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  1. bluelabel

    Par Fishery

    Hope you like weed... there's plenty of it there
  2. bluelabel


    Yup.... I saw one on the bay go for £335 and refurbed examples for nearly £400, they are highly sought after and not very common... they are more famous for their impregnated fly rods (also labelled as Scotties)
  3. bluelabel


    I bought a Sharpes Scottie 9'3" rod for £40... they're worth in excess of £300
  4. bluelabel

    Lightest smallest baitrunner

    The Okuma Longbow is a 3000 size and is actually smaller and weighs in at 337g (With line ) Dunno if they still make these but I'm sure there is an equivalent model somewhere... these are a good reel too.. got two of em for my feeder rods
  5. bluelabel

    Lightest smallest baitrunner

    its actually quite small... as you can see by the size of my hand and the tape measure, its actually not that heavy either
  6. bluelabel

    Lightest smallest baitrunner

    https://www.tackleuk.co.uk/Shop/ReelsBaitrunnerReels/Daiwa-Regal-BR.htm?a=32424&utm_source=bing-shopping&utm_medium=cpc There you go....👍
  7. bluelabel

    Lightest smallest baitrunner

    Daiwa do a 2500 size runner with a front drag... IIRC they were about £39 (got one for feeder work, come with a spare spool too) Okuma also do one in 3000 size (think they were called Longbow's)
  8. bluelabel

    Preferred and average session lenght

    Day sessions for me nowadays... was a time that a week wasn't long enough... last long session I did was last March... a week on Redmire... damn near killed me... my back isn't up to a long night in a bedchair (collapsed discs) these days and at 60 years old my knee's (osteo arthritis) are not up to lugging loads of gear for a long session, so about 8-10 hours sees me totally cream crackered and laid up for a day or to to recover... god help me if I do a club match, the amount of gear you need for that is making me seriously question my sanity and that's only for 5 hours😲
  9. bluelabel

    Targeting bigger carp

    Target the deeper areas a rod length or two out, (spend a day or two with just a marker rod finding depths) or if the sun is on the water, I would drop a bait in the areas where the sun is on the water for the longest, as it'll warm up quicker...
  10. bluelabel

    Targeting bigger carp

    I often catch larger fish close in, as many anglers rock up to a water and chuck out to an inland or a distant open water spot/feature when in reality the lumps are often under your feet
  11. bluelabel

    Last trip of the year

    Went out yesterday for a Perch or two... caught about a dozen, none bigger than my hand... gave my newly rebuilt Allcocks Wizard a christening along with a Young's Ambidex... floatfished maggot and worm... nowt big but good fun anyway... Happy New Year to all on the Carp Forum
  12. bluelabel

    What rig best to use in winter for silkweed

    I think I'd be inclined to fish a pop up on a 5-8" hooklength straight off the lead... or a naked chod on a longer than usual hooklink
  13. bluelabel

    What did Father Christmas Bring

    A copy of Chris Yates's River Diaries and a copy of The Duke and I by Matt Hayes and an Avid waterproof suit
  14. bluelabel

    Luncheon meat alternative

    Will keep an eye out for that... bet it would be a good additive grated into a spod mix...!
  15. bluelabel

    Your favourite capture

    My first fish on cane and pin... a cute little Wildie.... The rod is my MkIV (pre-rebuild) and the reel is an Allcock's Arielite (circa 1937)
  16. bluelabel

    Your favourite capture

    This was my first fish on my newly rebuilt Mk IV Carp and center pin... I love this pic... didn't weigh it, too chuffed, just popped out the hook, a quick pic and back she went....👍
  17. bluelabel

    Your favourite capture

    My PB 28lb 12oz taken from Tall Trees Fishery in March 2011... the best of a 5 fish haul including 3x 0's and 2 doubles
  18. bluelabel

    Genius required, what to buy the Mrs?

    The spa weekend jobby is always a good bet with SWMBO specially if you can afford to get one for 2 people... she can take a mate and you get mahoosive brownie points and peace and quiet for 48 hours... jobs a goodun👍
  19. bluelabel

    Genius required, what to buy the Mrs?

    Mate.... I can fish when I want... I'm retired😎 That said I rarely fish nights now... back and knees are shot, so short sessions only with lightweight kit....
  20. bluelabel

    Genius required, what to buy the Mrs?

    just bought my missus 2 tickets to see Hugh Jackman at the O2 in June... she's dead chuffed, one each for her and her older Sis.... a lasses night out...
  21. bluelabel

    thinking about giving up.....

    Why just boilies...? There is tinned meat (spam/luncheon meat) prawns, shrimps, butter beans, chick peas, sunflower seeds, blacke eyed beans, haricot beans, bread, bread paste, cheese, cheese paste, sultanas, raisins, there are any number of spices flavours that can be used to flavour these possible baits.. some can be used in their raw state... the world is your oyster ( yup even oysters)... get stuck in man...👍
  22. https://www.anglingdirect.co.uk/nash-scope-black-ops-rod?utm_source=Angling+Direct+UK&utm_campaign=2a98b178ee-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2018_11_30_08_43&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_0b18a5f5fc-2a98b178ee-290061881
  23. Got it in my email... will look later.... on the phone at the mo
  24. Just a heads up.... Angling Direct are doing Scope (4.5lb) spod rods for £99... I have a Dwarf spod rod... superb bit o kit, if the Scope is anything like the Dwarf it'll be brill👍