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  1. It's been hard fishing over the past few weeks, I was there last weekend and only one was caught. The lake was like glass so I reckon that's the main cause. With the rain this week I think it will liven them up. There are always a few groups that swim together and there are always lots in the shallows.
  2. Tight lines bud, sure you'll enjoy your time there. I'm down on Friday night I'll let you know if I manage one
  3. Yeah, totally safe, its a public right of way for the paths around the park but the lakes themselves are behind locked gates and only anglers can access the park in their cars.
  4. Hopefully might see you sometime then.
  5. Very quiet, you will often have the whole lake to yourself. No particular going bait, they catch on a variety of different boilies. They added 20 stockies from VS between 7 and 9lb in winter just gone. The lakes biggest is 29ish but has not been caught for some time. This is backed up by 7/8 other 20's I was there on Saturday just gone and saw a guy land a 22lb mirror, dark old scaley thing, was a beauty. The place gets very weedy but there are always a few holes to present a bait. One of the nicest places I've fished and it is well looked after. The lads that fish it are all sound too.
  6. I fish it, have fished it on and off for a coupe of years.
  7. Afternoon all. New member here, started fishing when i was a nipper, now in my 30's and found my way back into fishing about 5 years ago. Been carping properly for about 5 years. Currently fishing in Yorkshire and moved to Wakefield recently, trying to figure out if there's anywhere on my doorstep worth a go. Danny.