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  1. I was in my Nash scope brolly with an Abode overwrap, my bag is a Nash Frostbite sub zero fitted on a Wideboy... it wasn't cold, but there was a chill wind I was toasty... not the cheapest bag but the dual top layer is very versatile
  2. bluelabel


    And it should be easy to do so... however 2 points of attachment should the line break above the lead is not a good concept... I'm out as I'll not use that system... and as you've stated, you have no desire to either, so its a moot point but for different reasons
  3. bluelabel


    Therein lies the point Yonny... even when set up properly (which it was) the lead was still attached at 2 points after the fish was landed... if my mainline had snapped above the lead I wouldn't like to think of he consequences... its not a case of agreeing or disagreeing... the cog system is flawed... it could certainly be better executed
  4. bluelabel


    I meant so that the short swivel detached from the lead during fight which it did not , this meant that the lead was still attached to the end game at 2 points, making the whole system potentially dangerous... I've never been a fan of ditching the lead in any circumstance other than safety... I can understand the concept of the COG system, but its execution was flawed...
  5. bluelabel


    I went with the instrctions on the pack, had a fish on one and the swivel hadn't detached... so I set up the swivel so it pulled out easily on the bank, dropped it in the water and tried it and the swivel hung up under the water.... never used it again... never a fan of lead clips either, the hookbait can move a long way before it registers on the bobbin... probably the same for an inline and deffo true for an old school lead on the line... but I'm happier using them over a clip any day
  6. bluelabel


    I'll stick with what I know and have confidence in... I've not had any issues and I'm fairly certain that in the times where I have been broken (very few) The fish isn't towing a lead of mine round...👍
  7. bluelabel


    The end of the swivel didn't always detatch from the lead as its supposed to... and as for not being as safe as a lead clip... I don't use those either... inline or running only for me
  8. bluelabel


    I got rid of my COG leads.... they didn't do what they're supposed to, and they are not a safe rig, as the picture shows
  9. The Mill at Great Baddow, Chelmsford... did an overnighter... lost a good fish at 03:42 otherwise another blanketty blank chequebook and pen for me... new overwrap worked well on the scope brolly
  10. I've never sussed what goes on in those little brains... what I do know is that fish being cold blooded, will venture into shallower waters to warm up, even weak winter sun has an effect so I tend to target the shallows and margin features as carp tend to follow patrol routes. Time spent with an eyeshade and polaroids to find their haunts is worth investing in... dropping a bit of bait in and watching the spots also can pay dividends.. someone once told me your eyes are the best bits of gear you'll ever own...👍
  11. A kilo of sultanas to prepare as spiced sweet bait... caught on it years ago... gonna try it again... steep in boiling water for a wee while till they swell, pour off the water, add mixed spice and a huge lug of honey and stir... allow to cool, portion into batches and freeze... then thaw out and then refreeze... fish on a stack on a hair or directly on the hook over a light scattering Addendum... keep a tub of water to wash hands and catty in after baiting up... veeerrry sticky...
  12. Someone posted a few pics of the Anchor rig a while ago, dunno if it was on here or another site, but basically it had a stiff mono through the shrink tube kicker so the rig looked like a mini anchor
  13. this is my point... I 'm wondering if the mix of metals in rig components is causing a low level (either) magnetic or electrical field that the fish can detect, we all know that some fish can detect electrical muscle impulses of fish hiding in sand in the sea... who's to say freshwater fish cannot detect the same fields from metal mixes in rig components... as you said yourself, "they know something is different" you said that yourself, but do you know what they are spooking at... really...??? this is the point I'm trying to get across
  14. So how do you explain fish backing off hookbaits... its been seen time and time again... there must be an explanation for it...?
  15. You have to wonder what makes fish spook off a baited hook... is it a sight thing, or a detection of magnetic field...? having watched carp spook off my rigs in the margins its hard to say, but when you use multiple metal components in rigs (and often different metals) I think the latter may be true to a degree... my young apprentice is a dedicated fan of the Ronnie and we all know it works, but I think the Multi has almost the same presentation without the attendant mix of metals... I think I shall experiment with the multi and the Ronnie side by side and see if one outscores the other.... I will even go as far as using plasticine as the weight, so the only metal content on the multi is the hook and therefore offers no scope to create a magnetic field...
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