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  1. Getting pellets right is dead easy.... soak for 1 minute per mm of size... (2mm = 2 mins) then spread out in a tub, but keep covered with a damp cloth so they don't dry out.... then use a mould to form the ball with the hookbait in the mould first... add a drop of either lava or goo and lob it out
  2. sounds like you smashed the bejaysus out of it... well done Ian
  3. I fished it many years ago... blanked, it's an expensive day ticket (well it was back in 2001) I'd say you are better off finding something more prolific offsite...
  4. My sis and her two daughters live up there... (Walkden) just heard they are all okay... plod say they know who did it... so why wasn't the scum picked up... its time we adopted the American way and detained em first inkling they get of ANY involvement
  5. What a bind... I joined too late to get in on this (or was it invite only?) get on the zigs lads gutted I can't join in... love a good social me... tight lines fellahs
  6. Actually dear chap one wears a set of stout brogues with a smoking jacket... but my 'man' had forgotten to pack them... worry not, I had him soundly thrashed with a goodly twitch of Birch... he'll not make that mistake again... of that you may rest assured
  7. Fox warrior and a Wychwood riot 65
  8. And there's no excuse for not looking tidy on the bankside now is there.....? I even had an Anti-Macasser on the pillow
  9. I had to retire them... I lost the big one and I can't use an incomplete set
  10. Wow.... Westlife have let 'emselves go ain't they
  11. I think that I may sometimes go OTT with my obsession for neatness....
  12. spaghetti.... hair rig as normal and use a shortpiece of spag as the stop like you used to with a grass stalk... or use some of the bait screws that are available, although I've not used them, so I can't say one way or another if they are any good
  13. and therein lies the clue... it's all to easy to turn up and lob out a bomb with a 16mm boilie with a nice spread of freebies and sit on it all day without a bite, then moan that the water's rubbish after the fact... you only get out what you put in
  14. It's a method (sic) that I'll be using more... a lot of the match lads use 10mm baits and a blob of Goo to good effect... the only downside that I see, is that it is a very active way of fishing.... chucking it out and sitting on it for an hour doesn't really work... it's a chuck every few minutes, as you have to build up a bed of attraction on the deck.... and not really effective in deeper water as the pellets/groundbait falls off on the drop