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    PhilG1960 got a reaction from B.C. in What is your newest purchase   
    Last summer I purchased a Korum Avon rod and a Korum Rodiac 5000 reel. Not the most stunning of equipment I know but they compliment each other brilliantly.
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    PhilG1960 got a reaction from commonly in Fishing around J6 (M25)   
    Pippingford. I have traveled up an down the A22 more times than I can remember and I've never heard of it. Until now. Thanks for that, I will check it out.
    Pooter, your description of the Scientology place is perfect.
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    PhilG1960 got a reaction from commonly in Fishing around J6 (M25)   
    Ian, It's called Saint Hill Manor now. You have to go through the main security gate and show your membership and rod licence to security. Apparently it's at their discretion as to whether or not you get in. Or out I did a delivery last year to the manor (before I knew they had a lake) and it was a weird experience. Cameras watch you as you drive in, you have to be buzzed in, give them the reg no, tell them where you are going and you are watched all the way until you leave. The freaky bit was the staff, members, or whatever you call them. They all dress and look the same. I thought I was in a movie
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    PhilG1960 got a reaction from commonly in Fishing around J6 (M25)   
    I believe Hedgecourt is a members only lake, something to do with Isfield AC? They also run several other sites around Crawley & East Grinstead including one within the Church of Scientology grounds. Which I have been told has rarely been fished in years. Who knows what may be in that lake or how big?
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    PhilG1960 got a reaction from commonly in Fishing around J6 (M25)   
    Funnily enough a colleague who lives in Crawley is due to fish Hunters Lodge this weekend. I had heard it is nice and quiet and the owner restricts the number of anglers there.
    I fished Wire Mill with my son some years ago. Not a good day as I remember (grass was taller than him) and the guy with the speedboat and his waterskier mate didn't help. 
    I fished a half day at Tandridge Lake last Tuesday and had three nice carp between 3-9lb. The other anglers all seemed to get a very good mixed bag. Still no sign of the elusive 20+lb's or the tench. But we know they are there. Somewhere
    Jeff's Lake at Beaver Farm was fishing brilliantly. I went there twice in mid July and everyone seemed to be catching carp up to low doubles.
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    PhilG1960 reacted to ianain in is this bloke onto something big?   
    I've spent many hours reading his so called articles , I even stumbled upon his book in google books, I can summarise what they contain in the following:--
    Go to any supermarket, butchers, bakers, candlestick makers, chemist and suppliers of stuff.
    Stuff that can be ground up should be
    The liquids mixed together in various combinations
    If choosing to use eggs, do so otherwise add your egg powder (if obtained) to either the liquid or powder
    Mix together to form a dough
    Roll out into shapes, patterns or whatever you feel is right
    Either boil or steam for various times until you feel good about it or just leave them on the side to dehydrate (maybe use a dehydrator machine), you might even want to use a crystalline substance which can help further dehydrate them (can't bring myself to use the 's' word).
    I have not added the words "here's a good tip" and other superlatives, many of the hot tip ingredients are readily available in the magazines and include krill, seaweed (in it's various forms), sugars of various sources - honey, treacle, betaine etc.. - (oh now I've said it )
    I've got to hand it to the man, he could write scripts for politicians, as there is a lot written and spouted on, but there is zero content and certainly nothing useful - to use a bait analogy; his writing about bait is like a 50/50 mix of semolina and soya flour with the addition of 60 drops of *Turkish delight essential oil i.e. full of promise but no delivery in terms of nutrition with a very short life.
    *For those not olde enough, this refers to the advert which had a tag line full of 'eastern promise' for said product, which I normally try not to do, but wanted more to convey the smell of something (could of said rose water I suppose )
    I'm sure that the blokes a really nice chap and all that, but, I would warn folks not to spend any money on his ramblings, if you wish to pay money to someone that rambles, then I can send you my donation site details and ramble more than he ever could, but I cannot promise the dis-jointedness - even though I often achieve it.
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    PhilG1960 reacted to hutch in Are boilies essential or even needed ?   
    Choose of bait is the anglers decision, a good angler will adapt to the situation that is presented to them, if your confident using particles then use particles if you prefer boilies use boilies, should you belittle someone for using boilies no and the same goes with particles.  Please can we stop using boilies in the tone of a single bait item, there are so many different variants that can be done that they are a bait grouping all of there own just like particles have many different forms, all your doing is highlighting the lack of knowledge of this area of bait
    The best anglers will use a variety of baits over the period of a season what ever that will be to best suit there water and application approach   
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    PhilG1960 got a reaction from spr1985 in Hello to you all.   
    I'm glad size isn't everything And thanks for the welcome.
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    PhilG1960 reacted to spr1985 in Hello to you all.   
    Size is not everything mate....enjoying it and being happy is the main thing 😉
    Welcome to the forum 
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    PhilG1960 got a reaction from spr1985 in Hello to you all.   
    I've just joined and look forward to chatting to you all in the future.
    I've been fishing on and off for 40+ years but never really got the carp bug. Until recently. I was taken to a venue not far from me in Surrey that I never knew existed. Landed three carp totalling around 18lb.
    Not massive by any of your standards I am sure but I was chuffed to bits.
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