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  1. bluelabel

    What is your newest purchase

    Naaah it comes in a PVA sachet... just hook it and lob it out😎😜
  2. bluelabel

    A Fool And His Eel

    By Mark Walsingham (aka Skeff) of the golden scale club... A superb book, charting his beginnings as a young angler, to the work for the national trust, to the acquisition of Ashmead.... buy it... you'll not be disappointed
  3. bluelabel

    Would you rather........

    If the water was that crowded I'd turn round and go home... there's always some winkle that wants to cast into your water, or plot up too close on arrival, or complain you are on their bait when you cast out...
  4. bluelabel

    June catch reports

    @crusian_1994 Funnily enough I tried to view it on my Mobile (android) and the pic wouldn't load.... it's a dropbox file and I can view it in my dropbox account but not posted within the Carp forum
  5. bluelabel

    Dropping leads and it's impacts

    I would have thought that Stonze in a solid bag setup would cast any distance you wanted.... given the short distances I fish at, I'm slowly going over to the Stonze product...
  6. As an all rounder I think that Carpers and Matchmen have a lot to learn from each other.... to lay the blame of mouth damage at the door of matchmen solely is inflammatory at best... I see loads of "Carpers" on commercial puddles with 3.5lb T/C rods and 15lb line where the fish rarely go above mid doubles... and call the fish soft mouthed when the hook tears out because they don't know how to play fish properly on such heavy gear... I have landed carp to 16lb on the pole (with a puller top two) with no mouth damage at all (other than the usual hook mark) on size 16 elastic which is very light considering the elastics nowadays go up to size 30, the fish went back fine after being weighed and given time to recover in the net... (not in a keep net) And Matchmen would do well to heed the carpers ways of handling fish with larger landing nets, weigh ins at half time to avoid stressing the fish, and not tip them wholesale into weigh-buckets
  7. bluelabel

    June catch reports

    Had this on a freelined prawn last sunday... 17lb 4oz... Spent the day bundled up in a back brace as I'd pulled my Sacro ligament... blooming murder it is... this made the pain worthwhile though... tackle was a Sharpe's 8' Split cane Stalking/Spinning rod and the reel is a Mordex Merlin loaded with 10lb... hook size 8, with a small prawn flicked out close to a lily pad on our Club Water
  8. bluelabel

    Small now wheel trolly.

    Doubles as a decent chair too😉
  9. bluelabel

    What is your newest purchase

    From Nash.... brush off loose debris & damp sponge any heavily soiled areas and dry off in a warm room, then spray with febreze to freshen up... DO NOT DRY CLEAN nor machine wash... hope this helps
  10. bluelabel

    Small now wheel trolly.

    Nash trax micro... crackin bit o kit
  11. bluelabel

    Euroswinger help !!!

    Give fox a call they carry them in stock and will post out to you... think they charge about a fiver each
  12. bluelabel

    2 Man Bivvy

    Lol... tis deffo a comfy crib tho'.... The extended wrap allows me to get ALL me kit stowed inside, even the barrow
  13. bluelabel

    2 Man Bivvy

    Ditto that... had mine donkeys years now... the extended winter wrap is a doosey... I always get enquiries whether I have planning permission for it...
  14. bluelabel

    What is your newest purchase

    yup.... know that feeling, walk into a tackle shop for a few bits and bobs and then when you get to the till you're hit with a bill for 50 quid plus and you do the age old double take.... usually in deep shock and then you feel your wallet quivering in your pocket.... Yup... deffo know that feeling
  15. bluelabel

    What is your newest purchase

    Not yet... I go 9th - 11th July... looking forward to that one....!!!