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  1. well you could tell him he can always go out and get a job instead of moaning about prices and sponging off the state😎
  2. TBH if you have looked at the Sawn Off range, ask yourself if a Black Ops is worth £120 more for a bit less resin (lighter weight) and some fancy lightweight rings.... to my mind a lot of the Scope/lack ops stuff is a bit Emperors New Clothes.... (despite me owning a pair of Dwarf's)
  3. Shimano Alivio 1000 or if you are feeling flush a Fox Rage 1000
  4. if someone started rubbing my nose in it they'd get shopped.... end of... I didn't work my nuts off to support **** like those sort, and if you turn a blind eye to it, why moan about it....??? you have a chance to do summat about it
  5. this is the sort of thing that really boils my pee (said in context) there are loads of examples like this in the angling/camping world.... and to my mind the carping tackle manufacturers need a damn good kick up the chuff and told to stop being a bunch of thieving knobs.... one thing that made me laugh was the £10 baccy pouch from Diem..... a solution to a problem that doesn't exist... as with a lot of stuff from manufacturers.... as for the £7 bore tool.....??? I use a pen knife.. cost me nowt as it was me dad's pipe cleaning knife... bait drill...? I use a drill bit... bait table...?? Gelert table from Go... £6.99... instead of £18 at AD... with loads of stuff you can save a fortune just by looking in your local camping shop or pound shop... bungee's for your barrow.... £1 in The Pound Shop... Spam £1 from the same shop Sweetcorn 4 pack for a quid.... look around you'll find loads of options to Tackle Manufacturers rip off's
  6. I use sonubaits scopex pellet oil on dry pellets as it helps them sink quicker... nice smell too... they also do an F1 pellet oil (aimed mainly at the match lads) but eminently use-able... I also use hemp oil and cod liver oil with Garlic during the summer months (available from equine outlets) You can also use the "Goo" with innumerable bait flavours and colours
  7. I think TBH that the recipients of some folks ire is directed at the types who claim "I don't get out of bed for less than a monkey a week" and then claim every benefit they can to sit on their broad 'arrises, while most folks with any self respect work their nuts off... it certainly boils my urine to think I worked my bits off to support this sort of attitude... and it also annoys the hell outta me when folks target immigrants all the time... the majority are hard working types with families and are blooming grateful to be here and living a better life than they have been... which puts your "I don't get outta bed" types into stark relief as the detritus of this country rather than the other way round... there are any number of these sorts about.... one bloke I know bragged about it "I get everything paid for while you mugs work" needless to say he has no mates with that attitude and he calls us every name because no-one talks to him.... and o' course it's all our fault... it's always someone else's fault where these people are concerned But this is the sort of mentality that has been cultured in this country... our grandfathers would be spinning in their graves to think that filth like this is alive and walking gods own... my old man (god rest him) knocked into me a solid work ethic... consequently I've never been unemployed in my life... it's a shame that some of the scammers didn't get the same treatment from their parents... perhaps there'd be less benefit claimants who "don't get outta bed for less than a monkey a week" Sorry for the rant but I have no time for people like this... scratters and oxygen thieves the lot of em
  8. Leather washers are better and don't crush down as badly
  9. If they are called "Scope" or "Black Ops" don't hold your breath... they'll cost more limbs than you can muster😋
  10. I had a fumble with one in Angling direct a few months back.... for the extra money I wasn't impressed
  11. Look on the bay of e.... scopes new are hideously expensive... my young padawan got one for a ton then he broke the tip on it... they are known for being a tad fragile... in all honesty you'll get a better product from free spirit... think it's called a tree creeper...? not sure... but it's a lovely rod... I have a pair of Dwarf 9' 2.75 lbs and there's not a great deal of difference between those and the same poundage and length in the scopes... pays yer money and takes yer choice
  12. Spent nearly 2 hours yesterday stripping old rigs and tidying my rig wallets... think I dumped about 14 rigs that were useless and recycled the hooks after giving them a quick burr on the stone. saved a few rig sleeves and swivels.... and now my wallets look tidy (ish) really should do this more often.... all that said, I'm out on Sunday with my Young Padawan and no doubt I'll tie a couple of fresh rigs and try and make room for them in the wallets.... I really must learn... either that or start buying ready mades
  13. I bought some a couple of years back.... tis was quite sticky and went manky if it got warm... I use Dark Matter... and for larger weights Plasticine
  14. bluelabel


    I have a young apprentice at the mo and I let him know in no uncertain terms first time he drops litter my tuition ends and he'll get a thick ear... I despise litter and litterers if you went to their house and took a dump on their front room floor and left it there they'd soon get the hump so why do the same outside... same with dog walkers who pick up their dog mess and then leave the bag hanging on a bush or tree really winds me up
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