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  1. When they found out they can add another £50 to the price for very little cost to themselves... sorry... I'm on of lifes cynics...😜😎
  2. Just buy screw point banksticks... my Interlok stick have them... quality stuff and not cheap though
  3. Still got my ATTS's cracking alarms for the money... mine are pimped with matching colour wheels and isotopes
  4. Me QD5500's all sorted, one turn of the cap from locked to freespool or vice versa
  5. Future fishing, Newark... they also do customising I'm told
  6. Big up to these lads in the reel servicing dept.They managed to resurrect my busted Wychwood QD5500 and convert both to a quick drag system instead of that utter pile of poo that comes as standard...The reels themselves are okay it was Wychwoods drag caps that failed... a pants design that was utterly useless and damn fiddly to preset properlyFuture fishing have fitted the caps from ESP reels and fitted their ICE washer system so it comes back as a reliable quick drag...Cheers lads
  7. There is one at North Weald Airfield near me... I think its a retired, or early version, or possibly one who'se airframe has limited life... its part of the warbird squadron... tough birds... love em... them and Warthog A10's
  8. Nope... they screw anti clockwise to set into position... cast well though... the original Big Pit reel... probably about the size of a 4000 size spool...😛🤣
  9. A pair of 455mm buzz bars from interlok... (just the bars) it was too much of a squeeze getting 3 alarms on a 2 rod buzz bar ... Swapped over the bar furniture and alarms, all bar the middle are adjustable, I can use a single bankstick mount , goalpost style, or mount them on a pod... best of all worlds... £9.50 each plus P&P... dead chuffed
  10. Apache Longbows if I'm not mistaken... no idea about the rods...😏 nice pic though...👍
  11. Prices rocketed when the supposed fuel shortage arrived... didn't drop back once fuel stated pumping again though did they....? prices rocketed when that tanker got stuck... didn't go back down again though did they...? prices rocketed after lockdown... idiots trying to recoup losses they'll never see and lose customers in the meantime and they'll not lower them again will they...? as a case in point, prices all over europe have gone up so its not just Brexit... what excuse are some of these morons going to jump on next as an excuse to put prices up further I wonder...??? Addendum... Sunak cut fuel duty... what did the fuel companies do... put the price up... greed... nowt but greed
  12. All fishing tackle has rocketed sadly... to be fair a lot of it is greed with no earthly reason for adding a phone number to the price of a mundane bit of kit Example... trakker kettle... £19... go outdoors £4.99 their gas stoves... £44... Bulin stoves from Amazon (same stove) £25... you gotta shop around... Some of NGT stuff isn't bad (luggage mainly) but don't bother with their rods or terminal gear Bank Tackle is good on price and quality, New Direction isn't bad either...
  13. Getting a tad crowded in there... gonna order a pair of Interlok 455mm 3 rod bars... all the fittings on the bars will slide off the old bars and onto the new ones, so only 2 bare bars needed, rather than bars and fittings... £9.50 each plus P&P...
  14. Ouch... thats gonna sting... and a pox on the person who's had it away with them
  15. Oh well... blanketty blank cheque book for me... slow pack up then home... at least its only a seven miles away... much prefer smaller waters if I'm honest... not a fan of big open ressies
  16. Well... my plans for a bed of bait are out of the window... my mate Bully and I managed to get two swims as two lads pulled off... so according to them they blanked and spodded about 5kg per rod over 2 days.. so singles and small glugged bags it is then... gonna wind one in in a bit and put on a Zig... got about 12' in front of us on clear gravel... fingers crossed
  17. Big gaffe this... 24 acres, in the teeth of an easterly that is quite cool... ya have to drop in where you can due to rule breakers and stroke pullers... Seen two fish topping... but we're well off them...
  18. Rods out, bivvy up feet up... knackered... Place is rammed...
  19. Only 1 rod to be used for zigs at Berners, one of mine will be out about 6-8' off the deck
  20. So... heres a question... doing a 48 from tuesday the weather is high pressure with 18°daytime 3° overnight... is it worth using hemp oil in my mix (sticky manilla boilies 12/16mm, hemp, maggots, corn, tigers and pellets) or should I stick with the Cloudy Manilla juice...? ( or a bit of both...?)
  21. I'll be adding a handful or two of tigers to my mix on Tuesday... just so there's an extra option for a change bait...
  22. Just started loading me car... I'm doing 2 days... I'm sure I took less for a week on Redmire...😳 gotta try and lighten me kit...😒 Gotta get a smaller stove first off, and a smaller long stay bag... smaller food bag... The actual fishing side is already as compact as its going to get... the wideboy has got to go... it weighs a ton, especially with a 5 season frostbite bag on it...😳 If I fished the way I wanted to fish I'd have a ton less bait too, but the accepted method on Berners is for a big bed of bait... so spod rod/reel/Spombs/pellets/nuts/maggots, 3 kg of boilies sigh...!!!...
  23. Bottle of Manilla glug and a Nash 10l water bottle... me old one had a leaky cap and was a bit "Mossy" inside🤢
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