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  1. They don't work either... my good lady snores fit to bust and we bought a memory foam pillow with an identical profile.... save your money
  2. Hardly compact either Yonnie... it also slopes down at the back meaning you've as much room as an ordinary brolly at the back... & the one man is bigger than my 2 man JRC STi with the extended porch on it... it's mahoosive and a mickey take with the price
  3. Anyone go this weekend...? a few of the big names were conspicuous by their absence this year.... Trakker, Mainline, Greys, to name a few.... still the show was heaving when I got there at 10.30 this morning... Bought a boilie chopper from NGT for a tenner, one of their Tackle Banks for a fiver and some Rubber/Plastic baits from the Gunki stand for my drop-shotting... Laughed my socks off at the barefaced front of RidgeMonkey's £1000, £1250, and £1500 bivvies.... utter joke...! Tons of Pop-up bait companies, and by that I mean "here today, gone tomorrow" types... a few names, faces, & mates.... Had a natter, had a wander around, had me foot run over by a lass with a pram (why...?) had a right laugh at some of the prices for old tat and slobbered over the new Sonik Xtactors... an okay way to spend a Sunday morning, specially as the wife dropped me off and picked me up afterwards (I only live 8 miles away from the place) Home for a nice cuppa decent tea that didn't cost nigh on £2 (rip off)... always moan about it, but go every year... Ho Hum....
  4. I've tried a lot of glugs, flavours, potions, mixes, my own thoughts are, that if they give you confidence... go for it... Marmite is one that still manages to pull a fish in occasionally, I have a fridge full of the things and I rarely use them... I goo up pellets for feeder work but rarely use them nowadays for carping....
  5. To be fair I've not used my Dwarf carbon rods since July last year... I mainly fish with cane in all codes now... guess I'm regressing... MkIV's Sharpes'9' Sealey Floatcaster DeLuxe... I've dallied with cane for the last 6 years... I think this year could see me turn totally to the dark side
  6. Sharpe's 8' Dawson's Medina 8' and a pair of Abu444a's... atcherlee...🤣😋😎👍
  7. A couple of hours with a bit of cane today... no joy but didn't really expect it with the frost...
  8. They don't... simple answer... wife had one of the same design...she's chronic snorer... if you snore you'll snore whatever pillow you use...a special gumshield that pulls the bottom jaw forward works to a degree and lessens the noise, but she still snores... save £13 quid plus P&P unless yer a complete tart of course...😋🤣😎👍
  9. I have a pair of Nash Dwarfs, 9' 2.75lb's the butt section and middle telescope... never had a problem with them... previously I had a pair of Dam 12' 2.5lb full telescopics... cracking rods they were... had them for about 14 years... never a problem
  10. Welcome to the forum buddy...👍😎
  11. I only use a barrow if I'm on a long stay & bivvying up... a wide boy and bivvy ain't lightweight... although my day kit weighs 3/5ths of naff all.... can't understand these blokes that advocate being mobile yet taking the kitchen sink on a barrow... By the time they've loaded the barrow I'm in me swim and getting my first chuck in... The barrow I have is a Nash Trax Micro... breaks down into smaller bits and is very nifty... don't think they make em any more though
  12. There is also the point that very few lake beds are flat and using the video's coloured layer as the solution in normal circumstances, it would collect in depressions an hollows as it flows down slopes and into gulleys so what you would get are pockets of concentrated spots.... also these pockets would see a change in the surrounding pH of the water
  13. there is also that fact that anglers rarely use a saturated solutions (did I see undissolved salt in the glass before it was added to the pva bag?) also that the premise of carp liking salt is down to the fact that nutrients in the floor of the lake bed can make the pH different in that area, so even a small amount would trigger a slight pH imbalance and possibly entice a carp to feed... for me, it's a moot point however, as I for one don't use salt in my carping, the fact that salt is used as a preservative in boilies is enough for me, (addendum....) I don't think carpers should be adding salt to baits in large volumes, as I too have concerns over it's use, but let's not confuse the fact that it can work, my concern stems from people seeing it on youtube or some such video and emulating it on a grander scale thinking "Oh well a bit more won't hurt" the media need to emphasise the possible dangers from the outset before advocating the use of a possible poison
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