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  1. NGT make an 8' 2lb stalking rod... its cheaper than chips (about 20 quid) not a looker but a mate has one and it does the job
  2. Still running... another 4 or 5 days yet
  3. Naaaah... my young apprentice has a pair of the 6' Xtractors My Nash 9' Dwarfs loook waaaaay better...🤣🤣🤣😜
  4. Korda's Ali Hamidi did a starters manual giving info and guidance to budding carpers Its called Ali Hamidi's Carp Fishing Masterclass... its very good and deals with carping from starting out to expert level
  5. Well I was going to have this, but the so and so has changed it to an auction rather than buy it now....☹
  6. Its purely a float rod... (meant as a first proper rod for lads) lines of about 3 or 4lbs and its up For £50 on "buy it now" plus postage... I think Wal's work would be about £100 to refurb rewhip and straighten it (if needed) gotta say though, I think the ad is a tad wrong... a Lucky Strike is normally 10'6 and this rod is advertised as 9'.... it could be that the seller has guesstimated the rods length rather than actually measuring it...
  7. I'm having to resist the call of ebay and amazon at the mo... my young apprentice is buying up supplies like they are going out of fashion and is complaining he's skint.... and SWMBO has banned me from buying any more split cane despite a lovely Allcocks Lucky Strike going for £50 plus postage on the bay of e😭
  8. Can you go through your gear in a week...☹
  9. It amazes me the amount of folks trying to find a way round all the bans and gatherings.... WTFlip do they think this virus is....? Its a killer ferchrissakes... there is a very good chance you can die if you get it.... I want to slap some folks rigid with some of the rubbish I've heard
  10. Few inlines, few 1oz, couple of 2oz and some 2.5oz... think theres 3 of each... Couple of micro inlines too just for summat different
  11. My kit looks like that... I took 1lb 3oz out of me lead bag t'other day
  12. It was Yonny.... and I'm a fan of Rod's stuff... if someone had finished it for him it would have been okay but it's ending was just abrupt and left the book incomplete
  13. Not about carp per se but with a few nods to it.... have a read of Rob Olsen's "Waterlust" Finished Rod Hutchinson's "Before I forget" and whilst the start of the book was great it was rather picture heavy and was basically unfinished and cut off without much preamble.... sad to see Rod meet his maker, but I think that this is a book that should not have been published as it is, but completed by a close friend or family or not at all.....
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