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  1. Shot knees (6 arthroscopies) and 4 collapsed discs in my back... (3 operations) I still manage to cart me toys about without a barrow... as long as I keep moving I can still keep moving... if you get me drift
  2. For a day session there really should be no need for a barrow... it tickles me rigid when you see all the YouTube vids about keeping mobile and theres a barrow piled high for a 10 or 12 hour session sitting behind the presemter... my young apprentice is always moaning that I get to the water before him... I'm usually setting up bankside while he's still loading his barrow... ruckie, chair, rodbag, bait bag, thats all I take for a day session... only use a barrow for 24 hours or longer and even then the only addition is bedchair and bivvy... the carping media has brainwashed folks into taking
  3. Don't care what you say... my old gear is the coolest looking.... 😍🥰🤣🤣🤣
  4. Utterly lovely... he'll be holding a 50 in a few years...👍
  5. You're tracked even at home as most smart tv's register your location when you switch on and what you watch and feed it back to the makers... smartphones, camera's, traffic ANPR, card transactions when shopping, sat nav locations... impossible to live "off grid" without a lot of trouble these days and the nay sayers need a slap upside the ear and told to get with the plan...
  6. I have 3 Sharpe Scotties... cost a fortune to buy and get rebuilt, but they are lovely rods to use... not had the opportunity to have all 3 on the sticks yet but I will at some point
  7. I have a pair of Dwarf 9' rods and my young apprentice bought the 10' Scopes so I've had plenty of opportunity to compare the build quality and I can only echo Monkey Climbers words... there's no way the Scopes warrant the price compared to the Dwarfs... fortunately my young Padawan bought his second hand and he's chuffed with them... that said he bought a 6' snide and broke the tip... they can be a bit brittle but I guess thats down to the lack of resin in the carbon to save weight.... Nifty little bits of kit for going "Off Piste" with though
  8. Had both my jabs now ( being an old gimmer has its advantages) gotta say now that lockdown has eased and I can get to the gym again I feel better in myself, certainly less paranoid and jumpy... the last year has been hard... some have had it harder I know, but everyone has their own issues and you have to deal with them somehow... its certainly messed with my head, but hopefully things will get better
  9. Give it a year, furlough finishes, folks get back to work, time starts to become short and little johnny will be back playing footie instead of pestering dad to go fishing... mum will want more decorating done and slowly the upsurge in anglers will fall away
  10. Actually yes, you can leave the lead out it's just another variation of freelining... the downside (if you can call it that) is that in the event of a run you have to strike to set the hook, rather than letting the lead hook the fish for you.... its a method that I use on occasion at close range (margin fishing) give it a go... do summat different from the norm it often pays off
  11. The issue for me is AD is the closest... my other local shop (Keswalls) is 2 miles further and has no parking to speak of... All this said with my propensity for fishing with vintage gear, rods and reels are not on my purchase radar... all I really buy nowadays are consumables (bait hooks line shot etc) but even those small items have jumped markedly in ALL tackle shops... so I'll potter along with what I have for as long as I can... no more buying on a whim or upgrading kit after a few seasons...
  12. Our local AD have hiked prices massively... some by 50%.... I think its Covid tax, but I doubt the prices will drop once supplies come in again as they know we want gear... To be honest I'm seriously thinking of kicking them into touch as my local shop... They are seriously taking the pee...
  13. Dunno if they do it in it's uncooked state, but Cheshire Particle gets a good rep for prepared baits... worth a call
  14. And do the clutch up rock solid...
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