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  1. if you use a mobile you can get a mobile phone clamp and a mini tripod from the pound shop and then set you phone's camera to "voice command" and do your self takes that way
  2. I was.... I had a bad tempered squelch back to the car and turned the heater up to "Solar Flare" and drove home... I considered mesulf lucky, now I have some unfinished business with a Huge Brown Trout of approx 4-6lbs
  3. Ten minutes after taking this pic I went in up to my waist and my boots still didn't touch the bottom.... I was hanging onto a bucking rod with one hand and the scaffold pole of the platform with the other... The rod was bucking due to the blooming great Brown Trout I had on the end... it went behind the rushes on the right of the pic and I tried to follow it and went in.... The Trout got hung up in the rushes and got off whilst I struggled to stop meself sinking into 9' of cold water with wellies and an oversuit on...
  4. I was just using the figures for illustration... in reality all those scenarios add up to a small increase in confidence, but any increase in ones confidence on a water is to be grabbed with both hands, even just a single percent... I took that ethic from my old match days where any edge over ones opponent is an edge to ones advantage
  5. for me confidence is all about percentages... let me explain New bait that's cleaning up everywhere + 20% New sneaky rig they've (hopefully) not seen + 30% New swim where you've seen em feeding + 10% All your gear and rigs sorted ready to go + 10% Catch reports are saying its fishing well + 20% Got the water to yourself + 10% it all adds up to total confidence.... don't mean you'll catch mind😎👍🤣
  6. Cheers Elmo...👍 (my missus used to have a horse called Elmo😍😎)
  7. Hi folks... I'm doing the ride on my Thunderbird next weekend any sponsorship you can give will be gratefully received... the link is below... Many thanks👍 https://www.gentlemansride.com/rider/HarryShearman328243?fbclid=IwAR3DpCZ0bYaYw3xqBonEKhzoY3ty36hUfuf0OyQtVHcCs7Q3PGh8bRBKTRg (hope this is okay with the management)
  8. I tried organising a social on the now defunct (s'why I'm here) Crafty Carper forum.... it's like herding cats... I gave up in the end... go out and do what you want yerself... that said an old workmate got in touch earlier on this week and we are going to have a day on Ashlyns in North Weald... chew the fat... have a rap and see if we can winkle one out... done 4 trips there blanked every time... turns out its a 365 day a year maggot water... couple of pints o' grubs... and some pva and maggot clips... even if I blank... we'll be 'avin' a social.... wish me luck👍😎
  9. glad to see it's a decent brew you have there... not some horrid lager pee😎😍
  10. I prefer running lines... in fact all my bottom fishing is done with a running line... I also don't subscribe to using really heavy leads for running line work either.. preferring to use only just enough lead to get my rig into position
  11. if you really have to fish this water I'd target the shallower parts as they warm up the quickest on a cold but sunny day.... otherwise go with Yonny's advice👍
  12. One of the things I found out yesterday was that top sponsored anglers (in whatever field of their sport) are expected to publish results in soshul meeja to publicise that sponsors products... I suppose when you get down to it, there really isn't such a thing as a free lunch.... but it adds to the workload, when you get in from a hard days fishing, be it match, carp, fly, or sea and you have to write up the events of the day, not forgetting to mention the sponsor's products every few lines... That said, for a while I was sponsored by a local tackle shop as an NFA/AT coach, and although social media wasn't as prevalent then as now, there was an expectation that recommendations be made and results published in the angling press... it all adds to the pressure that you put yourself under and since packing in coaching and match fishing I have found my catch rates have gone up, as I do not feel the need or be pressured to try every trick in the book to get that bite or weight... now I just enjoy the day for what it is... and if I blank my bottom off in the process...? so what...? it's been a day out in the fresh air with flora and fauna to look at... tight lines👍
  13. My Optonics are circa 1981... still going strong🤣😎
  14. Mine are fine.... after 7 years I'd have expected problems but non have surfaced so far.... still on the original batteries.... "Bad-um-tish" (where's the little drummer smiley when you need him...🤣)
  15. ATTs work under water... couldn't afford the top flight Delkims and heard they take a fair bit of setting up, so went with the Gardner ATTS... £250 for 3 alarms and receiver had them 7 years now, nary a glitch... having said that they'll go pear shaped next time out... My old Optonics are still going strong too... although they don't fare so well if it pee's down
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