’m currently using an old army folding bed which has seen better days. Does anyone know of any beds that are longer everything I seem to find is around the 2m mark. Which is not much good as I’m around 2m in height.
  5. Brolly systems opinions

    The avid really doesn't appeal to me at all. The tempest does look nice as well as easy to put up and spacious Inside. but you have to have the wrap to put a door on it. Not ideal for summer when you just want a mozy mess to protect you. Or do they do an attachable panel and I've just not see it?
  6. PVA bag fishing

    Personally I tend to use 175mm large bags and half -3/4 fill them. I do have the medium 1 as well but rarely use them as I find the large bags a lot easier to use when putting the whole rig inside. You will find within a couple of attempts you've mastered it it's 1 of the most simple things to use. Everyone that has seen me use mine has gone out and brought 1 for themselves.
  7. Brolly systems opinions

    Everything I'm reading about it would suggest that it's not all that big inside. I want something that is quick and simple to put up but I can still get a full size bedchair and my luggage inside, looking at the Tittan and fox Mk2 the seem to have plenty of space inside. But that said I don't want to go and splash 350 quid and end up wishing I had got something different!
  8. PVA bag fishing

    Always have a small pot of dry groundbait in front of me. Dip everything into there then straight into the bag 👍🏻
  9. PVA bag fishing

    I recently stumbled across the Fox Rapide PVA bag system and I absolutely love it. I use a solid bag pretty much every cast it's so fast to use you don't need to worry about having loads of pre tied bags. Witha bit of practice and literally a few seconds and your ready to cast again.
  10. Brolly systems opinions

    Hi all im looking into getting a brolly for quick overnighters after work ideally I'm looking for something simple to put up as winter will be here and I'll be doing it in the dark. I have been looking at the fox MK2 system and the Nash titan full system. As well as the winter wraps. Has anyone got 1 of these or opinions on them? Or is there something else that you could throw into the pot. Cheers Tony
  11. Suggestions on a new Bivvy

    Yh your not wrong. It's a big decision which is not helped by the vast choice on the market. I don't want to be in the position where I'm sat on the bank wishing I'd got a different bivvy. But that said I'm very impressed with what's on the market for not a lot of money. I'd figured that I'd need to spend around £350-£400 to get anything worth while with a wrap. So the fact that there's a couple of decent options for around £200 I'm considering getting a 2 man bivvy and a brolly system for just me during the summer. Plenty of room in the van to take both to the venue and use which ever suits the venue best.
  12. Suggestions on a new Bivvy

    So you can get a wide boy and another bedchair inside the JRC STI?
  13. Suggestions on a new Bivvy

    That's interesting cause 90% of the time I'll be on my own just need the space for the odd time my lad wants to come. So don't really want a monster bivvy. I take it then a bed chair fits across the back comfortably? I do like the look of the Carp-Zone that Dayvid suggested but my concerns are the 2man is going to be a monster and to big for smaller swims!
  14. Suggestions on a new Bivvy

    Looks good and great value for money coming with the wrap. Is it easy enough to put up on your own? And could you get 2 bedchairs in there comfortably?
  15. Hi Everyone getting back into fishing after a long break and looking to do a few overnighters so need to get myself a new Bivvy. Anyone got any suggestions on a 2 man Bivvy it's been about 18 years since I last used 1 and it's fair to say they've changed some what and the market seems flooded with options for very reasonable prices. Don't really have a budget in mind the does seem a vast choice at around the £200 mark. Thanks Tony