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  1. Thanks for the great information, ianain. It all makes sense. What I am really after is pva proofing my bait. Here's where I may need some help. I did search for "rhodium," "rhodium oil," and I don't remember what all, and I kept coming up blank. Was I using the search function incorrectly? I found out what marmite is. Sounds yummy. How do you use it?
  2. I got some rhodium oil, musk oil, and some shellfish oil years ago. It all seems in fine condition still. I had read that rhodium oil was a great fish attractant, but it never seemed to do me any good. I just learned that coating wet bait with glycerin will make it safe for use in PVA mesh, and that it is a good idea to add some flavor (as long as it is only oil) to the glycerin. I am thinking of using rhodium oil or sesame seed oil, and I want to check it out on the forum before I make a mess. Does anyone know if carp like rhodium oil?
  3. I must try this.
  4. I've been thinking about your post a lot. I love that carp, too. My wife says they're my friends, but I see friends more often than I see carp. I keep trying to come up with some way to catch them without sticking them with hooks. I work hard fishing for carp. I make my own method, tie my own hook lengths, set up a virtual camp and sit out in the sun all day. But if I don't catch anything I feel somewhat relieved that no fish were harmed in the making of the day.
  5. I guess. I couldn't have been up for a minute before she made that chair hers.
  6. Do I understand correctly that you get a good split rate by just soaking overnight? You are definitely seeing a better quality seed than I am.
  7. Sadie loves fishing because she gets to run around pretty much as much as she wants. She also loves swimming after ducks. She comes running when the bite alarm goes off.
  8. I have caught several fish using a method based on pigeon feed, particle bait fersure. It is wet when I get to the lake, so the first thing I do is throw in some pellets to soak up some of the moisture. I also throw in some hemp seed and maybe red corn if I have any. It sits while I set up banksticks, etc. For a binder I use a mix of bread crumbs, panko, and one-minute rolled oats. My objective is for the method to be sitting on the bottom for a bit before it lets go of it delicious delights. Sometimes I see a cloud where it hits the water, and I know I didn't quite make it, but the absolutely worst embarassing outcome is reeling in your line and seeing your feeder still loaded up.
  9. Into the freezer it went.
  10. I learned somewhere that hemp seed needs to be used a day or two after preparation. I even heard that after two days it is best not to use it because it will drive carp away. Is that so? And why is hemp so perishable? Some guy on youtube said I could keep it a week if I added half a cup of salt. (That's a lot of salt). Still not very long.
  11. OMG!  That is a city park, a concrete pool I never imagined deep enough to have anything like that in it.

  12. Thank you all very much for your kind welcome.
  13. Hey T. I'm thinking almost any shallow water close to shore. There is soooooo much water around Memphis that there must be millions of carp. Fly-line a piece of sweet corn on a small hook and see if you don't catch something.
  14. Thanks buzzbomb. I know the Socalcarpclub, but unfortunately, it is no longer active. What you say is true. I was fishing the other day when a couple of guys stopped by to fish for carp. You don't see so much of that. They obviously knew what they were doing. All shiny fancy gear and sophisticated bait. I was inspired to clean all the old dried bait off my rods, get a new bigger reel. and order a spomb and a new heavier test weight rod. Inspired me out of my rut. In fact, it was my renewed enthusiasm that led me to as I went searching for new stuff online.
  15. I was fishing one late afternoon in a small lake when I noticed the guy on the opposite bank struggling with his line. He obviously had a fish on. Once he held up his catch, for me it was love at first sight. Not only was it the biggest fish I had ever seen taken from that lake, but the afternoon rays of the sun made the fish shine like pure gold. Since then I have been teaching myself how to catch some of these fish for myself. You see, I live in Southern California where carp are often found in garbage barrels, and no tackle shop carries anything for carp fishing. It was from carp (and maggot drowning) forums and youtube that I have learned what I know. has kept coming up frequently on searches I have been doing lately so I finally decided to join. Let me say one thing in advance. I am American, but that doesn't mean you have to hate me. On other forums I have experienced animosity because I was an ignorant foreigner. I do not have the same level of knowledge as native members, but a it does not mean I am not a sincere student of carp fishing. All that now said, I am happy to be here, and I hope to contribute what I can.