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  1. That looks chilly... I packed up today at 1.30 and the air temp was 3.5Β° c... blanketty blank cheque book and pen for me today
  2. Walker being the innovator he was would have been on a bit of carbon and a Ronnie rig...🀣🀣🀣
  3. Cheers chaps... gave me a right dirty long scrap too... totally at odds with most winter fish...
  4. Well y'see there's this daft notion that when you go fishing, you are supposed to try and catch fish... this means using all sorts of baits...πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£
  5. 22lb 6 oz Mirror, on Sharpe's 8' cane rod, Speedia pin and Munch Cream Seed... get out there...🀩
  6. Sharpe 8' and Speedia... A little friend who popped by And making do with split boilie bobbin when you forget your swinger
  7. Spent a few bob pimping my Optonics... leather washers for the bank sticks, stainless stem bolts, snag ears and stainless fixing bolts...
  8. I'll have to get a "Tips Up" shot of the Cane rods and Mitchells next time out.... 🀣 I can remember when it was the old Gerry Savage SU's with Mitchell 300's pointing down at the water on LONG (3 foot) banksticks and Herons with a 2' drop to your squeezy bottle top with an isotope araldited into it... how times change.... yoof o' t'day mutter mutter when I were a lad... moan moan never in my day.... gripe gripe
  9. Much Tartiness...🀣😎
  10. Looks plain daft on a weedless commy thats 4' deep with nary a snag
  11. On three occasions I've fished under power lines and seen plenty of shows but not had a touch
  12. No..... Sunday..... got lots of stuff to do during lockdown, breathe, watch telly, drink, cook, eat, sleep.... repeat as necessary....πŸ˜›πŸ˜ŽπŸ€£
  13. One of my local commercials has a set of power lines running over the lake... the carp seem to congregate under them... can't get a bite mind you
  14. 11' Avon and Match Aerial... blanked and froze me bottom off.... sleet, rain and it tried to snow... so I beat a hasty retreat to the warmth of home
  15. Its not a cheap process.... cheaper than buying a new set though... and they recase your old ones so no more rubber coating peeling off... for a while at least... you can even chose to have the backs with the longer ears so you have inbuilt snag ears
  16. Ooooh you little tempter you.... 🀣
  17. Those aren't Delks, they are old Sundridge Hi/Lo Optonics.. I like my other alarms better they are ATTs, the little dinky ones... My optonics need a set of leads and a sounder box (always a recipe for disaster) to use overnight as they are VERY quiet, gotta say if I fish overnight the ATTs get the nod, but they are quick to swap out
  18. A set of Leather washers to go with my new sticks, and a set of longer screws to fit the snag ears to my Optonics.... And that really is me lot.... unless I can convince the lass that my ATTs's need the underlit conversion (not cheap at Β£27 a pop plus Β£8 postage, plus another Β£7 per alarm to relocate isotopes onto the new backplates) (Gulp).... that's a lot of cash.... I may just leave em as isπŸ€‘
  19. I can go single stick and alarm. Single stick with buzz bars Goalpost with buzz bars And pod with goalposts.... My work here is done.... I have got the best of all worlds (in my opinion natch...😍😍🀣🀣🀣)
  20. Got my new sticks and adapters from Interlok and they are a sweet fit on the Fox Pod....
  21. I have the Fox Black Label Pod (the dinky one) and that's great, (christmas prezzy from the missus years ago) but only when coupled with my Interlok banksticks, buzz bars and goalpost adapters... Seriously... have a look at Interlok bankware... its really nice gear and VERY long lasting... I've had mine 15 years plus and I wouldn't change it Not cheap mind... but then quality rarely is
  22. Tip.... don't leave your bag on the bedchair... I learned the hard way I left my Frostbite Sub Zero 5 season all singing, dancing and tea making bag on my Wideboy ( Fnaaaaar!!!!) and strapped it up to save a bit of time getting set up.... biiiiig mistake.... I froze me bits off... all this does is compact the fibres in the bag and essentially stop it working as it should.... I was told this by a duvet salesman.... he said before you put a bag on the bed chair give it a good shake out to open out the inner fibres and don't sit on the bed as this does the same thing as leaving it on the chair c
  23. Been using pins for carping for the last 8 years (as well as fixed spool reels,) the downside is casting any distance... 30 yards is pretty much at the limit and take a special technique which is hard to master (Wallis casting) One way of getting a rig out is to peel line off the spool onto the grass at your feet and underarm it out.... beware though this can lead to tangles... If stealth is required I use a baiting pole (6mts landing net handle) and put my rig into the spoon and ship it out and drop it into the required spot... this is a dead sneaky way of baiting up.... Most
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