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  1. Okay no worries ,yeah I have been up walking around recently. What baits are good there ? Any good swims ? Down by the lilies look decent and off the spit as well ? When did you catch the commons ? Cheers for the reply by the way. Really appreciate it
  2. Hi guys just a quick one. I live in Dorset and my local water is hamworthy lake also known as rockly lake, ham common lake and blue pool lake. Any information on captures ect much appreciated and I wanted to know if that catfish story's are really true. Cheers guys appreciate any responses.
  3. Okay Buddy cheers for the quick responses as well ! Il have a little look on those sites now !
  4. Okay thanks for the response. My budget is around £300 if that's to low let me know. I have a few bits already thinking about doing a bit of river fishing as well for the barbell down in Dorset:) thanks again appreciate the reply btw !
  5. Hi Guys my names George, I'm 24 I used to carp fish a lot down at hamworthy (rockly park) with no luck. I have been fishing for the past 6 years but gave up about 2 years ago. I sold all my stuff now looking to get back into it. I live in Dorset. Just wondering if anyone knows any good places for carp fishing in Dorset and what kind of gear I need to buy. Happy fishing !