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  1. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B002WUJC5U/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_image_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 wunno these for stalking and river wandering when travelling light... saves carting a heavy chair about and I can save some aggro on my (already fragile) back
  2. C'mon chaps... bout time this was fixed... can't open notifications if using a mobile unless you have conductive needles for fingers...???
  3. Cracker of a fish mate...👍
  4. 12lb 10oz... banoffee wafter over a 6 bottom bait stringer
  5. Scuse the mat shot... 14lb 5 oz of down and dirty scrapper... right old tear up with this one
  6. Scuse the mat shot... 14lb 5 oz of down and dirty scrapper
  7. Gardner Tungsten XL kickers And some 30cm lead free pva bag leaders
  8. I've found that finely crumbed boilie lightly wetted so it gets sticky can work on the method and if you are using a bait that Bream won't take, you could use something like an 18grm method feeder and not plug it into the silt... one thing the match world has taught me, is NEVER move the lead or feeder once it's landed, of course this method's not going to work if you need a long chuck, but 20 -30 yards and it can be a goer....
  9. Not a carp but a nice fish all the same... Always nice to get a late season Tinca
  10. Oh well... a good night's kip... no fish
  11. Sorry can't help other than saying check Google maps for that area and follow up and leads
  12. Tons of room... thats an Indulgence Wideboy in there... the back of the bivvy is flat so you can push the bed right back
  13. Shop's open for business... love the new(ish) bivvy... tons of room...👍
  14. Gotta be honest I've never had one, I always have the clear front on the door if its tanking down, or leave it open all year if its dry...
  15. Wide boy bedchair here... need a compact bivvy to match, tried scope brolly and abode second skin... got soaked at Ashmead, so bought a Nash Titan Hide... got an overnighter on Monday at the Mill in Chelmsford so will let you know how it works... gotta say that I'm about ease of erection (fnaaaaar) and coverage... so we'll see how it goes...👍
  16. Hear they are quite heavy... albeit very sturdy
  17. Advanta headtorch as my Nash fell to bits after nearly 20 years..... stuff hardly lasts anymore does it....???
  18. So whats the difference between this stuff and cell glue...???
  19. Been into Johnson Ross today... £42 on 3 Fox mini isotopes and a tub of Northern Special 8mm toppers... ouch
  20. Nash Titan Hide, second hand with door, groundsheet and overwrap for £200... cracking little bit of kit
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