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  1. Plans for 2018 🎣🎣

    Both Ashmead and Redmire were invites from mutual acquaintances via another forum... certainly not cheap, and given the cost of both, I could have had a ticket on a good water for the year.... but opportunities like this don't come round too often and when they do you have to grab them.... Redmire may not be the venue it once was, but just to walk those hallowed banks, let alone fish, will be a thrill in itself.... Looking at the Ashmead map, there is no real clue as to where to fish... it's a veritable maze of bays, arms, points, and peninsulas and I'll probably stalk about in the day with some rods out from the pitch during the night
  2. A lovely video to pass the time....

    A lovely vid.. really enjoyed that, thanks for sharing
  3. Plans for 2018 🎣🎣

    I have a week at Redmire in March (last week of the old season) and Ashmead in July... I'm going up to Newark in the New Year for a bit of River Fishing, Down to Portsmouth for a Gudgeon record hunt.... and various other trips away...
  4. Plans for 2018 🎣🎣

    Retiring (semi) in October 2018... at 60 years old and having worked shifts since 1978 I'm tuning out, turning off, and chilling... A little 2/3 day a week job to keep the mind/body ticking over and a bit of cash rolling in.... but gone will be the night shift and the 4am starts... The days off will be spent fishing, learning the guitar... and maybe finding a band that needs a bad drummer
  5. What is your newest purchase

    Just bought a set of the new JRC Kurve indicator system.... marked down from £34.99 to £22.95... I'm a sucker really for indicators/bobbins and the like...
  6. What's on your Christmas list?

    £89 each for the Shimmies and £74 each for the Dwarf's... Naaaaah.... with luck I'll get the Shimmies, but I'll have to get the Dwarf's after the club tackle sale in March... although when I asked Jim in AD if the new rods fitted the old luggage, the wife piped up that I should bring the old rod bag down and try them....!!!! still... a man can dream...
  7. What's on your Christmas list?

    Just pointed the wife at a pair of Shimano 4000 Aero FA Baitrunners for my Dwarfs... ( I did linger longingly at the rack where the new Dwarfs were.... she said "dream on sunshine")
  8. Etiquette

    He won it for catching a huge amount (50 or 100) 20lbers in a season... I've worked with Derek on the "Take a Friend Fishing" days that Chelmsford AA ran in the early noughties... a thoroughly nice bloke who taught me a load of little tricks
  9. Etiquette

    Now I reckon that this thread has been done before but I've not seen it on here so what do you think the rules on Angling Etiquette should be... Here are a few that I think should apply... Turn your alarms down or off when making adjustments. Don't be a water hog (casting to the far bank margins on small waters). Don't walk straight into someone's pitch. Don't skyline yourself in other folks swims. Be civil. Don't be disparaging towards new/inexperienced anglers. Don't get the hump when the bailiff asks for a rig check. if there are any that you can think of that should apply add them by all means...
  10. Using Leadcore leaders the correct and safely

    Cock on there brother...!
  11. Using Leadcore leaders the correct and safely

    @BC when was the last time you had a rig check on a commercial...? I've not had a check since 2011 at Talltrees... not even by bailiffs on my own club waters in 36 years Maybe it's time that they started doing the job they are paid to do, rather than wobbling round on a quad with a Jack Russell and taking the money then going back to sit in the caravan for the rest of the day...!
  12. Using Leadcore leaders the correct and safely

    but most commercial fisheries want to make money & if you start picking and choosing your clientele you'll not last long as a business, so then it's all down to making a set of rules that protect your stock... In effect you've answered your own question
  13. Using Leadcore leaders the correct and safely

    how do you tell them apart before they start fishing then....?
  14. Using Leadcore leaders the correct and safely

    so there you have your answer.... if it was safe in the hands of anglers who are a bit clueless then most waters would allow it... same with nuts... our club banned them because someone was seen with a 10 kilo bucket hoofing them in... and shortly after a fish turned up dead stuffed with unprepared nuts... fishery owners put bans in place for a reason
  15. Using Leadcore leaders the correct and safely

    it's purely a personal choice when it comes down to it.... I can see no reason other than abrasion resistance where leadcore has any advantage over just ones mainline... I have tried Korda leaders and the Nash ones, but at the end of the day, all I found was that they placed a knot (known weak spot) in your setup... I used Solar's "Unleaded" for a few years and found that as a leader to lay flat over contours it worked well, but nowadays, I just use a straight rig off the mainline (with tubing) and fish slack lines close in and semi slack over mid-range (I rarely go long due to the nature of the waters I fish) so many of these threads degenerate into disagreements, but ask yourself this... if leadcore is supposedly "perfectly safe in the hands of someone who knows what they are doing" why do so many fisheries ban it....? At the end of the day it's purely down to what suits you.... if you are happy in the knowledge that your rigs are safe, whatever you use, carry on... if you are not happy that a certain situation may cause suffering or death by using it.. then that's your choice also.... my own choice... I'd ban ALL leaders because any extra knots etc etc etc... but that's just me (Old School) you all do what you feel is right