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  1. I think carp anglers are rather formulaic in their approach... 3 rods out, 1 margin, 1 open water, 1 long... 30 to 50 baits around each and sit on it... or all 3 rods on a baited spot... seen it too often... do summat different... different bait, less of it (especially on day ticket, pressured waters) try a floatfished bait or a big worm or prawn... do summat different from the crowd... sorry if this sounds a bit negative, but I see too many lads get stuck in a groove... do the same old same old, and leave the sport... honestly... try something different or stay off the beaten track/ known s
  2. So sad... he'll be sorely missed, passed away peacefully with his family around him in the early hours of the morning RIP Sir
  3. I use Mordex Merlins for carp or for smaller carp a Matt Hayes Signature or a Speedia
  4. An Allcock's Match Ariel center pin.... my Christmas pressy from my lass... sadly I won't get my hands on it till Christmas though
  5. Second hand Nash Titan Hide... brill bit of kit, goes up on seconds sturdy and I got it with groundsheet, front infill panel and overwrap for less than Β£200 And I recently picked up a Korum Day Pack for short sessions on the river or for general fishing... fits all my kit in it nicely
  6. A match pack of dendrabeana worm and a kilo of Dynamite baits Tiger nut 15mm boilies... worm for Roach and Perch on Sunday, the boilies I'll use on Monday if it stays fine(ish)
  7. I use the Korda Stows... they do the job nicely on overnighters
  8. Pretty much all I use nowadays... vintage gear.... its not the gear that catches... its the last 3 feet of yer endgame... been at this lark long enough now to get a few things right...🀣🀣🀣
  9. Cheers mate... having a great day...πŸ‘
  10. Margin rod has just screamed off... never seen a ghost linear before...
  11. Got the whole lake to meself... perfect... and I know it's not a lump... but who cares when they look this good...😍
  12. Just had a look... lovely... much better... Many ThanksπŸ‘
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