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  1. The issue I had was that a Dwarf rod did not fit into a scope bag... the reel seats are in different positions so the reel did not sit in the reel pouch correctly... IIRC the Dwarf reel sat is closer to the butt end of the rod than the scopes and the reel snagged in the pouch section of the bag
  2. A couple of lessons from someone who can chuck it a long way would probably get the distance with the kit you already have... I could just about manage 100mts... an hour with Terry Edmonds and I was hitting 140mts (admittedly with his rods 12' 3.5lbs casting 2.5 - 3oz weights) with a spod/spomb rod and a loaded spod/spomb you should hit the mark, it just needs someone to show you how
  3. Pukka Munga Good skills Whacker Spoddin' the granny out of it To be honest modern carping is full of daft terms but they're here to stay... You never hear of Cloopers, Tenters, Smoke-screeners any more... maybe that's a good thing... maybe not...?
  4. Three today from a club water a 15lb60z mirror and 2 stockie commonz... all three scrapped like billy-oh in the deep margins
  5. Can't stand the constant inane drivel... really go out of my way to avoid him
  6. Better than Robson Green though...πŸ˜›
  7. 🀣🀣🀣nicked...πŸ‘
  8. Get in touch with New Direction, they're best placed to say one way or another...πŸ‘
  9. Delkims hold their price for ages... good luck finding a cheap set My missus surprised with a set on me birthday this year... been using ATTS's for years with no probs... but the Delks seem fine so far... no issues in using em, not difficult at all... push both buttons to turn off and on the alarms and push all the buttons on the receiver to turn that on... they work as any other... adjust volume and sensitivity to suit, job done... followed the setup vid on youtube... done in minutes Dead chuffed with mine...πŸ‘
  10. In winter their metabolic rate slows as does digestion... less movement means less food required... therefore less protiens and fats needed to maintain condition
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