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  1. I hate technology... I have had issues with the win 10, 1709 creators fall upate on my pc... 21 times now its tried to download and install this ####### and to be honest I'm about to launch the thing out the window(sic) It takes a day (wella couple of hours anyway) to download and a whole day to attempt installation and when it gets to 82% the thing hangs and stays hung... even Microsoft can't fix it... the pc has now gone away to have an SSD drive and a fresh win 10 install and use the 2tb hdd as a data drive... posting from my phone and I can just about make out the tiny text on this thing... I hate getting old... and as I approach 60 my patience wears thin at the slightest hold up that can be avoided... for those waiting for my Redmire write up, I aplogise for the delay I'll sort it out once I get the pooter back working... All the best chaps, tight lines
  2. Margin rig?

    A lot of my margin work is less than a foot from the bank... its about staying back and quiet... The thing is too many folk are formulaeic about carping... leave the leads and clips behind... fish see them all the time... same with hair rigged boilies.... try a small bed of hemp and corn or cibed meat and a couple of grains/cubes on a hook rather than a hair... it works for match anglers, so why not carpers...? Dare to be different
  3. Margin rig?

    Probably approx £100... maybe more, they come up on scam bay quite often... the Sharpes "Scottie" logo is what you need to look for... these are the resin impregnated rods and are quite tough... they also made a 9' version... another margin rod would be a Youngs of Harrow Carp Margin... a somewhat rarer beast with a matching price tag... if you find a tatty 8' Sharpes for silly money, drop me a pm and I can put you in touch with a superb builder/restorer...
  4. Margin rig?

    At £2k a pop for his rods and a year's waiting list... I'll stick with my Sharpe's 8' stalking/spinning rod and Speedia wide drum for my marginal work... I'm writing up my trip and hopefully sorting out my pics, so at some point I'll post an account of the trip... my mate had 6 fish out for the week, one of which was a superb 14lb linear... but sadly the water is choccah with Ghost Koi... hopefully the proposed work will sort Redmire out, as it's a shadow of its former self at the mo... albeit still full of history and character...
  5. Margin rig?

    Short cane rod, centerpin reel, 10lb line, 3 swan shot for casting weight, size 14 hook, two grains of corn = 12lb common stalked out of the dam at Redmire... margins are my hunting ground... stay well back in cover, don't have the rods over the water and above all... BE QUIET...
  6. Sleeping bag cleaning...?

    Well I called Nash this morning and they said, hand wash only and dry in an airing cupboard.... Warm soapy sponge and dry off then Febreze it is then...
  7. Sleeping bag cleaning...?

    Yup.... certainly is... just had a txt chat with the chap organising it... meeting up at Jo's Cafe at 10am and travelling in in convoy into Llangarron after a brekky. I'm writing a journal and if I have owt I'll do some pics and do a proper write up on my return...
  8. Sleeping bag cleaning...?

    No label... hence the question.... I think it'll get a wash when I get home on the 14th... I may give the lads at Nash a shout when I get home, it is.... "Very Whiffy" It's been opened out and left on an airer for a day, then I'll give it the febreze treatment on monday, then another air out and back on the Wideboy for Tuesday night....
  9. Sleeping bag cleaning...?

    Sweaty feet... my last long session was a 3 dayer on my syndi... and the bag is quite a few years old without any cleaning... gonna have to do it after my next trip though... off on Weds so it wouldn't be dry in time
  10. Sleeping bag cleaning...?

    Sounds like a plan....
  11. Sleeping bag cleaning...?

    I have a Nash Frostbite Wideboy All Season bag and its getting a tad..."Funky"... any ideas/tips on cleaning & drying...? Thanks in advance
  12. Is anyone braving it...?

    Out at Docklow last weekend... Redmire next weds.... if it ain't frozen, its fishable... you won't catch on the sofa.... ( yes I know you can blank in the warm) but how satisfying would a fish from a snow rimmed lake be...?... be a lovely picture too... get out there.... blimus... I'm 60 in July... all you young bucks should be out there smashing it... seems I'm showing you all up
  13. What is your newest purchase

    I spent the weekend freezing me plums off at Docklow.... net result 1x F1.... 1 Gudgeon.... 1x1lb Roach and a snotty skimmer... lost a lump and broke an eye on a vintage rod.... drank loads, ate loads, and next week I'll be out on the bank for a whole week.... winter.... hah... get out there... you gotta be in it to win it
  14. What is your newest purchase

    I'm hoping the weather breaks for the 7th March... I'm on the water for a whole week... The last thing I need is for Redmire to have a lid on it the week I go
  15. What is your newest purchase

    3kg of CSI crab & chilli 15mm and a tub of 10mm peach and orange popups for my Redmire trip in just over a weeks time.