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  1. Can't stand the constant inane drivel... really go out of my way to avoid him
  2. Better than Robson Green though...πŸ˜›
  3. 🀣🀣🀣nicked...πŸ‘
  4. Get in touch with New Direction, they're best placed to say one way or another...πŸ‘
  5. Delkims hold their price for ages... good luck finding a cheap set My missus surprised with a set on me birthday this year... been using ATTS's for years with no probs... but the Delks seem fine so far... no issues in using em, not difficult at all... push both buttons to turn off and on the alarms and push all the buttons on the receiver to turn that on... they work as any other... adjust volume and sensitivity to suit, job done... followed the setup vid on youtube... done in minutes Dead chuffed with mine...πŸ‘
  6. In winter their metabolic rate slows as does digestion... less movement means less food required... therefore less protiens and fats needed to maintain condition
  7. I stopped using oiled pellets ages ago... I use coarse pellets as they break down quickly... That said, I've often found that pellets tend to make carp pre-occupied with them... especially micros and flavoured ones more so... I used softened 2mm and Goo-ed pellet in bags, the fish were tearing up the bottom to get every morsel of 2mm pellet, yet ignored the hookbaits... now I use a matching hookbait and pellet glug and I get better results
  8. Yes there are a few... I used one a good few years back... Les Quis is the one I used... they are still going I think "Your Trip - Les Quis" https://www.lesquis.com/your-trip/
  9. Spot on mate... When I blanked I used to beat meself up mentally every time.. "why didn't I catch ? What could I have done differently ? Was I in the wrong spot ? Now if I blank... so what...? Since I took the pressure off I have caught more and enjoyed my sport from an aesthetic point of view taking more notice of nature and surroundings... enjoy the journey as well as the destination...πŸ‘
  10. Putting carbon on the back burner and fishing with vintage gear... best thing by far in all my fishing... I packed up match fishing and started fishing for myself once I stopped using carbon... now pretty much all my fishing is done with old gear... I doesn't catch me more... but I'm happier on my days out now the pressure is off
  11. Theres the Danny Fairbrass Embryo waters up there... my buddy fished The North bank lake last week... few nice fish out... not cheap though
  12. Spoke to one of the local lads as I was leaving and he reckons a year ago they found a tethered line across the water with fixed baits hanging off it and the one with the torn mouth was one of the fish released... There are some right bum holes in this country... I'd happily shoot em
  13. Nice carp, good scrap but its mouth had been badly torn at some point... I wish some folks would learn how to fish properly and care for their catch
  14. Lost one in the pads...☹️
  15. Bank Tackle are pretty good and priced fairly too
  16. I use Wychwood 5500 reels with my 9' 2.75lb dwarfs... work fine and look well nice... ignore the knockers and fish how you want to...πŸ‘
  17. Ours not to reason Why... ours just to catch and buy... ( more)πŸ€£πŸ˜›
  18. Watch out for the frozen corn... it sometimes floats... I tend to use the bulk cheapo tins for spod mixes
  19. Pot noodles or porridge... hi carb slow release keeps you filled up for longer... just add boiling water... or a big packet of choccie suggestives
  20. Had right result yesterday... cleared out my wallet and found an angling direct gift card... went to our local shop with me pal and asked Jim if there was owt on it...? £20 he replied... kilo of 12mm and a kilo of 16mm Sticky Manilla and a tub of pop ups later and 10% off all bait... I was a happy bunny... just a few quid to pay🀩😍🀣
  21. Had ATTS's for ages, love em... wife bought me a set of TXi's for me birthday last month and I love em too... I had Fox's with a wired sounder box back in the day and I still have a set of 3 Optonics... circa 1978-82 ish
  22. Size 4 hook.... big prawn.... no lead.... just fish overdepth some broken prawns and 8mm pellets... hang onto your hat... ( and the rod)
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