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  1. Is this a good thing or bad.... what do you Guys (and Gals ) think...?
  2. I said LOOK aggressive... didn't say WAS... I remember many years ago I wanted shooting rights on a bit of land locally... so me and a mate went along to see the owner to broach the question... the owner was somewhat reticent, but I went along in a Jacket and trousers, my mate went along with his cammo gear on, we asked politely and told him of the benefits of less vermin and pests on his land etc, etc, the upshot...? I was allowed to shoot... my mate wasn't, I asked the owner a while later why my mate wasn't allowed on his land and his reply was "I don't want aggressive commando types running round here with a gun"... it's perceptions like that, that I'm referring to...
  3. I use both.... Daiwa Sensor for Carp fishing and The Hyper Sensor on club matches in the match kit... like it... although the Hyper sensor gets a tad curly if you slide shot or rubber stoppers up and down it... I used to use infinity Duo, Loved it... but I can't seem to find a stockist any more... perhaps it's been discontinued
  4. Sadly, this was at 8am in the morning and he'd driven to the venue.. this is the sort of "angler" (and I use the term loosely) that we could well do without... I also feel that too much Cammo tends to look aggressive, plain greens for me (despite owning a cammo winter suit)
  5. my last trip out I noticed that the latest bankside fashion was a vest, shorts that stopped a mere 5" above the ankles, flip flops, a six foot rod with a tiny reel, a case of Stella and a greeting of "gissa bitta bait fellah"...! Much as I'm keen to help out... if you can afford a case of Stella you can afford a bit of bait... for some reason, said Neanderthal seemed to take offence at that reply and walked off down the lake in search of the next victim to ponce off of (despite a tackle shop on the venue).... Sigh... the folk of t'day
  6. Make your hookers stand out... plenty of leakage and flavour... try areas away from the beaten track/known swims
  7. for starter kit you can't go far wrong... as others have said, as you get more accustomed to using the gear, you will find it's limitations... I concur with the other chaps that for terminal gear, it's just not worth buying cheap... as it's the last three feet of your gear that will catch you the fish... go for a named and trusted brand
  8. Aah feel the need....! The need fo' Tweed....
  9. Just had the link from Angling Direct for the Aqua stacker boxes.... what an absolute rip off... Aqua....! you ought to be ashamed of yourselves, the prices are not just a rip off they are taking the proverbial... The cheapest is £29.99... you can buy the same boxes from Solent Plastics for half that price just because it's green and has your name stamped on the lid is no excuse for a blatant rip off... this is exactly the sort of behaviour that makes me avoid your products...!
  10. Okay... lets look at this rationally... Scope/Dwarf rods....? Because they are telescopic... now to do with tele sights... ops bivvies/brollies... well the original ops/recon brollies were green ( nowt said about em then) then they brought out a black version with a muted cammo pattern and called it a 'Black ops' nowt to do with a black operation its cos the brolly is mainly black... lets have a bit of rationality here... its not about targetting kids with xboxes its about naming a brand for its properties... nobody mentioned the Ops brand until it was brought out in a black cammo... and as an aside... I own an Indulgence Wide Boy bed chair does this mean I'm an opulent fat wap.... (oh and I'm 6'1" and weigh 12.5 stones) just so you know...! I understand we all have opinions, but lets have a bit of rationality here guys
  11. I think some folk are being too sensitive... I bought the brand because I wanted compact gear... I'm too old to play xbox games... wouldn't know how anyway...didn't even get the reference I am old enough to respect our and others forces however... but avoiding a whole brand because of its products names ? Blimus.... chill people...
  12. Its called market targetting... all the companies do it to a greater or lesser degree... some of the names of Poles make me laugh out loud.... but theres nowt in the name if the product is total pants... if you can see the quality of a product, should the name matter... ?
  13. Taking the name out of the equation, the bigger of the two brollies (can't remember if its the 'Ops or The Recon) is the dogs danglies... had one for two seasons... its not the black material, just plain green, but it packs down small and goes up in minutes and really is a nice bit of kit... If you want a shelter that will pack up small enough to fit in the boot with the rods, it fits the bill perfectly... Nash gear has come on loads in the last few years and TBH having been fishing for the amount of time I have, I'm not easily pleased...
  14. this is one of the reasons why I turn to a forum for info on gear... the denizens therein are (hopefully) without agenda and give an honest review, unhindered by the pressing weight of biased reporting for fear of revenue loss... This is the main reason that I decided not to pursue a career in the angling press... the hipocrisy of it all, that and the outright lies that are produced when an angler blanks on a feature (seen it done and read the reports afterwards)
  15. This was the production I applied to... I spoke at length with Karl on the matter and no matter how you defend it, it's wrong... his own defence was that bad products don't get reviewed