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  1. Interlok sticks and buzz bars... reassuringly expensive and VERY good quality... also they fit into my Fox micro pod and stage stands... Job done...👍
  2. I heard on the grapevine that Prestige have been bought out by Korda... expect huuuuge price increases from Saint Danny of Fairbrass's mob if that is the case...
  3. Sorry for the manky mat shot, but little so and so led me a merry dance... 15lb 7oz of pure mischief... only fish all day, but a nasty fight that took me round an island... had to wait it out till it came out into open water again
  4. Took my 87 year old Father in Law today... he caught an Eel bless him I had this... and a small Ghostie on a feeder rod
  5. 1960 early 70's they were Apollo Taperflashes
  6. A Shakespeare Alpha 9'6" Polystel Leger rod... Circa 1978 Going to be for bomb and feeder work, possibly target a few F1 carp too
  7. Del's a lovely bloke, but he's madder than a bucket of soapy frogs... I've done some coaching days at Chelmsford AA with him (I'm a qualified coach I was club coach for about 7 years) Drones are a pain inna chuff... often wish I'd brought my air pistol when I see em
  8. I only use the ratchet on my pins when they are in the rest and cast out... if you want noise there's Drones, mallet man, bait boat boy, alarms on full twonk, and Derek Ritchie ( now there's a noisy so and so... fireworks, house music and "other distractions" You'd not know I was there... softlee softlee catchee monkee
  9. When they found out they can add another £50 to the price for very little cost to themselves... sorry... I'm on of lifes cynics...😜😎
  10. Just buy screw point banksticks... my Interlok stick have them... quality stuff and not cheap though
  11. Still got my ATTS's cracking alarms for the money... mine are pimped with matching colour wheels and isotopes
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