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  1. Oh well... its a ride out I s'pose...😛🤣
  2. May pop over for a look see... Harlow's not too far from me...
  3. My receiver coating has gone manky after about 10 years use... but its in a case so its not an issue
  4. Zackley... been carping since the mid-late 70's... stuff changes, tech moves on... do what you like (within reason) hell... I sometimes don't use hair rigs, or leads.... go figure... carping has got too formulaic as time's moved on.... I'll pass ta
  5. Good luck to those that chose that route... I will say though that there should be an element of mystery about fishing and with every advance in technology that element diminishes... eventually to the point where it's not "wonder if I'll catch" but more... "wonder if my catch will be bigger than the last" and to me the allure of angling will have died when that happens.... My view... don't take offence
  6. Ooooh that gap twixt the islands looks inviting
  7. See Angling Direct are doing the Fishspy camera for £59.99 instead of £264... bargain if you are that way inclined
  8. I still have a Nash Trax Micro sitting in me shed... not used it in about 4 years... I use my old match platform that now has been fitted with 4 wheels and high handles so you can just push it along, as opposed to lift and push... my bedchair fits on it better as well.. with everything inside the legs of the chair... bit of a beast but it does the job admirably
  9. As a general rule of thumb, if the fish only run to doubles, I use stepped up match gear... over 20lb I use proper carp gear... fishing a lighter softer rod will alleviate any damage in smaller fish... plenty of stepped up match rods, float or feeder, that are perfectly capable of landing doubles.... 3000 for float and 4000 size reels for feeder is plenty for carp up to mid doubles
  10. Is the race circuit still at 3 Sisters.....? I used to Marshall up there in the 90's...
  11. Have a look at the Daiwa SS2600, not a baitrunner but a lovely stalking reel... the 4000 baitrunner is a good one too (especially the 4000 Aero X)
  12. Small carp have much softer mouths and are more susceptible to damage... if the fish don't go over 20lbs in the water I'd consider a softer rod and lighter line... the thing with using a 15lb mainline is with small carp you tend to get em in quick so the damage could be occurring at that point... and if, as I said, the fish don't grow much over mid double size then I'd say that a 2.75lb rod is a bit heavy... I'm sure other lads will have their own theories... but thats mine for what its worth
  13. Me new (ish) Bobber 1200... Vance and Hines cans & fuelling booster plug....
  14. Out for a play on mine today....
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