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  1. good evening anyone regularly fishing horseshoe lake at Lechlade Oxfordshire tell me anything about it tips etc. only been fishing two years on smaller lakes just fine tuning my skills. This lake is around 8 miles from me so thought maybe worth ago?
  2. Hi All, anyone know of any good club waters to join in the above areas? heard some bad reports about some of the swindon waters ,anglers robbed at knife point and generally a few nutters about?
  3. Yeah I have two riots on marker and Spods, but again not on mains always had shimano baitrunners. Just finding my way through the carp world previously a match boy . Then marriage and kids curtailed that so two years ago took up carp fishing , although bank time limited at mo
  4. I was looking at the shimano Xtd,s, did intia,ku look at the wychwoods but heard some bad reviews
  5. TFG mag runners anybody got any what they like I know bottom line budget? Anyone been using any of the pro logic alarms on the market.
  6. Thank you seems a useful site
  7. I'm probably answering my own question to be honest,
  8. Good morning All. Thinking of upgrading some reels currently have a couple of shimano 6000 St baitrunners.was looking at big pit reels give me a bit more options on bigger waters. Been using bait runners for two years and a good simple reel to use only been back fishing for two years, any advice I know it's down to personnel preference in the end
  9. Cheers yeah your right it is about doing your own thing. I spoke to the fishery manager Chris and he recommended brasenose or hunts corner. Thanks for the tips may pop down give it a go.tight lines and big thumbs up just not confident
  10. Again new to forum live in OXFORD so a wealth of decent carp waters , bit put of by the daunting linear complex. Any advice on a fairly novice carper venues within Oxford to try without the hassle of sitting amongst the profesionals
  11. Hello all new to the forum and only been carp fishing 1year.was looking for some advice on overnight fishing. Is it essential to have alarm set that have a receiver. Currently only been day fishing on small estate lakes so far. Any advice on a decent alarms on a tight budget?