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  1. I purchased a Korum 1.5lb tc last summer. Possibly the best rod I have ever purchased. It is so flexible. Whether your float fishing for Tench, Roach etc..ledgering for something bigger or trying to catch a carp on the surface, it does it all with no fuss. A brilliant rod๐Ÿ‘
  2. I heard something similar, or was it the owner of Beaver moaning again๐Ÿ™„ Fished Wire Mill once years ago with my son. All we caught was weed and loads of it. Swims were like the jungle and we were the only ones there. I wonder why.
  3. Pippingford is members only and ยฃ150 p.a But with all that water to choose from and membership restricted, I am giving it serious thought. I have heard that Bay Pond in Godstone is a poor place these days. No idea how you fish the chain of lakes behind the church. You are correct, Godstone AC doesn't seem to exist anymore.
  4. I need to invest in a decent 100% waterproof and comfortable pair of boots. Only want to wear them for fishing. Nothing fancy or thermal. Any recommendations?
  5. Somethings just have to be purchased Enjoy.
  6. Last summer I purchased a Korum Avon rod and a Korum Rodiac 5000 reel. Not the most stunning of equipment I know but they compliment each other brilliantly.
  7. Nine months have passed since my last post and I still haven't been to Pippingford Just found out that Godstone Vineyard has closed its lake permanently as of last November. Sad really as a lot of people would of used it and it was half decent, once upon a time. Pity the owners couldn't be bothered with it. I have had two sessions in the past week at Tandridge Lake and that is fishing well. Several carp on the surface and it's only April Beaver Farm is also fishing well according to my friends. Happy fishing to you all.
  8. Pippingford. I have traveled up an down the A22 more times than I can remember and I've never heard of it. Until now. Thanks for that, I will check it out. Pooter, your description of the Scientology place is perfect.
  9. Ian, It's called Saint Hill Manor now. You have to go through the main security gate and show your membership and rod licence to security. Apparently it's at their discretion as to whether or not you get in. Or out I did a delivery last year to the manor (before I knew they had a lake) and it was a weird experience. Cameras watch you as you drive in, you have to be buzzed in, give them the reg no, tell them where you are going and you are watched all the way until you leave. The freaky bit was the staff, members, or whatever you call them. They all dress and look the same. I thought I was in a
  10. I believe Hedgecourt is a members only lake, something to do with Isfield AC? They also run several other sites around Crawley & East Grinstead including one within the Church of Scientology grounds. Which I have been told has rarely been fished in years. Who knows what may be in that lake or how big?
  11. Funnily enough a colleague who lives in Crawley is due to fish Hunters Lodge this weekend. I had heard it is nice and quiet and the owner restricts the number of anglers there. I fished Wire Mill with my son some years ago. Not a good day as I remember (grass was taller than him) and the guy with the speedboat and his waterskier mate didn't help. I fished a half day at Tandridge Lake last Tuesday and had three nice carp between 3-9lb. The other anglers all seemed to get a very good mixed bag. Still no sign of the elusive 20+lb's or the tench. But we know they are there. Somewhere
  12. Thanks guys. I have informed the owner. It's a venue where you are supposed to dip your nets before starting. I always have and I have seen many others do the same.
  13. Hi All, I caught three carp today from a local lake and took a quick picture of two as they had red blotches on them. Any idea what it is? Close up they look more like sores than blisters. I have read previous threads but thought it might be better to post the photos and let you all have a look.
  14. Thank you. The challenge set by the owner is for someone to catch the 20's he has in there. Here's hoping.
  15. Just done my third day at Tandridge Lake this week and I had my best days fishing ever. A lovely mirror weighing just under 18lb an hour after I arrived started the day off in great style. This was quickly followed by a lovely little common of 3lb. Nothing then for nearly five hours but between 2-3pm I got two more commons of 12lb and 12lb 4ozs respectively (one on each rod) and to round it off another little common of just under 4lb. Five carp weighing around 48lb. I'm chuffed to hell. I must say thank you to the owners David & Marge for the effort they put in throughout the ye
  16. Whilst I have only got into carp fishing recently, I have been fishing around here on and off for 20 odd years and I have fished most of the local places many times. Godstone Vineyard just north of J6 is on the A22 southbound carriageway. It was a great place to go especially for youngsters who would catch numerous small roach, carp etc.. on maggot or worms. There were some nice 20+lb carp there and I have seen several caught. Sadly that is no longer the case. I recently fished it along with two others who had been there twice that week and they both said they had seen other anglers catch
  17. I know this is a very old thread but thought I would give you all an update about Edenbrook. A colleague who lives only a minute away from there has fished it several times this year and has never failed to catch (or so he says). His biggest so far on Meridian lake is 16lb 6oz. I have been on that lake three times in the past month and have caught several carp between 3-10 lb. I have to say it is very nice and well maintained. I will be going back again next weekend and regularly throughout the summer. My colleague is off next week and aims to go there 2-3 times so we shall see what happe
  18. Hi Ian, Little Chef? Now you are testing my little grey cells. You could be right, there were a lot of those around at one time. There is a big pub nearly opposite called the Arkle Manor (used to be a Beefeater) before it went all trendy. Thanks for your reply.
  19. Has anyone fished here recently? It's situated on the A25 at Betchworth (between Reigate and Dorking).
  20. I know plenty of anglers who have used whatever they buy for their dog. I think most float. Main brands can be expensive. There are specialist animal feed shops around, the sort that supply the horsey/gun dog set. They often stock brands not available in the supermarkets. Chudleys was a brand that I think used to be used.
  21. I'm glad size isn't everything And thanks for the welcome.
  22. I've just joined and look forward to chatting to you all in the future. I've been fishing on and off for 40+ years but never really got the carp bug. Until recently. I was taken to a venue not far from me in Surrey that I never knew existed. Landed three carp totalling around 18lb. Not massive by any of your standards I am sure but I was chuffed to bits.
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