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  1. having a hook size rule in my opinion is pointless (sic) because most manufacturers have their own sizes.... and one companies 10 is another's 8 or some such... so what is the point of having a rule to regulate hooksizes when the manufacturers hooksizes are non standard
  2. On the bank tea (Yorkshire)or soup... in the pub or at home... any decent ale (no lagers) Adnams Broadside Hobgoblin Whitstable Bay Proper Job And shorts... Vodka (natch) A good single malt Southern Comfort JD Single Barrel....
  3. Given the lack of bailiff attendance on some waters I have to question any rules on some of these commercials... one venue I used to use the bloke came round took the money and wobbled off... no rig checks at all and it seems that a lot of waters are the same... just what is the point in having a nicely painted board with a carefully drawn up list of rules designed to protect the fish's welfare when the bailiff chuggs round on a quad and can't even be bothered to get off the quad to take your cash let alone check your rigs
  4. cheers fellah...πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž good to be in the land of the living again
  5. Saved hundreds.... thousands even.... bought nowt....! saw a pole that was Β£2,000 last month get upped to Β£2,699 the week before Black Friday and then reduced to to Β£2,399 for the sale... so with that in mind all I can suggest is do your homework a month or so before and plan your purchases accordingly
  6. Really appreciate your efforts today Boss... It's been a bit of a mare for a while now Cheers,πŸ‘
  7. No... an Onion Handle, B James of London in immaculate original condition... and an Abu 444a also mint with a free reel bag
  8. thats it... I'm back proper likeπŸ‘
  9. I now have 3 logons.... this one , captainsmirnoff and Bluelabel, can a mod or admin delete the captainsmirnoff and blob99 and reset my bluelabel account please.... many thanks Bluelabel
  10. To any Mods who can help... I can't sign in... I have two logons one as captainsmirnoff and one as Bluelabel (I created the captainsmirnoff one after I had trouble logging in once before) can someone delete the captainsmirnoff login and send me a password reset on the email registered with Bluelabel please....? Many thanks
  11. Not with tongues anyway... that's plain pervertedπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‹
  12. Abu 444a and a B James MkIV Avon... can't have either till Christmas so the wife has decreed....πŸ˜₯
  13. Lost my parents years ago... my Dad in 2011 & my Mum went a few years back on 31st Nov so we are coming up to the anniversary of her passing... its always a hard time, doesn't matter how tough you think you are, but the passing of a loved one is a hard thing to face up to.... especially Fathers.... as young lads we always think our Dads are tough, invincible, superheroes, who can shrug off anything and come back for more... it kinda stays with us, he fought cancer bravely and with dignity, until that fateful day.... When I lost my parents I was lucky, with a loving, supportive wife and family and a hobby I could immerse myself into, things were hard, but I got on with it and got through it relatively well... some don't fare so well... Yonny and Emmcee and Snowmanstevo, my deepest condolences... take care lads, if you need to talk just drop me a PM
  14. @Carpbell_ll they do take the edge off the cold and there's five or six candles in there too... the case gets very got and radiates.... get the 8 hour candles off Amazon (you may even be able to get 12hour candles) A hot water bottle is a good idea.... stick it at the bottom of your bag to keep yer feet warm... better still take a couple... don't buy the ones with carp tax... save yer money (unless you really want a cammo one) just get any one... they all do the same job...πŸ‘
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