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  1. PM sent carpmachine.... and thank you folks for the replies. I will not stop trying other baits in case I might come across a recipe my local carp can't refuse. But maybe lower my expectations of new attempts and not compare these baits to the mighty corn.
  2. My state regs allow for 3 rods. That is what I have been using. I have been pre baiting the night before with corn and usually two flavors of boilies. I have tried many different boilie recipes and to generalize them I have been using flavors that would yield sweet and sour, sweet and salty, spicy and sweet, and just plain spicy. All with varied flavor combos. I always use a pack bait of the same flavor boilie I'm fishing and start out with one rod of each bait fished side by side. On most outings I will end up using all corn on a hair rig by the end of the day because that is what usually brings the quickest bite. I definitely notice an increasingly better bite on any boilie the longer I fish it at a particular spot but it seems I have to introduce it to the fish. And if they already eat the corn at will its seems like an extra step I don't have to take. With all the boilie choices, glug flavors and types of bait I was wondering if anyone found a serious advantage to catching fish in our North American waters where there is very little fishing pressure using these other methods and baits? And on a side note my biggest disappointment was with tiger nuts and baits I made with tiger flour. I understand it's most likely my methods or presentation with tigers that led to the poor result but after all I read I thought it would have been a different outcome.
  3. Over the last four years I have done what you describe. I have paid attention to water temp, time of year (pre spawn, spawning and post spawning fish), flavor and color of bait, water clarity and diet of the fish. I have chummed with and fished all other baits next to corn. On some days might pick up more action on a particular bait and have even noticed patterns of particular bait working under certain circumstances at certain times of year but when I look at the reaction time of the carp to the bait and the amount of fish caught, overall corn is king. I understand by all standards i am new at this but guess I was waiting for an aha moment when one of those other baits would stand out. Up until now it has not happened. Maybe the next recipe will get me there. Thank you for your reply and as per your suggestion I will start paying more attention to the size of my bait.
  4. Thank you... been reading in previous topics and this site is great. The amount of knowledge is unreal.
  5. Have been at the Carp thing for many years but was always a stick in the ground and a can of corn kind of guy until recently. In the last 4 years have been experimenting with many types of homemade baits including different flavors of boilies and things like tiger nuts and also have gone to the whole bite alarms, bait runners, and rod pod gig. The waters I fish have zero fishing pressure so there is no bait competition amongst anglers. The bite on the boilie baits seems to pick up after days of introducing them to waters but my fiercest days and biggest fish have all been on corn with having previously chummed corn. My question is that if I am fishing water that has no pressure will trying all these other baits result in higher catch rates and bigger fish than just sticking with good ole corn? Thanks in advance.
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