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  1. Hi everyone. Looking for some information about venues in Norfolk around kings Lynn. I’m look to take my 14 yr old on his 1st trip night fishing looking for a lake that’s not difficult to fish during the day to keep his interest. But I’d also like some bigger fish in there. I’ve heard Fendicks is a nice well kept lake and in now open to children. Anyone on here know anything about the lake. How it’s fishing or any baits that are working well at the moment?
  2. At 6ft 5 not sure a lo pro would be an ideal purchase for me. I think I’m ordering the prologic VX3 tomorrow morning 👍
  3. I’d say its exactly why it’s done. The have at least 1 match a month on the lake. It’s blooming annoying to be honest but it costs me £40 a year and I can literally walk there in 5mins so perfect for short little sessions after work in the summer. But the rules are ridiculous! The gravel bar is great and most of the match anglers go on poles so it’s really under fisher plus I don’t think many people know it’s there. so the carp feed there with confidence it’s great but the distance does make getting large amounts of ground bait out the a little bit awkward. I have just recently got mysel
  4. Never heard of using them before. Will definitely be giving them a try. Thanks
  5. Yh it full of silvers. You’d be doing well to get through them to get the carp with maggot and corn. I guess a controller float with pepperami or banded pellet fished with 6” or so hook length would be worth trying. There’s a raised gravel bar about 75/80 yards out which the carp love and you see them rolling around it all summer long. A large controller would be heavy enough to get the distance
  6. Sorry forgot that 1. no artificial baits either 🙄
  7. So the lake I fish at majority of the time bans boilies tiger nuts bread as well as surface fishing. Which is fine through the colder months when bottom feeding is king. Decent lump of peperami in a pva bag of pellets does the trick every time. Now in the summer when the fish are up up in the water is where I’m struggling to find floating alternatives. Obviously popups are band as the are classed as boilies but would a bumbell be classed as a boilie? I’ve tried using mainline toppers with a small chunk of pepperami but they aren’t bouant enough to pop it up. I have some cork balls which
  8. Hopefully.......... Not sure why my mates say I have commitment issues 😂
  9. This is exactly my worry mate. Promo vids never tell you what you need to know. And at £350 it could turn out to be an exspensive mistake. Which is why I’m hoping someone on here has had some dealings with it. Not seems I convince myself that it’s the 1 for me but then hesitate when I’m ready to order it 😂
  10. Seen this review and it’s the 1 that has seriously made me consider it. I’m a big chap of 6”7 so have a wideboy bedchair for the length and the space inside looks massive for a brolly. The weight doesn’t put me off to be honest the lakes I go 2 you can park next to your swim or have a quad service that drops you gear off. 1 of my concerns was dirt getting into the Zip but in all honesty the lake I tend 2 go 2 for most of my overnighters 1 has clean bark swims so probably wouldn’t be bothered about using the ground sheet 2 much. The lake I would use it is on is gravel but has a lot
  11. After months of looking I’ve still not committed to anything. There’s just so much choice on the market. I’m now really tempted with the Proloic Commander VX3 system love the idea of the flat back and zip in groundsheet. Looks a quality piece of kit. Has anyone had anything to do with 1 or seen 1 on the bank?
  12. Thanks that’s loads of help. I think he’s now looking at the st6000’s not 2 sure what 1’s he’s got exactly. But I know they have a gold spole.
  13. Hi all. A friend of mine is looking for a bit of help or information on Shimano reels. He has 2 4500B reels and was looking to buy a 3rd but the no longer sell them. Does anyone know what they replaced it with. Trying to get as close match as possible without having to replace the other 2. Also can anyone recommend a Shimano reel that’s good for surface fishing?
  14. I’m really impressed with the look of the wychwood. I think I will be treating myself on payday to 1. Thanks for the help 👍🏻
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